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Body Treatments

Body Treatments

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Take Advantage of the Body Treatments at the Medi Day Spa for Healthier Skin

The Medi Day Spa offers several body treatments that can help you to obtain healthier looking skin. If you have been curious about the treatments available at the Medi Day Spa, and want to learn more about them, be sure to read our detailed information on the Medi Day Spa body treatments below!

Skincare Body Treatments

The skincare at our Medi Day Spa is enhanced by the D’Lumiere Esthetique range. Patients get access to a variety of treatment options, which can provide anti-ageing and rejuvenating results. In some cases, they can be an alternative to liposuction, more specifically if the patient prefers a non-invasive body procedure.

The D’Lumiere Esthetique range has been infused with a natural plant DNA to help heal damaged skin and protect your skin from further damage. The Body Enzyme Therapy also helps the natural processes of the skin and enables the regeneration of the skin cells.

Patients can use the D’Lumiere Esthetique range for the treatment of sun damage repair, skin brightening, pigmentation removal, dry skin treatment, acne and much more. To find out if our D’Lumiere Esthetique could be beneficial for you, be sure to ask about these unique products when you visit our Medi Day Spa.

Venus Freeze®

Venus Freeze® is a revolutionary body sculpting treatment that has four primary functions, more specifically skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, stretch marks, cellulite reduction and circumferential reduction. The combination of these benefits makes this treatment incredibly interesting for the majority of Medi Day Spa patients.

A Venus Freeze® treatment uses radio frequency laser energy and pulsed magnetic fields to penetrate the skin in a safe way. Contrary to laser technology, Venus Freeze® can be applied to any skin type.

When Venus Freeze® is used during cosmetic surgery, it enables the release of growth factors, which are used for the creation of new blood vessels and for the proliferation of dermal fibroblast. It also induces collagen and elastin synthesis, more specifically by regulating the thermal damage in the dermis. This will activate the self-repair mechanism in skin tissue, including enzyme-mediated lipolysis.

Venus Freeze® can be done in a series of treatments, although one treatment a week is advised for optimal results. A total of 6 to 8 treatments is advised for most patients, but may vary on the treatment area. For example, the body may need a longer treatment period than the face. Patients can also take advantage of a maintenance program once the Venus Freeze® treatment is completed, which will enable them to enjoy its long term results.

body treatments


The Vibrosaun™ is a sauna and massage machine, which was created through the cooperation of a medical practitioner, chiropractor, osteopath and design engineer. The Vibrosaun™ is used in weight loss centres, fitness centres, beauty salons, sports clubs, medical clinics and massage clinics, but is also frequently used by cosmetic surgerys. The biggest benefit of this treatment is fat reduction without causing damage to surrounding tissues.

Using the Vibrosaun™ will simulate the effects of exercising, while remaining in a reclining position. The machine has a padded vibrating bed as well as a dry heat supply that circulates through the machine and underneath the bed. There is also cold air to keep the head cool, so the patient stays comfortable when using the machine.

Discover Medi Day Spa Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Medi Day Spa. In short, the ideal treatment for someone who wants to come out of the Medi Day Spa with a rejuvenated look.

If you’re looking for a beauty spa, get a free no-obligation consultation at Melbourne Medi Day Spa clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Velashape® is a non-invasive treatment, used to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to shape the body. With Velashape®, patients are able to obtain a toned and contoured body in three sessions. After three sessions, the body looks rejuvenated and more youthful as well.

Patients can use Velashape® for the reshaping and contouring of the neck, upper arms, outer thighs, inner thighs, love handles, buttocks, flank and the abdomen. Even though Velashape® is not a weight loss treatment, the combination of technologies can fix areas that cannot be reached with exercise or diet. For that reason, Velashape® is most effective on patients with a body mass index below 30.


Ultrashape® is a non-invasive procedure that is used for body shaping. The treatment uses pulsed ultrasound for the destruction for fat cells, which means it is a great alternative to many fat loss and fat removal orientated surgical procedures out there. Ultrashape® does not require any downtime, incisions, anaesthetics or recovery time, since fat deposits are not removed through an incision or suction.

Contrary to procedures that use heat or freezing temperatures to destroy fat cells, Ultrashape® is painless and leaves no visible signs after the treatment has been completed. As you may suspect, this procedure uses ultrasound technology to reduce the presence of persistent and unwanted fat. The procedure can also have a beneficial effect on stubborn pockets of fat. Patients can have a treatment with Ultrashape® and resume their normal activities the same day of the procedure without much side-effects.

Post-Operative and Relaxation Massage Therapy

Patients who had a cosmetic procedure, or have problems with their blood circulation, could benefit greatly from a post-operative and relaxation massage therapy. A post-operative and relaxation massage therapy at our Medi Day Spa can improve blood circulation and your health in general. The relaxing effects of this treatment can also benefit patients struggling with stress and anxiety.

Natural Vitamin Regime

At the Medi Day Spa, patients can also benefit from a natural vitamin regime. Our natural vitamin regime can give patients more energy and can help to burn off extra calories. Thanks to its many benefits, the natural vitamin regime is suitable for the majority of patients.

More Treatments at the Medi Day Spa

The Medi Day Spa offers a variety of treatments that can rejuvenate, repair and reshape the skin. In addition to our body treatments, patients can also come to our spa for face rejuvenation treatments, anti-ageing treatments, Medi Day spa packages, specialised skincare programs and professional skincare products & makeup (D’Lumiere Esthetque and Jane Iredale).

Patients can also come to our day spa for fillers, which includes non-permanent fillers, more long term fillers and cheek fillers. They are used for the treatment of common signs of ageing, which includes crows feet, frown, brows, forehead, lips, accordion lines, chin, mouth frown, marionette lines and glabella areas.

Fat reduction treatments, fat freezing and body contouring procedures that are non-surgical in nature are quite numerous, so it can be quite difficult for patients to determine which procedures are best for certain areas of the body. Whether you are looking for coolsculpting, non-surgical body contouring treatments, cryolipolysis, fat-reduction procedures, or whether you have no idea about the type of non-surgical fat reduction is most suitable for you, Dr Lanzer and his associates will be more than happy to help you out.

Certain patients can get more benefit from non-surgical treatments, while others will need a surgical procedure to obtain the results they wish to see. To determine the best course of action, always speak to your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon in order to find the treatment that is best for you.

Want to give someone access to all the treatments available at our day spa? Be sure to have a look at the Medi Day Spa gift vouchers, the perfect gift for someone who likes to take care of their skin and their appearance.

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