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Discover Healthier Makeup for Better Looking Skin by Jane Iredale

Makeup can make your skin look fabulous, but using a lot of makeup can also damage your skin. If you use the wrong makeup on a daily basis, it is likely that your skin will become difficult to manage. Fortunately, there are certain brands of makeup that will not cause damage to your skin including bands such as Jane Iredale, which is available for purchase at our MediDay Spa.

Dr Lanzer has developed his own ranged of anti aging creams called D’Lumiere Esthetique. It is effective for all types of complexions.

What Are the Effects of Using the Wrong Makeup?

Using the wrong makeup products can be devastating for your skin. Poor quality makeup may cause pimples, skin allergies, blotches, dark circles, scarring, boils, wrinkles and acne. Because of these devastating effects, it is essential to find good quality makeup that protects your skin instead of damaging it.

What Makes Jane Iredale Makeup Different from Other Makeup Brands?

Jane Iredale makeup is oil-free, which allows the skin to breathe and function normally. Makeup products from Jane Iredale have a minimal allergy risk and include anti-inflammatory properties, which is extremely helpful for acne and rosacea.

The skin protective properties are just a few reasons why everyone should use Jane Iredale makeup. Jane Iredale makeup is also high quality, providing perfect and weightless coverage. In conclusion, the best makeup option for all women.

What Is Jane Iredale Four in One?

The Jane Iredale Four in One, available at our Medi Day Spa, is a collection of micronized mineral bases. The combination of substances provides our patients with four products into one, more specifically foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen.

Jane Iredale Four in One can be obtained at our Medi Day Spa. If you have been experiencing skin problems because of makeup, be sure to discuss your problems at your Medi Day Spa and ask for some makeup advice to avoid these problems in the future.

What Is Jane Iredale Broad Spectrum Sun Protection?

The Jane Iredale Broad Spectrum Sun Protection consists of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These are two physical sunscreen ingredients that can provide you with instant UVB and UVA protection. To understand how effective Jane Iredale Broad Spectrum Sun Protection really is, we need to explain UVB and UVA rays and why it is important to protect yourself against both of them.

UVA rays tend to penetrate deep into the dermis, which is the thickest layer of your skin. When you do not protect your skin and expose yourself to UVA rays, you leave yourself susceptible to premature skin ageing and immune system suppression. In extreme cases, UVA exposure can also lead to skin cancer. While UVA can cause a tremendous amount of damage, UVB rays should not be underestimated either, since these are the rays that will burn the superficial layers of the skin.

Sun protection is essential to keep your skin youthful and healthy. Not protecting your skin against the sun can have some devastating consequences, including skin burns, rashes, pre-mature ageing and skin cancer.

Jane Iredale Broad Spectrum Sun Protection is water resistant up to 40 minutes. If you intend to spend a day on the beach, then be sure to protect your skin with this Broad Spectrum Sun Protection for optimal protection.

Providing Weightless and Fast Coverage

Women who use makeup on a daily basis want their coverage to be weightless and fast. Sometimes, it is necessary to apply makeup quickly, especially when you are running late for work. Jane Iredale provides women with the weightless and fast coverage they want, due to the use of pure pigments without fillers such as talc. Jane Ireland makeup only needs one application and minimises the amount of touch-ups needed to keep your look flawless.

Does Not Contain Comedogenics

Makeup products that contain comedogenics can have dire consequences for your skin, especially when you suffer from acne outbreaks. Makeup containing comedogenics will clog the pores of your skin, subsequently increasing the chance of acne outbreaks.

Patients who are prone to acne have an overproduction of cells in the stratum corneum; this is the outermost layer of our skin and consists mainly of cells that are biologically inactive or dead. When these skin cells come into contact with our skin’s natural oils, they form comedones. These are the pore plugs that are the essential ingredient to develop acne.

When you are prone to acne, and use makeup without comedogenics, you prevent skin cells from sticking to each other and stop them from clogging the pores. If acne outbreaks have stopped you from using makeup in the past, Jane Iredale makeup may provide you with a solution.

Reduces the Chance on Allergic Reactions

All makeup products available at the Medi Day Spa carry a minimal allergy risk, which means that the Jane Iredale makeup and skincare products are extremely suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Jane Ireland makeup and skincare products have been tested in the laboratory and there were no recorded allergic reactions during these tests. Jane Ireland products were not tested on animals either, so they are suitable for vegetarians and animal lovers in general.

Inert Makeup Options

All makeup from Jane Iredale is inert, which means that the makeup cannot harbour any bacteria. Because of the fact that Jane Iredale makeup is inert, there is little change of cross-contamination.

Superior Quality

Jane Iredale only uses ingredients of the highest quality to ensure the best coverage, application and texture for consumers. All vitamins and antioxidants are of pharmaceutical grade and are certified organic, which means that the makeup was not exposed to any harmful chemicals during the production process.
If you want to take advantage of Jane Iredale makeup and experience its benefits for yourself, be sure to inform about Jane Iredale makeup at our Medi Day Spa. At our Medi Day Spa, you can also take advantage of various spa packages combined with minor cosmetic procedures.

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