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Mini Facelift

Much like a facelift (also known as meloplasty and rhytidectomy), a mini facelift at the Institute of Aesthetics is a surgical procedure that gives patients a more rejuvenated appearance by removing and tightening sagging facial skin, muscle and fat from the face and neck.

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What Is a Mini Facelift?

What Is a Mini Facelift?

A mini facelift is still a surgical procedure, so patients should always look for information about this type of treatment before they go ahead. While this info will be provided at our clinic before your procedure, some patients like to check this information before their initial appointment. So, if you would like to learn more about the mini facelift as well as other factors such as cost, be sure to read the information provided by our team below.

How Long Does a Mini Facelift Last?

How Long Does a Mini Facelift Last?

Some results of a mini face and neck lift can be long lasting particularly when combined with liposculpture. The front of the face will continue to age and the length of the result will be determined mostly by the amount of facial movement that one does such as laughing and genetics.

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    How Does Fat Grafting Relate to Surgery Procedures Such as The Facelift?

    Fat grafting involves the harvesting of excess fat. The fat is then filtered and reinjected in an area
    where volume loss has occurred. The loss of volume is a common sign of ageing, so the use of the
    fat transfer is not unusual alongside other facial rejuvenation procedures.

    Various areas can become impacted due to the natural ageing process, this includes areas such as the jawline, jowls, neck, and more. A good candidate for facelifting will always require an evaluation by a cosmetic surgeon, who can determine which treatments will be needed to achieve their aesthetic goal. For example, if a patient has a lot of fat on the lower eyelid, but has good skin elasticity and texture, the surgeon may choose a blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery or eyelid lift instead of the facelift. However, if the signs of ageing are on the lower face, midface, or neck skin, he could choose a mini facelift to restore the youthful appearance of the patient in question.

    Certain procedures can also have a rejuvenating effect by stimulating the body’s production of
    collagen. A procedure that can cause this reaction is laser resurfacing. Skin resurfacing does not
    require any small incisions. Instead, a special laser is used on the skin to force the body’s own
    healing reaction and subsequently produce more collagen.

    Depending on the procedure, local anesthesia or general anesthesia can be used. For laser
    resurfacing or liquid facelift, your surgeon could recommend local sedation, but for procedures such
    as a neck lift, S-lift, sutures lift, SMAS or even rhinoplasty, he could suggest a general anaesthetic
    using an anaesthetist.

    Mini Facelift Process

    What Happens During a Mini Facelift Procedure?

    What Happens During a Mini Facelift Procedure?

    Several techniques are used during a mini facelift. During this type of procedure, the cosmetic surgery focuses on the removal of excess skin from the face and the neck. Since sagging skin can make the patient appear older, the removal of this excess skin can already provide a drastic change.

    A mini facelift also involves the tightening of loose facial muscles. Loose facial muscles can make the face appear less firm, so tightening those muscles up can make the face a little sharper and more youthful again. It also means that a full facelift is not always required to create a rejuvenated look.

    Does The Surgeon Make an Incision During a Mini Facelift?

    Does The Surgeon Make an Incision During a Mini Facelift?

    The mini facelift is a surgical procedure, so the cosmetic surgery will make an incision during the treatment. However, the incision made during a mini facelift stops behind the ear; this means it will not go into the hairline. Therefore, the incision is not the same as the traditional facelift.

    A facelift procedure such as this one is often referred to as the short scar facelift, considering the location of the incision and its size. Despite this, patients must remember that a scar can remain after their treatment.

    While a mini facelift procedure does include a smaller incision, patients must always remember that the mini facelift is still a surgical procedure. Therefore, patients will experience some side effects after the treatment. More information about the side effects and the aftercare of the patient will be provided before the patient has his or her procedure.

    What Side-Effects Will I Experience After a Mini Facelift?

    What Side-Effects Will I Experience After a Mini Facelift?

    As the mini facelift is a surgical procedure, patients can experience some side effects after their treatment. One of the side-effects most patients will encounter is swelling. The swelling experienced after the treatment will dissipate over your recovery time and is a normal part of the healing process.

    Patients who had a mini facelift can also experience some bruising. Much like the swelling, bruising is a relatively normal side-effect of cosmetic surgery and will disappear while the body heals. Much like with other cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, it is important that the patient avoids strenuous activities. The underlying tissue can be delicate post-surgery, so it is important to get plenty of rest.

    Before a patient leaves our clinic, the patient will receive some guidelines regarding their aftercare; this may include the use of certain medications as well as wound care. When in doubt about your aftercare, we always advise patients to contact the clinic for additional information.

    Discover Mini Facelift Advantages!

    In Australia, an increasingly large number of patients now opt for Mini Face Lift procedures. It is important for you to thoroughly discuss with us your expectations so that we can ensure we deliver your desired outcome. Our dedicated staff are here to support you every step of the way, so please take advantage of their knowledge and support.

    If you’re looking to remove fat from the face, get a free no obligation consultation at the Institute of Aesthetics.

    We encourage a second opinion. Ideally from a dermatologist. Please be aware different specialties have different approaches.


    Risks include scarring especially around the ears. Nerve bruising that would effect smiling (very unlikely to be permanent but needs to be noted). Relaxing back with time and smiling requiring a repeat. We not not do deep plain face lifts. Swelling, infection. Numbness can be permanent especially around the ears.


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    What Else Do I Need to Know About Mini Facelifts?

    How Many Years Can a Mini Facelift Take Off My Face?

    Since results are individual from patient to patient, we can never guarantee a patient will look at least ten years younger than their actual age. However, most patients do experience a difference between ten to fifteen years after their mini facelift. This being said, we do mention to patients that this number is subjective. After all, there are more factors to take into consideration; this includes skin laxity and skin elasticity on the face and neck.

    How Do I Make an Appointment For A Mini Facelift?

    Patients who want to obtain a mini facelift can take the first step by making an appointment with a surgeon. During the appointment, your surgeon will evaluate the treatment area and determine if a mini facelift will provide the results that the you wish to obtain. Your surgeon can also provide you with a quote for your procedure.

    To make your first appointment, please contact our friendly team of receptionists via telephone. Alternatively, you can also book your appointment through our online enquiry form. Simply enter your details and our team will contact you as soon as possible to book your appointment.

    What Results Can I Obtain from A Mini Facelift?

    The result that someone can obtain from mini facelift surgery is quite subject to the individual. With any cosmetic procedure, one must remember that every patient is unique. Therefore, the results that are obtained by a patient after a facelift will be unique to them too.

    Prospective patients can view some examples of mini facelifts on our website. The case studies we provide were obtained from patients who had their treatment at our clinic. Our case studies are meant to inform patients, so they should only be considered as examples, not as definite results that can be obtained by getting the surgery.

    There is a simple trick that patients can try if they wish to get a better idea of the result they would obtain after a mini facelift. By pushing loose skin towards the ears, patients can have a preview of the changes the face can go through after a mini facelift. Of course, the actual result of a mini facelift will only be visible after having the procedure.

    What Does the Procedure Cost?

    The cost for a mini facelift can be variable, as it is subject to the complexity of the procedure. It also depends if the patient has any additional procedures done; e.g. a brow lift. Therefore, it is always best to get an estimate from your cosmetic surgery clinic directly.

    Costs that are included in an estimate can include things such as the cost for anaesthesia, the surgeon’s fee, aftercare, and other variable costs.

    Facial rejuvenation can involve the use of different techniques, which is why the cost estimates online are not accurate. For example, patients can get resurfacing with a blepharoplasty instead of a facelift, which provides a similar rejuvenating effect but in different areas. In some cases, the cosmetic surgeon can also use a fat transfer or dermal fillers to address volume loss. Therefore, it is always best to seek a cost estimate from your cosmetic surgeon directly. If you are a new patient of the Institute of Aesthetics, you can benefit from a free no-obligation consultation.

    Before & After Photos

    Click on the picture above to see a range of ‘before & after’ pictures of our amazing mini facelift results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions for Mini Face Lift

    Mini face lift is face lift surgery without cutting or going under the deep facial structure called SMAS. Only a limited area in front of the ear is operated on so there is less risk of complications. It can be performed awake and may be combined with a neck lift.

    Thread lift involves running permanent sutures under the skin to lift up the drooping mid and lower face. There are different methods of suture lift. Our surgeons method is to have the sutures attached to the back of the ear so the results are more dramatic. There is no cutting away of skin.

    A mini face lift starts at $8000 plus hospital and related fees.

    There are different forms of face lifts and variating levels of invasiveness. The least invasive are devices such as ultherapy. A liquid facelift involves injecting dermal fillers that are manufactured. One of the most effective less invasive forms of face lift are micro fat injections particularly on the cheeks. Mini face lift is a lesser invasive approach than a rep plane facelift.

    The surgical fee starts at $7995 plus associated fees. The ultimate fee depends on the extent of the face and neck lift and if it requires anaesthesia.

    A face lift is aimed to give a younger appearance to the face. This is done by lifting up the excess skin around the jowls. It is often performed together with a neck lift and neck liposuction and can also be combined with laser resurfacing and eyelid surgery.

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