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Facelift (Mini)

Facelift (Mini)

A facelift know medically as a rhytidectomy or meloplasty is surgery made to the face and often the neck to tighten the region and remove sagging skin. This facial procedure should be done by a qualified surgeon in Australia such as Dr Lanzer with 25+ years experience in this facelift procedure.

Dr Lanzer has specialised in facial rejuvenation for many years, performing Blepharoplasty procedures, Suture Lifts, Stem Cell Fat Transfer and Laser Resurfacing. Dr Lanzer also offers mini face lift which uses the tumescent method he helped bring to Australia in 1992.

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Dr Lanzer has chosen this ‘mini face lift‘ method as he believes it gives the patient a more natural result , avoids the “ pulled look” and has less risks than some other deeper face lifts. It fits with Dr Lanzer’s approach to most surgical procedure ie try and keep it simple and natural so that the patient can keep it a secret if they wish.

The Mini Face lift is a procedure which is ideal for those wishing to have something slightly more dramatic than the suture lift, but less invasive than a full deep face lift.  It is a procedure to remove excess skin and sagging from the face and neck and is a great option for people who have the appearance of slight jowling and laxity of the cheeks and neck.

mini face lift

The Mini Face Lift is a procedure to remove excess skin from the face and neck and also tightening and contacting of the loose facial muscles.  The deep Mini Face Lift, which is a more complex procedure has more dramatic and longer lasting results, however there are more risks involved and the incision required is much larger. The scar will extend into the scalp. The Mini  Facelift is less dramatic and the incision required is smaller. The incision of the Mini Lift stops behind the ear and does not extend into the hair as with the deep surgical lift.  Patients may need to repeat the procedure in the future as its always hard to predict how long a mini face lift lasts for.

The purpose of this procedure is to treat and possibly correct the appearance of slight jowling, mild laxity of the cheek skin and minimal neck skin laxity.  The procedure is not a full facelift and is most effective on younger patients or patients who want a more conservative procedure.  Each patient will react differently to the procedure depending upon age and health. Some people choose this procedure even though it will not give the maximum result as they wish to have less lift and less risk.

This procedure can be performed either under a Local Anaesthetic or a General Anaesthetic.  The procedure involves an incision being made above the ear, down the front of the ear and continuing around to the back of the ear into the hairline.  The skin is then elevated off the face, pulled up and backwards, and then held into its new position by sutures.  Liposuction of the neck is often combined for the complete result. Other areas such as skin resurfacing or laser blepharoplasty may be performed at the same time.

Dr Lanzer will also tighten the neck line to give the jaw line more definition.

Most patients are able to return to work within 48 hours, some patients may require longer and as the incision is closed together using dissolvable sutures, these may be visible for up to two weeks.

After this, they will be assisted to be removed.  If you have longer hair this is an advantage as it can be used to cover this area until it settles.

Discover Mini Face Lift Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Mini Face Lift procedures. It is important for you to thoroughly discuss with us your expectations so that we can ensure we deliver your desired outcome.  Our dedicated staff are here to support you every step of the way, so please take advantage of their knowledge and support.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Mini Face Lift clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Post procedure, a compression dressing will be applied to help shape the underlying tissue.  This bandage is to be left in place for one to two days, depending on Dr Lanzers advice.

There is bruising and swelling associated with this procedure and swelling and deep bruising may persist for several weeks after the surgery.  Some postoperative pain is to be expected and medication will be prescribed to help minimise this.  We encourage patients to sleep up on a few pillows for the first nights as this will help to reduce the swelling.

We inform all patients that smoking significantly affects the success of the procedure.  Patients must cease smoking for at least a few months prior and post my procedure.  Use of tobacco can complicate surgery, anaesthesia, healing, results and longevity.

All faces are asymmetric prior to surgery and that there will be asymmetry post surgery.

It is normal for there to be some initial bunching behind the ear which will improve over time.

Although there is some initial swelling and bruising, the results can be seen instantly.  Patients are very happy to once again have a more defined jaw line, reduced wrinkles, deep folds and sagging skin.  Most patients do not expect and do not want to look 15 years younger; they are simply excited to look the best that they can at their age.


How will I look after the procedure?

If one pushes the loose facial skin towards the ears this is a good test to see how one would look.

Will people notice I have had surgery?

Usually you will be able to keep it a secret as it is a more natural looking result .

How many years younger will I look?

Often people look 10-15 years younger but this is a subjective figure.

Will I look “pulled” or freaky?

The surgery that can sometimes do that as we see often on TV is too deep face lifts, solid facial implants or too much brow lift. If this is a concern discus this with the doctor.

What is the worst risk?

Nerve damage is certainly a serious outcome. The level of surgery for a mini face lift makes this risk very unlikely but still a risk

What are the other risks?

All surgery can cause swelling, bruising and infection. There will be a small scar around the edge of the ear. In most cases this is not obvious wants healed.

Will other procedures be required?

Often Dr Lanzer will perform a neck liposuction at the same time for tightening of this area. If relevant other things can be done together such as erbium of wrinkles and Laser blepharoplasy.

Are all face lifts the same?

No Dr Lanzer specialises in a method he finds good and he will explain this to you in detail.

Dr Lanzer warns all surgery has risks and seek a second opinion.

The mini facelift can make the appearance of the patient younger and more radiant, so it is a preferred treatment for many women visiting our facility in search of rejuvenation. However, there are numerous treatments that could provide the patient with a younger appearance, so it is advised to speak to an experienced cosmetic surgeon about the results you wish to obtain, instead of choosing your desired procedure first. Based on your requirements, an experienced surgeon can evaluate if a mini-facelift is the right choice for you, or recommend another option if deemed more suitable for the changes you wish to see.

To give patients a better idea about the changes that could be provided by a certain treatment, the Dr Lanzer Clinic added numerous before and after photographs from previous pages on the website; this includes our mini-facelift page, where you’ll find numerous photographs of patients who had this treatment. When looking at these photographs, it is important to understand that the result you could obtain from such a treatment will vary, because each patient is unique in his or her own way. Still, you can get a clearer picture of the results you could obtain by speaking with your cosmetic surgeon, since he can lay out the treatment for you and indicate how that will affect your appearance.

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