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Otoplasty at the Dr Lanzer Clinic Explained

Otoplasty at the Dr Lanzer Clinic Explained

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There are certain procedures that can alter the appearance of the ears. One such a procedure is the otoplasty, which can reduce the appearance of prominent ears. If you wish to learn more about this procedure before your appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, please read through the information provided by the Dr Lanzer Clinic below.

What Are Prominent Ears?

Prominent ears refer to an ear size and shape that are out of proportion with the face size and shape; this type of problem is usually not associated with deformities and can appear in both men and women.Otoplasty image

There are two possible causes for prominent ears; this includes a reduced antithetical fold or a larger conchal bowl or concha. These problems can be corrected by an otoplasty.

What Is the Incisionless otoplasty?

Incisionless otoplasty (IO) is a non-invasive ear correction procedure. During the treatment, the cosmetic surgeon will use non-absorbable sutures. These sutures are put in place through small needle punctures, which are not visible to the naked eye.

Once the sutures are put into place, the surgeon will tie the mattress sutures. By tightening these sutures, the surgeon can correct the fold and reshape the anti-helix; this to provide the ear with a more natural form and an overall more attractive appearance.

One of the benefits of the Incisionless otoplasty is that the procedure can be reversed in the early stages of the healing process.

Otoplasty Brochure

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Is the Procedure Visible After the Incisionless otoplasty?

As mentioned earlier, the procedure does not require any extensive incisions. The sutures are placed through tiny needle marks, which are not visible with the naked eye. Therefore, patients should only expect some tiny needle punctures on the treatment area after the procedure.

We must mention that the patient can experience some side-effects commonly associated with cosmetic surgery. One of these side-effects is some minor bruising around the ears. However, bruising will dissipate as the patient recovers from the procedure.

Is There an Age Restriction on the Incisionless otoplasty?

Incisionless otoplasty does not have an overall age restriction. The procedure can be executed on patients as young as eight. Providing the patient is in good health and does not suffer from serious health conditions that could impact the treatment, the surgeon will have no problems executing the Incisionless otoplasty.

Do Sutures Need to Be Removed?

Sutures implemented during the Incisionless otoplasty are non-absorbing; this means the sutures will not disappear over time. However, the sutures are put in place to reshape the ear. Therefore, the sutures do not need to be removed after your procedure.

Discover Otoplasty Advantages!

After being introduced to Australia over 10 years ago, it has undergone many refinements to get to where it is today. This non-invasive ear-pinning technique restores facial symmetry by permanently reducing prominence of the ears.

If you’re looking to having this treatment done, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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Are There Benefits to Choosing the Incisionless otoplasty?

Incisionless otoplasty is associated with some clear benefits. Firstly, the patient is not subjected to risks from a general anaesthetic or IV sedation; this since the treatment can be executed while the patient is injected with a local anaesthetic.

The side-effects experienced after the procedure are usually minor for most patients; this means a reduction in pain as well as bruising. Therefore, patients only need minimal downtime after Incisionless otoplasty.

Since no incisions are made during the Incisionless otoplasty, the patient also has a reduced risk of infection and no stay at the hospital is required. There is also a minimal risk of scarring or unnatural contouring; this because the sutures are implemented through the tiny needle marks.

Of course, the benefits of the Incisionless otoplasty are different for every patient. To determine if the procedure is beneficial for you, it is always recommended to speak to a licensed cosmetic surgeon about your available options.

Are Results Obtained from Incisionless otoplasty Permanent?

Even though the procedure is minimal, the results are long term. Three to six months after the treatment, the cartilage inside the ear will ‘remember’ its new shape. Therefore, the treatment ensures a long-term cosmetic correction.

Otoplasty Before and After

How Much Does Incisionless otoplasty Cost?

The cost of the procedure can vary from patient to patient. It is subject to the amount of work involved, but also subject to the clinic where the patient has his or her procedure.

Common fees that are included in Incisionless otoplasty include consultation fees, GST, procedure room fees, assistant fees, medications and follow-up appointments. However, not all clinics charge these costs, since some surgeons have their own clinic from which they perform their procedures; this provides them with the ability to charge less for procedure room costs.

To ensure you get an accurate cost estimate for your procedure, always ask your cosmetic surgery clinic for clarification regarding costs. If you believe a part of your treatment has not been included in the estimate, always speak to your clinic; this ensures you will not encounter any unwanted surprised during your recovery.

Do I Need to Wear Headbands or Bandages After the Treatment?

The procedure does not require you to wear any special garments or bandages. However, it could be useful to wear a headband at night; this can protect the ear from twisting as you turn around in your sleep. Still, the use of a headband is not obligated.

Can I Get Piercings or Earrings After Incisionless otoplasty?

Patients can still obtain ear piercings or earrings after Incisionless otoplasty. However, patients must carefully consider the location of the piercings, since they could still have an impact on the results obtained through the procedure. When unsure, please contact your cosmetic surgeon first.

Where Can I Book an Appointment for Incisionless otoplasty?

The Dr Lanzer Clinic is one of the cosmetic surgery clinics that provides Incisionless otoplasty. To book a consultation with Dr Daniel Lanzer, please contact our friendly team of receptionists via telephone, email, website form, or the instant messaging function on the website. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with a fitting appointment.

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