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The Otoplasty In Sydney

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One of the most common procedures executed in Sydney today is the otoplasty. While it is a relatively common procedure, not all patients are familiar with the otoplasty or what it entails.  To ensure patients who are considering the treatment are fully informed, we have created an overview of valuable information about the otoplasty in Sydney.

What Is Otoplasty Surgery?

The otoplasty is not only performed in Sydney, but in Australia and the rest of the world as well. The otoplasty is basically an umbrella terms that envelops all ear correction surgery. An otoplasty can be surgical or non-surgical in nature, depending on the requirements of the patient.

How Much Does Otoplasty Cost In Sydney?

The cost of an otoplasty in Sydney can be variable. There are various factors that need to be incorporated to calculate the price of otoplasty surgery for each individual patient. For example, the overall complexity of the otoplasty surgery and the experience of the surgeon can have an influence on the overall cost. Therefore, if you want the most accurate estimate for your otoplasty in Sydney, it is recommended to contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic. Patients can take advantage of a free no-obligation appointment, during which an estimate can be obtained.

Can Ears Be Pinned Back Without Surgery?

As we mentioned earlier, otoplasty in Sydney can be surgical and non-surgical in nature. The non-surgical procedure can change the appearance of protruding ears, also known as bat ears or prominent ears. During the non-surgical treatment, the cosmetic surgery will place sutures strategically in the ear cartilage, which make the ears appear closer to the side of the head. In other words, the surgeon can reshape the ear without needing to make an incision or perform any other kind of ear surgery. This kind of surgery also provides long-term results, as the sutures remain in place post-procedure.

Is Otoplasty Safe?

Otoplasty procedures are relatively safe, but as with all surgical procedures, there is always some risk involved. Even a minimally invasive procedure carries risks, so it is important for patients to be fully informed about details such as side-effects that can appear days after the surgery and when a return to work is most advisable.

Discover The Advantages Of Otoplasty in Sydney!

An otoplasty can be surgical or non-surgical in nature, depending on the requirements of the patient.

If you’re looking to having this Otoplasty in Sydney treatment done, get a free no-obligation consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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What Are The Risks Of Otoplasty In Sydney?

The risks of otoplasty surgery include ear asymmetry, changes in skin sensation, scarring, complications caused by the stitches and overcorrection. While these complications are rare, patients should look out for the signs of complications. Dr Lanzer and his associates will provide detailed information about possible complications before the procedure and ensure patients are fully aware of the signs.

What Happens Before Otoplasty Surgery?

Certain medications must be avoided before the surgery takes place. During your initial appointment, your cosmetic surgery will ask you about any medications you are taking. If any vital medications need to be stopped before the surgery, your cosmetic surgery can prescribe a more suitable alternative.

Medications such as aspirin should be stopped at least ten days before your procedure. Certain non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil or Nuprin need to be stopped approximately a week before treatment.

What Should I Know About Otoplasty Recovery?

Depending on the kind of procedure you have, your ears can be covered in bandages. The bandages are put in place for two reasons. Firstly, they will provide the necessary support to the ears, which have been placed in a different shape. Secondly, they will protect the treatment area against infection. It is therefore vital that patients keep these bandages in place until the surgeon says it is okay to remove them.

During the first couple of days after the procedure, it is not uncommon to experience side-effects such as discomfort and itching. Most discomfort can be managed by over-the-counter pain medication or with medication prescribed by your cosmetic surgery. If your pain should increase dramatically during your recovery, please contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic as soon as possible. An increase in pain could point to a complication and warrants a follow-up appointment with your surgeon.

Pressure on the ears can cause additional problems after surgery, so it is important not to touch or rub them shortly after the surgery. It is also recommended to sleep on your back and not on your side; this will prevent any pressure on the ears while you are sleeping. In addition to that, it is also recommended to avoid clothing that can touch the ears.

During your follow-up appointment, the bandages will be removed. At this time, it is normal for your ears to be quite red and swollen. Because of this, it can be difficult to evaluate the results you have obtained from the surgery. Therefore, it is common for a surgeon to ask patients to wait with evaluating the results until most of the swelling has gone down.

Certain activities could cause some problems with your sutures, so they should be avoided for some time after your surgery. One of those activities is contact sports. Most patients will have to wait a couple of months before they can return to this activity. If you are in doubt about returning to certain activities, you can always contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic for some help.

Where Can I Get Otoplasty Surgery In Sydney?

The Dr Lanzer Clinic provides Otoplasty in its cosmetic surgery clinic. If you want to obtain an appointment, please contact Dr Lanzer and his associates via telephone or the website contact form.

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