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Patient Information – The Adivive Fat Transfer In Perth

Patient Information – The Adivive Fat Transfer In Perth

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The fat transfer also known as fat grafting is considered when a patient wants to adjust the volume of a treatment area or add more fat to an area as a rejuvenation  treatment. At The Dr Lanzer Clinic, we provide the Adivive fat transfer Perth for this purpose. If you wish to learn more about this cosmetic surgery treatment, please read the information provided by The Dr Lanzer team below.

How Are Fat Cells Effective As An Anti-Ageing Treatment?

The natural ageing process can cause volume loss in your body. Areas where this can be most noticeable include the face and the hands. As a result, the face may appear sunken, while veins and bones become more visible on the hands. To counter these visible signs of ageing, fat can be reintroduced to add more volume and hide some of the underlying structures that have become visible.

Which Fat Is Used During A Fat Transfer? How Is It Acquired?

The fat that will be introduced during a fat transfer is obtained from your own body with a liposuction procedure. By using fat that was harvested from the patient’s body, it is less likely that the body will reject the reintroduction of that fat.

To obtain the fat, a liposuction procedure will be executed on an area of the body that tends to have an accumulation of fat; this means that harvesting some of the fat will make little difference in the overall look of the area. Of course, a patient can consider a liposuction procedure to alter the look of that area too, in which case more fat can be removed.

Popular areas for fat harvesting include the thighs, abdomen, and the hips. Of course, other areas with a considerable accumulation of fat can also be considered for a fat transfer.

Adivive Fat transfer Perth

Do I Need To Have The Liposuction And The Fat Transfer Simultaneously?

Some patients choose to have both procedures at the same time, but patients are not obligated to. In some cases, patients will have a liposuction beforehand and then store the fat in our fat bank. When they wish to obtain an Adivive fat transfer Perth in the future, the fat can be obtained from the fat bank and used during that procedure.

The Dr Lanzer Clinic has its own fat bank, which is at the disposal of our patients. In fact, our fat bank was one of the very first fat banks in the country, so our team has extensive experience with the storage and processing of body fat.

Discover Adivive Fat Transfer Perth Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Adivive Fat transfer Perth. This procedure is ideal for those that don’t want a large quantity of fat to be removed, rather small areas for toning or contouring.

If you’re looking to lose isolated areas of fat, get a free consultation with the Adivive fat transfer Perth Dr Lanzer clinic.

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How Can You Guarantee The Safe Storage Of My Fat Once I Store It At The Fat Bank?

When your fat arrives at the fat bank, it is labelled with a special barcode. Then, it is stored in an appropriate location until the patient wants to use the fat for a procedure. When this happens, we can use our barcode system to effectively locate the fat you have stored.

Is The Fat Introduced Immediately After It Is Obtained Through Liposuction?

The fat obtained during a liposuction must be treated before it is reintroduced in the body;  this means that the fat will be processed to remove any impurities before it is reinjected. Some of the processes the fat will go through include filtering and concentrating. Once the fat has been treated appropriately, it can be reintroduced safely.

Adivive Fat transfer Perth

Is There A Chance That A Fat Transfer Fails?

It is rare for a fat transfer to fail, as the fat used during your procedure is harvested from your own body. That being said, we can never provide a full guarantee that the procedure will succeed. Every patient is unique, so it can be difficult to predict if the procedure will be successful. Still, many patients have had a successful fat transfer at The Dr Lanzer Clinic.

Does A Fat Transfer Have Any Side-Effects?

When it comes down to the fat transfer, we must distinguish between the side-effects from a liposuction and the side-effects from the fat transfer. If you have a liposuction at the same time, you may encounter some common side-effects such as bruising and swelling.

After a fat transfer procedure, you can encounter some tenderness shortly after the procedure. However, most patients can return to their regular activities quickly post-transfer. Of course, additional factors such as the size of the treatment area and the amount of introduced fat must be taken into consideration.

Patients should follow the recommended recovery time as advised by their cosmetic surgery. While dermal fillers such as fat injections do not require much recovery, the preceding liposuction is one of the surgery procedures that does require downtime. If the fat transfer is combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures, then additional downtime must also be considered.

How Can I Get A Fat Transfer At The Dr Lanzer Clinic In Perth?

If you are interested in a fat transfer and wish to attend a consultation with Dr Lanzer, we kindly invite you to contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic via telephone during office hours. If you cannot contact us during business hours, you can also get in touch through our online enquiry form. Simply enter your information and submit the form to get in touch.

Cosmetic procedures should always be discussed with your cosmetic surgery. This includes surgical procedures as well as non-surgical procedures. To ensure all patients have access to the information they need, new patients can benefit from a free no-obligation appointment at The Dr Lanzer Clinic.

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