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Getting Facelift Surgery In Perth? Discover Essential Patient Information At The Dr Lanzer Clinic!
Facelift Surgery In Perth – Essential Patient Information

Facelift Surgery In Perth – Essential Patient Information

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The facelift surgery in Perth is a surgical procedure where a cosmetic surgery lifts and pulls back the facial skin to create a rejuvenating effect on the face. This kind of procedure is quite common in cosmetic surgery circles, but there is a lot of information that patients should know. If you are interested in obtaining a facelift, please read the information provided by The Dr Lanzer Clinic below.

What Kind Of Problems Does A Facelift In Perth Address?

A facelift will focus on the lower half of the face and neck area. Most surgeon look at the jowls during this procedure, as this can have quite a dramatic influence on the end result. Therefore, a facelift can address problems such as sagging skin and cheeks, loose underlying muscles, and an undefined neckline.

Depending on the areas that need to be treated, the cosmetic surgery can select additional surgery procedures to deliver the desired result. Other treatments that are associated with rejuvenation include the neck lift, eyelid surgery, neck liposuction, brow lift, and more. In some cases, patients may not require a rhytidectomy, but one of these other treatments to obtain the results they want to achieve.

How Much Does A Facelift Procedure Cost In Perth?

The cost of a facelift can be variable, as there are several factors to take into consideration. The technique used during your facelift can influence the cost, but so can the experience of the surgeon and the location where you have the procedure. Cost can also be subject to where your procedure is executed, e.g. if you are having the treatment at a hospital or the surgeon’s own operating theatre.

Some facelift procedures consist of various treatments in Australia. For example, some patients could choose a mini facelift with a blepharoplasty for their rejuvenation treatment. Since various treatments can be combined to provide a more youthful appearance, it can influence the cost estimate as well. This is why it is important to get an accurate cost estimate from your cosmetic surgery.

To get a better idea of the cost for a facelift procedure, it is best to get a tailored cost-estimate from the clinic directly. Patients of the Dr Lanzer clinic can attend a free no-obligation consultation if they are a new patient; this enables them to acquire a cost estimate without the initial consultation fee.

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What Will A Cosmetic Surgeon Do During A Facelift In Perth?

To gain access to the underlying muscles and to remove any excess skin that may be present on the lower half of the face, the surgeon must make an incision during the facelift. The size and location of the incision depends on the technique used by your surgeon. In some cases, the incision is done above the hairline, which can extend behind the ear or underneath the earlobe depending on the technique.

In some cases, patients choose to have a jaw lift during a facelift too. When this is done, the cosmetic surgery will need to make an additional incision underneath the skin. While this can leave a mark after the procedure, the location of the incision keeps it relatively hidden.

Once the incision is made, the surgeon commences by removing any excess skin from the face. He can also tighten underlying muscles to provide the patient with a sharper and more youthful look. Once this is done, he will pull the skin up and backwards to create the lifted effect.

There are some patients where a redistribution of facial fat and tissue may be required; this is done when a patient has a sunken face or when fat accumulation is influencing the silhouette in a negative manner.

When the procedure is done, the surgeon will close the incision and a special bandage will be applied to the face; this is done to minimise bruising and swelling after the procedure and to protect the incision site against dirt and debris.

Discover Facelift Surgery Perth Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Facelift Surgery Perth procedures. 

If you’re looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Facelift Surgery Perth clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Do I Need To Stay Overnight After A Facelift Procedure In Perth?

Once again, this depends heavily on the techniques used by the cosmetic surgery. While most patient can leave the clinic after their procedure, there are some instances where an overnight stay may be required.

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What Happens When I Leave The Clinic After A Facelift In Perth?

When you leave the clinic after your procedure, it is essential to have someone drive you home. If you had a general anaesthetic, it can leave you feeling a little disorientated, which makes you unable to drive. We also urge our patients to have someone with them at their home for the first twenty-four hours of their downtime.

During the recovery process, it is not uncommon for patients to experience some bruising and swelling. Naturally, this means the treatment area needs some recovery time to heal before the results from the procedure can be evaluated.

Shortly after a facelift, you will be required to attend a follow-up appointment with your cosmetic surgery. During this appointment, the surgeon can check how well you are healing and evaluate some of the results that have been obtained through the procedure. In addition to that, he can also provide you with more tips regarding your aftercare.

How Do I Book Up An Appointment For A Facelift In Perth?

Patients who want to attend an appointment for a facelift surgery Perth or SMAS can contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic via telephone. If you prefer to contact us in another manner, you can also use the online enquiry form. Simply enter your information and submit the form to our team. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Before you go ahead with any cosmetic procedures or surgical treatments, Dr Lanzer and his associates always recommend getting a second opinion from another health practitioner. By getting a second opinion, you will always be fully informed about your treatment and its associated recovery before you have your procedure. It also ensures patients have realistic expectations about their surgical facelift before continuing.

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