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Face Lift Before And After Photos (11)

Before Face Lift Before Photo

74 year old patient before a full face makeover.

After Face Lift  After Photo

Note this patient is wearing make-up. She had a mini face lift of the face and neck, liposculpture of the neck, upper and lower lid laser blepharoplasty and erbium resurfacing of her lip.

Other case studies

The photograph shown is a 74-year-old lady who has had a full face make-over. One should have a look at the neck straight-on to note the severe wrinkles that are present and how these have been almost totally eradicated with neck lift component. She also has quite significant drooping of the lower face, and with the face lift and liposculpture she has a well defined jaw line. This case certainly highlights an interesting situation. That is, patients over 70 having cosmetic surgery. I found that there has been no age barrier limit to having cosmetic surgery. Many patients in their 70’s and even 80’s are having surgery. Sometimes those people are arguing with their children as to why they would want surgery. It seems that with people living longer and healthier, there is an interest to look better as well. Patients tend to seek out surgery that is possibly a little less invasive such as a deep plain face lift or brow lift and look for something that has a little bit of quicker healing and a bit more of a natural result.

If patients are otherwise well, such as no heart disease, then I find that patients in their 70’s and 80’s heal just as well as, if not better than, younger patients. They seem to have less inflammation and less pain. Interestingly, I have also noticed that the skin contraction is equally good if not better. This goes against some of the earlier thoughts than an older patient would have looser skin and wouldn’t contract as well. The procedures that all the patients have include fillers for wrinkles, laser resurfacing, and muscle relaxant therapy.

More About The Procedure

A common procedure is for when one gets all this heaviness of the upper eyelids which sometimes affects the vision and the skin gradually sags over the lids. A CO2 laser blepharoplasty can remove that loose skin and restore the youthful appearance around the eyes. The other common effect of aging is sagging and drooping of the cheeks. It has been found that the sagging is multifactorial. There is loosening of the skin and loss of fat which causes the loss of volume and therefore the face droops. With this, sometimes there is thinning and loss of the actual muscle structure which also leads to drooping. Finally, the collagen and elastin in the actual skin layers change. By lifting and removing the skin, a lot of this can be corrected. Sometimes it is worth doing a facial filler at the same time. This can be done with the patient’s own fat tissue or some of the newer facial fillers. Interestingly, if we look at some of the older stars from Hollywood, many of them have really maintained their youth for a long period of time.

Sometimes, it is worthwhile doing smaller surgical procedures as one ages so that there is not a sudden dramatic change. Interestingly, even when we have operated on all the patients and there is a dramatic change, often people do not notice the change. They just note that people are looking better and more youthful. Some patients also dislike the sagging of the neck. Losing the angle of the neck is definitely a significant aging feature. By removing the fat and tightening the skin, one can regain that youthful neck appearance. Patients age in a different rate and it is quite amazing to see the difference in skin age of people of varying age. Some young people have a lot of sun exposure and exposure to smoke and they may have an aged facial skin of a 70-year-old when they are only 50 and vice versa. Some patients have really protected their skin, used a little bit of makeup and may have a skin of a 50-year-old when they are really 70 years of age. People often call and write in emails to find out the costs of cosmetic surgery. It really depends on what procedure is being done and how it’s being done. Costs of theater and anesthetist also need to be taken into account. It always involved personalised consultation. View Face Lift Before And After Photos above.


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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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