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Case Study

Female Facelift Case Study

Before Face lift before photo

Pre Face Lift

After face lift after photo

Post Face Lift. This patient also had Laser Skin Resurfacing.

Before And After – The Facelift With Laser Resurfacing

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Dramatic Rejuvenation Results With The Facelift

Many male and female patients are now considering facelift procedures to rejuvenate their look. As shown in this case study, the procedure can indeed provide a dramatic change. Today, we look a little closer at the common problems that could cause a more aged appearance, but also at the solutions that could be implemented by obtaining a procedure at our clinic.

Are There Certain Locations Where Signs Of Ageing Are More Likely To Appear?

A very common area of cosmetic aging involves the neck. There are 3 types of changes that Dr Lanzer regularly sees with aging of the neck and cosmetic concern regarding the neck. Firstly, some patients develop a heavy neck which is full of fat; this is often noted as a fullness, which can clearly be detected on side-on photographs, where the normal acute sharp 90-degrees angle of the chin to the underlying neck is lost. The angle becomes more of a downwards slope; this creates the feeling of a lack of definition and makes the face look older and heavier.

The second change Dr Lanzer sees is drooping of the skin. Sometimes, this can be quite a lot of sagging and the skin may be very loose and thin. The third type of aging is a skin texture where the skin becomes mottled, pigmented with blood vessels, and lacks the normal smooth tightness of a youthful neck.

Can the Neck Be Lifted Surgically?

A neck lift can be performed in several ways. A Vaser high definition liposculpture can produce a neck lift without surgical excision of the skin.  By removing the fat and stimulating the underlying collagen and elastin, the skin tightens and retracts and can often give an extremely satisfactory cosmetic result. The second approach is a surgical neck lift; this is where the skin is cut from behind the ear.

We try to focus on many things during a procedure, which includes keeping the cut right against the back surface of the ear, so that the scar is hidden in the crease. Sometimes, surgeons do require a full face and neck lift which may take the scar into the actual hair. Dr Lanzer uses an approach where he places more long-term sutures on the actual muscle of the neck. This is called the platysma muscle.  By surgically lifting the actual muscle of the neck, the neck shape becomes tighter and firmer.

Can The Neck Be Lifted Without Surgery?

Yes, the neck lift can be performed non-surgically. We have been using the Ulthera ultrasound device, which casts a deep energy layer into the dermis that causes tightening and contraction. As it is non-surgical, the results can vary between patients.

What Is the Best Lift Option for Me?

Dr Lanzer can determine that during a consultation. Before we can recommend any type of treatment, it is important to examine the patient thoroughly, but also speak to them about the results they wish to obtain. Based on this information, we can provide patients with a more detailed treatment plan.

Even though the neck is a common problem where ageing is concerned, there are other areas that could make a patient appear older. Therefore, a neck lift may not be the treatment Dr Lanzer recommends after an evaluation.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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