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The Natural Results That Can Be Obtained with Cosmetic Surgery

An article was published in Australia regarding cosmetic surgery which looked at movie stars who have had too much treatment or had treatment that made them now look totally different. An article was published this week in The Age newspaper about Renee Zellweger, who now looked completely different. From the photographs it does appear that she has had facial fillers. With aging, people do lose tissue and volume in their cheeks and it does need to be rebuilt if one wants to maintain their natural curvature of youth. Unfortunately, sometimes too much filler can be put in or a lot of extra fillers are required just to lift the face. As a result, the person can look different or look unnatural.

What Does Dr Lanzer Think About This Phenomenon?

This is a statement made by Dr Lanzer regarding the so-called unnatural look of celebrities:

“Sometimes I find that people look unnatural because they have had too much of one procedure. What I mean by that is that there may be sagging of the cheeks and a hollow appearance and the patient would have been better off to have a combination of a cheek filler and a face lift. If a surgeon tries to do the whole job by just pulling the skin, then an unnatural appearance can result. We see the same thing with eyelids when a patient may need a combination of blepharoplasty for the looseness of the upper eyelids with some slight elevation of the brows. If the whole job is done with a deep brow lift, then the patient could look startled. “

“It is certainly unfair to movie stars and actresses to expect them to remain young for their whole life. I feel that sometimes people are too critical of them. They are forced into having procedures to keep their youthful appearance which clearly, they cannot. They are going to change with aging like ordinary human beings. There are many approaches to cosmetic surgery. Dermatologists have specialised in offering less invasive procedures that have a more natural appearance. This often involves using injections, fillers, lasers, and mini facelifts or mini liposculpture. These options should be discussed with your cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dermatologist”

Will I Have an Unnatural Result When I Choose Cosmetic Surgery?

Dr Lanzer said it best in his statement. Unnatural results can occur when a patient has too much of the same procedure. However, when cosmetic surgery is used the right way, it can make a patient appear more youthful, radiant, muscular, or any other effect the patient is after.

To ensure you get a natural result, it is always best to go for an experience surgeon who has some of the more advanced techniques at his disposal. Fortunately, Australian patients can count on Dr Lanzer, one of Australia’s most renowned surgeons and a pioneer in many fields of cosmetic surgery.

Want to learn more about Dr Daniel Lanzer? Check out the information page on Dr Lanzer to read about his qualifications, experience, and accomplishments in the field of cosmetic surgery and dermatology.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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