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Case Study: Face Lift Before And After Photos

One of the most common enquiries on google and the internet is “what is the cost of cosmetic surgery?” It is always hard to be precise on the cost of a face lift since patients often require a combination of procedures and there are different levels and types of face lifts. Patients with sagging and heavy skin may want a surgical lift or may go for something less surgical such as suture lift or non surgical procedure such as the Ulthera. Secondly sometimes patients need a lift more related to filler such as fat stem cell grafting or skin lifting and tightening from resurfacing of the surface wrinkles.

With regards to a face lift there are different types of face lifts. There is a deep full face lift which evolves cutting through the outer muscular layer and generally this procedure would be more expensive than a mini face lift which is just suturing the muscle tighter. Other factors that can determine the cost of a face lift are if the procedure is going to be done in a fully registered day surgery centre, if it is being performed under local or general anaesthetic.

Generally speaking the costs of face lifts can vary from $8’000 to $15’000. One can usually expect to pay GST on top of the costs. Dr Lanzer does charge different fees if the face lift is just the front part of the face or if it is going to involve lifting of the neck. There is no Medicare item number available for face lift surgery therefore no private insure will contribute towards the cost of face lift surgery. Some patients do borrow money from banks and health fund insurers for cosmetic surgery. Dr Lanzer generally encourages patients that it is better to have saved before hand. It is very hard to compare costs between different surgeons.

I am often asked why is it that I have been asked to present on cosmetic medicine and surgery over 100 times in the media over the last 2 decades.

I have been fortunate to be involved and to help spot the new breakthroughs that are of value in this area. From 1992 to 1994 I did a series of presentation for the Steve Izard and Ray Martin shows. These were looking at the new methods that were changing cosmetic surgery such as liposculpture and laser. The public really enjoyed seeing real live stories of how patients had changed their appearance.

At one time, there was a lot of interest when I operated on a 74-year-old lady. It took time for people to realise that older patients also can benefit from cosmetic procedures and that it can be life-changing even at this stage in their life.

When I helped develop different procedures such as mega liposuction, breast reduction for females through liposuction alone, 6-pack high-definition liposuction and man boob reduction, the media was interested to follow patients and to understand what is changing.

Another area of interest to the public has been the non-surgical procedures. Over 10 years ago, I presented more long term facial fillers and the concept of devices that can break down fat without surgery.

The other area of interest in the media has been interesting family stories. This has included 4 sisters that had liposuction, twins that had a face surgical makeover, husband and wives that have had suture lifts.

Watch out for the latest developments which I believe is the Cellulaze device for cellulite.

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What does a mini face lift before and after look like?

We have hundreds of photos to see cases on our website. The before photos often have excess skin around the jowls which have been removed in the after photo.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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