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What Procedures Are Combined To Produce The Best Facial Rejuvenation?

Often, Dr Lanzer will perform multiple procedures aimed at specific areas to get the maximum result. This may be procedures such as: contour erbium laser resurfacing, the suture lift, or liposculpture. Of course, the treatment is always subject to the aesthetic problems the patient wants to fix.

A combination of procedures can be used to enhance the results, but Dr Lanzer always needs to examine the patient before a combination of procedures can be put forward. If you wish to know more about this process, please read the information provided below.

How Does Dr Lanzer Decide Which Procedures To Combine?

The choice is based on experience. Dr Lanzer has been performing these procedures for over 30 years and understands which procedures will help the problems in a way. Sometimes it is difficult for patients to understand cosmetic surgery as to what the most appropriate procedure is, especially with the latest developments and technologies that have come forward.

Of course, Dr Lanzer also determines the procedures to combine by speaking to the patient in question. Most patients have specific aesthetic goals, which may require a treatment on specific areas of the face. So, a treatment combination also demands the input of the patient.

Does The Patient Have Input In The Choice Of Procedure?

Yes, Dr Lanzer will always ask the patient which area bothers them the most. In fact, talking to Dr Lanzer about your aesthetic goals can have an influence on the treatment plan he recommends for you. It is therefore important that patients are comfortable with their surgeon, so they can relay their requirements before the surgery takes place.

Being comfortable with your cosmetic surgery is a part of your surgeon selection process. Dr Lanzer finds it important that patients are comfortable at his surgery, since cosmetic surgery is a decision that must be taken seriously. If you can speak candidly to your surgeon, it is more likely that you will be happy with the outcome.

Can Certain Treatments Be Prioritised?

The priority is really determined by what the patient is bothered most by and Dr Lanzer has an eye to understand what areas of aging is producing the most significant effect in the aging process.

Every patient will encounter the natural ageing process at one point. Typical signs of ageing can appear all over the face, so the severity of these signs can vary from patient to patient. Of course, lifestyle choices can also influence the ageing symptoms a patient experiences, especially when someone is a smoker.

Naturally, prioritising treatments can also be done for reasons other than an anti-ageing effect, e.g. if someone wants to remove excess fat deposits from the neck or another part of the body. In this case, the procedure can have an anti-ageing effect as well as a contouring effect.

Is Special Care Required After Treatment?

In laser resurfacing, the skin is more sensitive, and we always recommend sun protection particularly if a patient has darker skin as there would be a tendency for tanning or going brown. If a patient is fair, just general makeup would be the best advice. Makeup not only protects the skin from further sun damage, but also covers over the initial redness. Makeup enhances the results and makes patients look better quicker.

Since there are many treatments that can be implemented for facial rejuvenation, the aftercare of your treatment will also be subject to which techniques the surgeon has used to achieve the results. Before you leave the clinic, you will receive some guidelines from The Dr Lanzer Clinic regarding your aftercare.

What Are The Other Treatments Patients May Require?

There are a lot of non-surgical therapies that can really enhance and maintain results. This would include muscle relaxant injections around the eyes and cosmetic facial filler injections around the mouth and lower face. There are other skin tightening devices such as Ulthera and Aura laser, which would also be of benefit. These are non-compulsive, but the patient can make a choice.

Why Should I Choose The Dr Lanzer Clinic For Facial Rejuvenation?

Patients choosing the Dr Lanzer Clinic can count on the extensive experience of Dr Lanzer as a cosmetic surgery and a licensed dermatologist. His combined knowledge can provide patients with more effective treatments, but also more treatment options.

Dr Lanzer always aims to provide patients with the most natural result possible; this could mean combining certain treatments for maximum result. If a natural result is something that is of great concern to you, we can certainly suggest the Dr Lanzer Clinic as your recommended clinic!

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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