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Before Mini Face Lift procedure

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The lady in this photograph is in her mid 60’s and is now a few weeks post mini face lift.

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Case Study: Face Lift Before And After Photos

This patient has chosen not to show her full face on the internet and this is certainly a perogatory of every patient and Dr Lanzer respects their privacy. She is happy for us to show her lower face. She also had her eyes done. She does highlight an interesting feature in cosmetic surgery that some patients do procedures slowly and gradually build up their confidence in the procedures that they have done. This lady started with laser Blepharoplasty for the loose skin about her eyelids and the fat bags, then progressed onto laser therapy of her face. She chose the Dermafraxel to tighten her skin.

Finally four weeks ago she had the Liposuction of the neck and a Mini Face Lift. I find that some patients spend years contemplating cosmetic surgery and finally making a decision and start of in a slow progressing way.  On the other hand patients come in and they are absolutely sure of what they want and want the procedure almost immediately.

This sometimes becomes an issue as I do prefer that patients have a short cooling off period of at least one week and that they are seen on more than one occasion particularly with the advanced surgical procedures. One advantage of taking things slowly is that patients can gradually come to terms with the changes in their facial features.

Most procedures that I perform are not going to dramatically change their appearance and they will not get the pulled look. One patient recently referred to this as the “wind” appearance. Never the less patients do sometimes do need to gradually see the anti-ageing changes rather than overnight. One interesting thing that I find is that sometimes patients get a full face rejuvenation as in this case and there might just be one spot like a tiny wrinkle around the mouth that they notice. That spot had been there for years but had not caught their eye until the remainder of the skin was improved.

This lady now wears make-up and can go out and show her rejuvenated face. There is still a little bit of firmness around the ears which is a form of deep bruising which resolves in time. I have found that deep bruising is improved with gentle massage. Some creams such as vitamin E or beta gel can be of assistance in our practice we use an Osmosis skin care range which can help healing. The incision marks around the ears are fairly inconspicuous. Hair and make-up can usually cover this area. The only person who actually knew that this lady had a mini face lift was her husband as she puts it “he had to pick her up”. Other than that her children did not notice. It does raise an interesting issue that so often patients have cosmetic surgery and friends and family do not notice. People ask me why is that? Probably because people are not focused on a particular visual problem on somebody else but rather just get a general feel of someone’s appearance. Cosmetic and dermatologist surgeons analyse each specific problem whereas the general public are not diagnosing wrinkles, folds and ageing areas.

Therefore the do not detect when the changes occurred. It is also possible that people are generally looking at themselves and are not focused on the exact appearance of other people or friends. I had one interesting case where a patient had a full face rejuvenation her friends asked if she had her nose done. Of course there was no nose job done but they were aware that something was different but could not put their finger exactly on it. Cosmetic surgery can be a very enjoyable profession when patients regain their youth and confidence. In this situation this lady was most conscious of the drooping of her lower face and neck.

Some patients actually wear scarfs all the time just to cover the area up. It is amazing how a sharper angle along the jaw can take so many years away from the aged appearance.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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