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Curious About Your Facelift Cost? Discover Some Truth About Facelift Costs Below!

A lot of people want to get a facelift but are hesitant due to fear of facelift costs not knowing its real worth. The cost of a facelift or rhytidectomy is definitely dependant on the type of rhytidectomy you want to obtain. For example, patients could choose a mini facelift or a traditional facelift. The mini rhytidectomy will be less expensive than the traditional rhytidectomy. Learn the real facelift cost with Dr Lanzer. Many people do not realise that facelift costs are actually quite reasonable and for the overall result often really worth the extra expense. If you have been curious about facelift prices and would like to know what costs to expect, please read our information below.

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What Is the Basic Rhytidectomy?

What Is the Basic Rhytidectomy?

The basic rhytidectomy is a procedure used to remove wrinkles from the face; this usually involves the removal of sagging skin, loose skin and/or the tightening of the underlying facial tissues. During this procedure, the cosmetic surgery can also re-drape the skin of the patient for a better and more natural result.

What Is the Mini Rhytidectomy?

What Is the Mini Rhytidectomy?

A mini rhytidectomy is the least invasive rhytidectomy procedure. Even though this procedure is very similar to a traditional rhytidectomy, the omission of the deep cutting under the facial muscles or fascia makes it less invasive. Of course, this does not mean that absolutely no complications could arise after this facelift surgery.

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    Are There Other Rhytidectomy Procedures That Could Influence Cosmetic Surgery Costs?

    There are many different types of rhytidectomy, although some may be a little outdated. The most common types are still the basic rhytidectomy and the mini-rhytidectomy, but there are additional procedures such as the thread lift, SMAS facelift, deep-plane rhytidectomy, composite rhytidectomy,
    mid-rhytidectomy, and more. Dr Lanzer offers different options where surgical procedures are
    concerned. The least invasive is the Ulthera ultrasound non-surgical option. Then he uses the V-Lift,
    which consists of dissolvable sutures or the skin suture that is attached to the ear cartilage around
    the earlobe. Many of Dr Lanzer’s patients have a mini face lift and liposculpture.

    Different facelift procedures can address different areas of the face. There are dedicated techniques
    for the mid-face and lower face, but also jawline and jowls. Evidently, if different areas must be
    addressed a combination of techniques can be done.

    In some cases, facelift procedures can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures such
    as eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. This particular procedure can enhance results obtained
    through facial surgery by focussing on the area around the eyes. It involves the removal of fatty
    tissue and excess skin on the lower eyelid, the upper eyelid, or both.

    Another possible option is laser resurfacing, which looks to correct skin irregularities and

    Facelift Cost Considerations

    What Am I Paying for Exactly?

    What Am I Paying for Exactly?

    The total cost of a rhytidectomy will include the surgeon’s fees, assistant surgeon’s fees, the cost of sedation including anaesthesia such as the general anaesthetic and anaesthesiologist (or local anaesthetic), hospital fees and operating theatre cost and includes follow-up appointments or post-operative care for a certain period of time.

    Of course, the average cost of a cosmetic procedure can be subject to any other procedures a patient may choose to combine with their facelift; this may include the brow lift or the neck lift. To get the most accurate quote for a combination of procedures that will address the signs of ageing on a neck or the face, always contact your clinic for a quote.

    What Is the Cost for Treatment at The Dr Lanzer Clinic?

    What Is the Cost for Treatment at The Dr Lanzer Clinic?

    Patients considering a rhytidectomy at the Dr Lanzer Clinic can visit us for a free, no-obligation appointment. During this appointment, you can find out if you are eligible for treatment, but also discuss the estimated facelift costs of having your procedure at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

    Considering the fact that costs are subject to variable denominators, it is not possible for us to post exact prices. However, if you want more information or an estimate on a procedure, feel free to contact the friendly support team at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

    Can I Get Reimbursed for Cosmetic Procedures?

    Can I Get Reimbursed for Cosmetic Procedures?

    As you may know already, Medicare only covers procedures that are medically necessary. Unfortunately, this does not include cosmetic procedures. However, patients can get coverage for some surgery procedures by obtaining a specific health insurance plan from a good private health insurer.

    Not every private health insurer will provide coverage for cosmetic surgery procedures though, so patients will have to look at each plan in great detail before they obtain it. Coverage for cosmetic surgery can usually be found under extras and are accompanied by their own limit. If you are expecting a high cost for your treatment, ensure you obtain a private health insurance plan with a high annual limit.

    When you have a cosmetic procedure, it is always important to consider recovery time that accompanies a full facelift or other cosmetic procedures such as liposuction or rhinoplasty. Not all cosmetic clinics include the cost of aftercare, so make sure they are included in the general quote.

    Discover Face Lift Advantages!

    Dr Lanzer combines his liposculpture method with the face lift to enhance the results and longevity. If you’re looking to remove fat from the face, get a free no-obligation consultation at Melbourne or Sydney Face Lift clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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    What are the different types of fees?

    What Is the Surgeon’s Fee?

    The fee a surgeon will charge a patient usually includes appointments before the operation and appointments after the operation. This means that patients do not have to pay for any follow-up consultations within a given timeframe after the procedure. The number of follow-up appointments, or the timeframe, can be described in the treatment plan obtained at your cosmetic surgery clinic.

    Naturally, the surgeon fee often describes the surgeon’s services during cosmetic surgery. It depends on how many fat deposits in the face the surgeon needs to address, but also how much excess skin he needs to remove. In short, it is influenced by the complexity of the procedure.

    A general disclaimer to note is that the fee a surgeon charges does depend on where you go. Some surgeons will charge more or less than others, so facelift costs depend on your surgeon’s experience, qualifications and popularity. Therefore, a surgeon with lower surgeon’s fees does not necessarily offer equal service quality.

    What Is the Consultation Fee?

    The consultation fee is the initial facelift costs you will be charged for seeing a surgeon about a rhytidectomy; depending on the facility you visit. Dr Lanzer offers a free initial consultation Some patients tend to visit more than one surgeon as well, so they can consider different options. The only disadvantage to that is that they may have to pay several consultation fees.

    There are some cosmetic surgery facilities that offer a first obligation-free no-obligation consultation, which is free of charge. The Dr Lanzer Clinic is one of those facilities. Our cosmetic surgery clinic enables patients to come to our clinic, get familiar with our treatments and meet Dr Lanzer. Based on their experience, they can make the decision whether or not to go ahead with a certain treatment.

    What Is the Anaesthesiologist Fee?

    The fee for your anaesthesiologist can be compared to the surgeon’s fee, given the fact the fee can be affected by the qualifications of the anaesthesiologist. Many professional medical specialists do not have a standard fee in Australia, which is why the fee for the anaesthesiologist could vary between $600 and $15,000 AUD.

    Experience and qualifications are not the only factors that could influence the fee you pay. The duration of the procedure could potentially have an impact as well. When a procedure takes longer than two hours, an increased anaesthesiologist’s fee is highly possible. Dr Lanzer has used the same anaesthetist for 20 years and his fee is usually included in the initial quote.

    What Is the Hospital or Facility Fee?

    Hospital or facility fees will depend heavily on the cosmetic surgery clinic you choose. Like before, a lower hospital or facility fee does not mean equal quality care, because a lower fee could indicate less advanced facilities.

    The basic hospital or facility fee in Australia starts at $750 AUD but can increase depending on the service a clinic can provide. The fee will also depend on the time you spend at the clinic. Even though the majority of procedures can be done on an outpatient basis, there are some patients who may need to stay overnight. Dr Lanzer has his own day surgery hospital, so the fees are often much less than in other centres.

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