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Facelift Procedures In Sydney – Important Information For Prospective Patients
Getting The Adivive Fat Transfer In Sydney

Getting The Adivive Fat Transfer In Sydney

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The Adivive Fat transfer Sydney is a common rejuvenation procedure in Australia. Fat grafting can be used to reduce visible signs of ageing, add more volume to certain areas of the body, or even reduce the appearance of acne scarring. As the transfer of fat cells has a lot of treatment goals, it is often interesting for patients to read more about the procedure before having it.

How Can The Adivive Fat transfer Sydney Create A “Lift” Effect On The Face?

Many patients who have an Adivive fat transfer note that their face appears to have a “lifted” effect; this is due to the unique nature of the treatment. The Adivive fat transfer can lift tissue during the treatment, which means it does not solely rejuvenate the face, it also creates that lifted effect many patients are looking for in many cosmetic surgery procedures.

What Happens During A Fat Transfer Treatment?

During a fat transfer, the cosmetic surgery will harvest fat from one part of the body and reinject it into another area; this can be done for volume as well as its rejuvenating effects.

The cosmetic surgery will harvest fat from an area of the body where there is an accumulation of fat; this may include the buttocks, thighs, or the abdomen. Note that this requires a cosmetic procedure called liposuction.

Once fat harvesting is complete, the fat must be treated and cleaned before it is reintroduced in the body. Therefore, it is not uncommon for patients to store their own fat in Dr Lanzer’s fat bank for use in a later surgical procedure or autologous fat transfer. It can be used for facial rejuvenation at a later date, but also breast augmentation (where the cup size of the patient is increased) and the butt lift.

Patients often choose the fat injection to increase their cup size because of its natural results. However, the cup size you wish to achieve will determine your suitability for the procedure.

Adivive Fat transfer Sydney

Which Areas Of The Face Are Treated With The Fat Transfer?

There are various areas of the face where Dr Lanzer can implement a fat transfer. In a lot of cases, the fat will be transferred around the cheeks; this to address the loss of volume due to the natural ageing process. It can also be introduced in the lips, which can provide an increase in volume for the patient in question.

Can The Fat Transfer Be Done On Other Areas Of The Body?

A fat transfer to the face is a common procedure, but other areas of the body can be treated with a fat transfer too. For example, it is not uncommon for patients to choose a fat transfer to increase the size of the breasts. It can also be used to increase the size of the buttocks and other areas a patient wants to enhance.

The fat transfer is also a good procedure to address ageing hands. As we age, volume can be lost in the hands, revealing the bones and underlying structures. By reintroducing fat in this area, volume can be restored, and underlying structures can be hidden again.

Should I Store Fat For Later Use?

Contrary to popular belief, patients do not have to get a liposuction procedure each time they wish to take advantage of a fat transfer. In fact, it is possible to store fat beforehand in the fat bank. If you have a liposuction procedure beforehand, then you can store the fat in the fat bank. Then, if you decide to have a fat transfer in the future, you can call upon this stored fat for your fat transfer procedure.

Discover Adivive Fat transfer Sydney Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Adivive Fat transfer Sydney. This procedure is ideal for those that don’t want a large quantity of fat to be removed, rather small areas for toning or contouring.

If you’re looking to lose isolated areas of fat, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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Is A Fat Transfer A Safe Treatment?

Even though complications are rare during a fat transfer, patients should always be aware of the fact that there are always risks connected to a fat transfer treatment.

Before a patient can have a fat transfer at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, the patient will be required to sign a consent form. Within this consent form, patients can find detailed information about the risks and recovery of the fat transfer. It is important for patients to understand these risks fully before having their treatment, so if you need additional information, always contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic before you sign the consent form.

Adivive Fat transfer Sydney

What Device Is Used To Introduce Fat In The Treatment Area?

Dr Lanzer uses a device called the cell brush to inject fat into the treatment area. The cell brush enables Dr Lanzer to introduce miniscule amounts of fat into the area; this enables him to reshape the area or simply add more volume.

How Long Can I Benefit From A Fat Transfer?

The longevity of a fat transfer is hard to predict. Some patients can enjoy the results of a fat transfer forever, while others only have its results for a couple of years. Since the fat transfer is a type of graft, there is always a possibility that the body rejects it. However, since fat is obtained from your own body, the chance it will be rejected will be  greatly reduced.

How Do I Make An Appointment For An Adivive Fat transfer Sydney?

Patients who want to obtain a fat transfer can book a consultation with Dr Lanzer. To make your appointment for the first time, simply contact our team of receptionists via telephone or enter your information on the online enquiry form.

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To receive a free private consultation, simply fill out the online enquiry form.

Let us know the procedure(s) you are considering and your details and we will get back to you with a time and day to suit you.

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