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How To Get An Honest Facelift Quote In Sydney? Be Prepared With Our Info Below

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Getting a cost estimate for a surgical procedure can be confusing, especially with all so-called averages online. However, your Sydney facelift costs can be considerably less or more than that average, so it is always recommended to obtain your quote from a well-known cosmetic surgery clinic.

There are some things to take into consideration when you get your cost estimate, as the price of your procedure may vary considerably from someone else’s estimate. Below, we have laid out some of the factors to look out for and how you can obtain the best quote from it.

How Can The Type Of Facelift Influence Treatment Cost?

A cosmetic surgeon can use a variety of techniques during a facelift, which can influence the cost of your treatment. For example, a surgeon could focus on the lower part of the face during your facelift but tightening muscles elsewhere on the face belongs to the possibilities too. Therefore, the extent of your facelift can heavily influence the cost estimate.

To ensure you have received the right price from your surgeon, always ask what technique will be implemented during your procedure. Once you are aware of the technique, you can compare the price you have obtained to your treatment plan. If something does not seem right, you can always contact your clinic for more info.

Sydney Facelift Costs

What Fees Are Commonly Included In A Facelift Treatment Plan?

There are a variety of fees that can be included in your facelift treatment plan. As a patient, it is not uncommon to not understand all the fees mentioned on this plan. To help you get started, we have described some common fees that may be included below.

One of the fees that will undoubtedly be included on your treatment plan is the surgeon fee. The surgeon fee can include anything from your appointments with your surgeon before and after your surgery to the procedure itself. Naturally, the surgeon fee can be variable, as it can be subject to procedure time, surgeon experience, and more.

Some surgeons will charge their consultation fees separately; this means they could appear separately from the surgeon fee on your estimate. A consultation fee usually includes the appointments with your cosmetic surgeon outside of your procedure. If the consultation fee is not mentioned on your estimate, it could be included in the surgeon fee section or you could encounter additional costs. Therefore, if you cannot see the consultation fee on your estimate, always contact your clinic before agreeing to your procedure.

Another fee that could appear on your estimate is the anaesthesiologist fee; this will be applied if you have your treatment under a general anaesthetic. General anaesthesiology requires specialist overview, so this cost should be present on your estimate if you have your procedure under this kind of sedation.

The prices for anaesthesiologists can vary considerably, as Australian prices range from $600 to $15000. Therefore, the Sydney facelift costs for your sedation could be quite different from someone else’s estimate.

Patients can also encounter hospital and facility fees; this can include a Sydney facelift costs for the operating theatre as well as a hospital bed. However, not all cosmetic surgeons operate in hospitals, as some have their own operating theatre and clinics where they can provide their treatments.

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Why Should I Choose Dr Lanzer To Get The Best Estimate For My Surgery?

Dr Lanzer has his own operating theatre and Day Surgery Centre; this means that his patients will not encounter the staggering hospital fees they would encounter with surgeons who operate at a hospital. Dr Lanzer has also worked with the same anaesthesiologist for years, which enables him to provide a clear price for anaesthesiology to his patients.

New patients at The Dr Lanzer Clinic can also benefit from a first free appointment; this means patients do not have to pay the initial consultation fee to get their treatment estimate and to determine if they are eligible for the procedure. It also helps patients to determine if our clinic is the right fit for them, as patients can meet with the medical team and Dr Lanzer before committing to anything.

Sydney Facelift Costs

Can Some Sydney Facelift Costs Be Reimbursed?

There is a small percentage of treatments that can be obtained for medical reasons and some of these treatments could be reimbursed by your insurance. If you have questions about insurance reimbursements or coverage, you can always speak to Dr Lanzer during your initial appointment.

How Do I Get A Cost Estimate If I Live Interstate Or Overseas?

Some patients travel to our clinic interstate or from overseas, which makes it a little more difficult to attend a lot of appointments before the surgery. Dr Lanzer therefore provides these patients the opportunity to consult with him via email and subsequently obtain their Sydney facelift costs estimate in this manner.

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