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Wrinkle Removal Injections

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One of the most common cosmetic procedures throughout the world is injections to relax the wrinkles. The treatment is often used for facial rejuvenation, enabling patients to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles in obvious places on the face.

Why Can the Word That Refers to Muscle Relaxant Injections Not Be Used in Australia?

The compound used to relax muscles is considered a drug in Australia and therefore the TGA, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, does not allow doctors to use the name in a public forum; this means it is against the law to use the name of the drug that is injected into wrinkles. 

Fortunately, nearly all of the world knows the name of this compound as it is one of the most commonly used products. Therefore, we call it muscle relaxant injections, but we all know which drug it is referring to.

Patients who require more information about this compound before their treatment can always ask the Dr Lanzer Clinic for more information. Any questions you have can be answered during your initial consultation, but you are more than free to contact our team via telephone or email for more info.

wrinkle removal injections

How Long Does the Muscle Relaxant Work?

Normally, one can expect the relaxant to work for three to six months. Generally speaking, there has been some evidence that on repeated injections, the result will last longer. 

The result does not stop overnight and there is a gradual progression. Dr Lanzer has found that combining muscle relaxants together with other treatments, such as fillers or skin rejuvenation, can enhance the results.

Of course, to get the best results from your rejuvenation treatment, it is always best to consult with Dr Lanzer before getting treatment. There might be other treatments that are more suitable for your particular problem, so always consult with an experienced dermatologist or cosmetic surgery before going ahead with a treatment.

What Is the Most Common Area Treated with Muscle Relaxants?

The sides of the eyes are one of the most commonly treated areas, since this is the area where crow’s feet occur. Sometimes, we can actually inject the wrinkles right under the eyelid if there are wrinkles just below the actual eye. Other commonly injected areas are the glabella, between the eyebrows, or along the forehead.

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Are There Other Areas That Can Be Treated with Muscle Relaxants?

Yes, muscle relaxants can also be used around the mouth particularly to help people who purse their lips.

Are There Other Uses Of Muscle Relaxants?

Another problem we use muscle relaxants for is hyperhidrosis; this is a condition where patients have excessive, abnormal sweating under their armpits.  Fortunately, this is now partly covered by Medicare when it is performed by an accredited dermatologist in Australia; this could save patients a considerable investment to resolve this inconvenient problem.

The results on average last six to nine months. The procedure can be repeated every four months if required. Muscle relaxants are also used for migraines and headaches.

Are There Any Common Risks Associated with Muscle Relaxant Injections?

Generally speaking, we find it very safe and I cannot recall any major complications. Bruising would probably be the most common side-effect.

Who Gives Muscle Relaxant Injections? 

In Australia, muscle relaxant injections must be given by a doctor.  In our rooms, doctors and nurses also inject the procedure when done in the appropriate fashion.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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