Five Types of Options In Different Areas Of Cosmetic Surgery
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Five Types of Options In Different Areas Of Cosmetic Surgery

16.02.2015 - written by Paula Grossbard

Five Types of Options In Different Areas Of Cosmetic Surgery :

Cosmetic surgery continues to expand with many new options. Dr. Daniel Lanzer, who has become synonymous with what is new in cosmetic surgery developments over the last 25 years, will explain to us five options in different areas of cosmetic surgery.

Five Types of Face Lifts:

There are a number of approaches when one’s facial skin starts to droop both in men and women. This can apply for people of all ages. Five good options include: firstly, the Ulthera which is an ultrasound heating device that stimulates and contracts the deep dermis and muscles of the face. It is non-invasive and non-surgical. It takes approximately 1 hour with no down time. It can be performed on the face, neck, and forehead.

The second treatment is the liquid face lift. This involves using the new types of dermal hyaluronic acid fillers. They can be used in multiple areas of the face including the jaw line, cheeks, and forehead. They all induce an elevation and rounding, similar to a face lift appearance. Our understanding of how to use them and where to use them has changed dramatically, even over the last 6-12 months.

A third option is a skin suture lift. This is ideal for a person who does not want any extensive cutting on the face. Small stitches run under the skin. There are many different types of suture lifts. The form that Dr. Lanzer performs, anchors the suture to the base of the cartilage of the ear so that there is an immediate full lifting of the skin of the cheeks.

The fourth option is liposculpture. Liposculpture can induce a tightening and elevation. This is particularly seen on the neck and jaw line and the jowls of the lower face. The technique is critical in inducing the maximum skin retraction.

The fifth option is a mini face lift. This is a short-scar surgical procedure where an incision is performed around the edge of the ear. The muscle is sutured, tightened, and elevated, and the excessive skin is removed. The neck may be treated in a similar way to give a strong tight definition between the neck and face. This is a procedure that suits middle-age and mature adults. It is highly popular since it produces what is described as a natural appearance.

The Five Types of Options In Different Areas Of Cosmetic Surgery

Five Types of Skin Texture Rejuvenation:

This week sees the arrival of the new second generation Airgent device. The new Airgent is a sophisticated device that blows dermal facial fillers into the dermis of the entire skin surface. There are no injections. Micro-droplets of the filler are placed under the skin to make it thicker and more rejuvenated. It is ideal for the face, neck and hands. Generally three treatments are required.

The second new treatment encompasses new forms of fractionated devices.  Fractionated means that energy is passed in fine columns into the dermis which sets off a collagen and elastin reaction to make the skin tighter and smoother. These procedures can be performed with a CO2 laser and erbium laser, micro-needling called Dermapen, or the new Viva, fractionated radiofrequency. Most patients do require 3 treatments and the skin tends to be slightly red for 24-48 hours.

The third type of skin rejuvenation is photo rejuvenation. These are lasers and focused lights that are aimed at causing the skin to tighten, become refreshed, and become cleaner and smoother. Patients notice with each treatment that the skin texture and glow continues to improve.

The fourth treatment is aimed at particular lesions such as the YAG laser for brown spots, the aura laser for blood vessels or the Isolaz for prominent pores. A new scanning device is offered by Dr. Lanzer which analyzes different skin issues such as pigmentation at different levels of the skin, pores and acne tendency. The scan gives a computerized print-out of one’s clinical predicted age according to each of the 6 changes that occur in the skin. Dr. Lanzer explains that the advantage of this device is that it gives the patient and the clinician a very scientific view of how to treat an individual’s skin.

The fifth form of skin rejuvenation is the contour erbium laser. Dr. Lanzer has just upgraded his laser and explains that it is extremely effective for wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. The ideal patient is fair skin with blotching and wrinkles.

Five Approaches to Body Sculpturing:

Body Sculpturing is under a light aesthetic in Dr. Lanzer’s state-of-the art Day Surgery Centre in Melbourne.

A second form of body sculpture is mega liposuction. This is very effective for people who are 20-30 kg overweight and who are looking for the kick-start in their body shape. It is combined with lifestyle changed.

A third category addresses the breast, both male and female. Women with heavy, large breasts can benefit from liposculpture of the breast. The most commonly asked question is, “Will the skin sag?” The general answer is no. The canals that we create will tighten and close and the breast will contract and tighten. Breast augmentation is very popular with a small incision in the crease below the breast and the implant being placed under the muscle of the chest for a natural feel result. One of the most common procedures for Dr. Lanzer is man boob reduction in men. The size and shape of the large breasts can vary significantly. The fourth body reshaping is high-definition liposuction. Many men enjoy the 4 or 6-pack outcome of this procedure. Women also like the angular groove of the abs on the side of the stomach. Another area of high-definition liposculpture is above the buttocks in women to create a more well-defined buttock. In this situation, fat and stem cell grafting may be used as well.

The fifth body shaping is the lipo tummy tuck. This is performed as an out-patient without hospital admission and is ideally suited for someone with loose skin as is often seen after pregnancy. Depending on the area of looseness, the underlying stomach may also need to be sutured and tightened.

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