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    Body Girl Lipo Malvern image

    Female Body Sculpture

    Liposculpture focusses on fat removal, similar to the way a sculptor would shape a figurine. Fat is complex in the body and is not only three-dimensional, as it curves around the inner lining of the deeper structures but also is multi-layered from the surface to the depth.

    Our surgeons are extremely experienced, meticulous and caring. They will work to understand what your goals are and aim to give you a beautiful and “natural” looking liposculpture result. For more information about this procedure including Laser, Tumescent, Arm, please click on the button below.

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    Male Liposculpture Melbourne

    Male Athletic Appearance

    Liposculpture for men is the removal of fat in a method skin to the way a sculpture would shape a figurine. Our surgeons understand how to shape this fat layer, as it is complex to provide the desired athletic look.

    The outcome of this Vaser male procedure is a more athletic appearance that is more slimming, youthful and masculine. Contact our surgeons to find out more about any one of these procedures.

    Female Breast Reduction Liposuction Melbourne

    Female Breast Reduction

    A female breast reduction is mostly performed to reduce the size and weight of heavy voluptuous breasts in women.

    To learn more about the female breast reduction, please click on the enquire now button.

    Male Breast Reduction Liposuction Melbourne

    Male Breast Reduction (Man Boobs)

    Male Breast reduction also known as ‘Gynecomastia Surgery’ is now a very common procedure remodelling the male chest, removing the excessive development of “man boobs”.

    Our surgeons have performed male breast reduction procedures many hundreds of times. This involves regular liposculpture to release the thick breast tissue that lies under the nipple.

    Mega Liposuction Sydney

    Mega Liposuction

    Mega Lipo is now used as an aid in weight loss, where over ten litres of fat can be removed in a few sessions.

    This means that a large amount of fat can be removed during this procedure. Naturally, this lipo procedure will have the best results if the patient can combine it with the right diet and plenty of exercise.

    Neck Melbourne Liposuction

    Neck Liposculpture

    The neck is an area that is commonly treated with a liposuction procedure.

    Our surgeons help both male and female patients of all ages achieve a better profile providing them with a more refined jawline, with generally noticeable results making them appear younger and slimmer.

    Liposuction Sydney Tummy Tuck

    Lipo Tummy Tuck

    Lipo to areas such as the stomach is the most common worldwide procedure, accounting for 18.8% of all surgical procedures.

    View Abdominoplasty Lipo here too!

    Liposculpture Surgical Warning:Every form of laser liposuction/lipolysis surgery has a possibility of a complication and these are given to you in detail by our surgeons. It is a good idea to understand your cosmetic surgery procedure well, and to obtain further advice from another doctor who performs cosmetic surgery.

    Some before and after photos shown are not exact, in that they vary in light, contrast, clothing, background, distance from camera, hairstyle and make-up.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about liposuction answered!

    Liposuction in Australia is a common cosmetic procedure for fat removal. Below, you will find some frequently asked questions regarding liposuction, which could prove useful for patients who are considering having this procedure. If you are considering having liposuction at a cosmetic surgery clinic, please read the information below.

    How Does Lipo Work and Can I Use It For Weight Loss?

    Lipo is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can alter a patient's body shape. During this procedure, the surgeon will remove excess fat cells from the treatment area; with the aim to adjust the aesthetic of that treatment area. Contrary to popular belief, liposuction is not a weight loss solution. In most cases, the procedure is used for body contouring, so the patient can obtain the desired result through liposuction surgery. If you are significantly overweight and want to discover more options, our clinic also has a dietary consultant, who can assist you with weight loss.

    Is Liposuction Used For Weight Loss At All?

    It is a common misconception that a suction lipectomy such as liposuction is a weight loss treatment, even though patients do not lose a significant amount of weight after their treatment. While it is true that some patients seek liposuction as a kick-start for their weight loss journey, patients must still maintain a healthy lifestyle after their treatment.

    There are many types of liposuction that can be performed by our surgeons. Each type of liposuction is described in detail on this page. To learn more about each type of liposuction - for example, lipoplasty and the tummy tuck - please click on one of the information pages displayed above. It is vital that patients have realistic expectations about their surgery, so we always suggest taking advantage of the free no-obligation consultation available.

    Are Procedures Covered By Medicare?

    Most liposculpture procedures are considered cosmetic surgery, which means they are not covered by Medicare. There are a few exceptions; for example, when liposuction is followed by a formal excision; this may occur during a gynaecomastia treatment. About 50% of these cases need excision of the gland after liposuction. Also, a lipo-tummy tuck or abdominoplasty could be covered by insurance, but the patient must meet specific criteria to be eligible.

    A breast reduction or a breast augmentation with liposuction could be covered by insurance. However, the patient must be in significant physical distress due to the size of their breasts. Even in these cases, the insurance coverage of liposuction can be rather unclear. In this case, it is best to speak to our surgeons to find out more.

    Other medical liposuction that may be covered by insurance includes buffalo hump of the neck, liposuction of lipoma, or liposuction of pseudomonas after injury. Health insurance may also apply depending on the circumstances and type of policy. They must also make sure they have held their policy for a certain time and have served their waiting periods. To get a better overview of liposuction cost and insurance, it is best to speak to our surgeons.

    Is Liposuction Dangerous?

    Even though every surgical procedure carries a certain degree of risk, cosmetic surgeons aim to reduce the risk for patients; by using new techniques and providing patients with as much information as possible before they have their procedure.

    Please note that certain medical conditions can influence the type of procedure you can have, its preparation, and its recovery process. Therefore, it is important to report any existing medical conditions to our surgeons before you have the treatment at the clinic.

    Our surgeons have years of experience in the field of liposuction. Choosing an experienced surgeon can make a difference.


    Is Liposuction Painful?

    Depending on the type of liposuction, the treatment can be done with either a local anaesthetic or a general anaesthetic. Therefore, patients will not experience any pain during the treatment. Patients can have a little discomfort post-treatment, depending on the specific areas including thighfaceleg or chin. Such symptoms are usually managed with prescribed medication and a compression garment provided by the cosmetic surgeon. However, most pain symptoms can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medication as well. The choice between local and general anaesthesia is made after a discussion between the patient and Our Surgeons.

    The procedure is executed by removing fat cells with a small cannula; this means the surgeon only needs to make a small incision to gain access to the treatment area. The surgeon can also use tumescent fluid, which prepares the fat before it is removed and makes the overall removal process a little easier. The tumescent fluid can also restrict blood vessels, reducing the chance of post-operative bleeding and bruising. Interestingly, tumescent fluid also numbs the treatment area, which contributes to the patient's comfort overall.

    Discomfort experienced post-surgery can be subject to the amount of fat that has been removed. If a large amount was removed, patients usually need to recover a little longer than patients who only had less litres of fat removed. Post-operative guidelines are provided before you leave the clinic, so you can enjoy a speedy and comfortable recovery.

    What Is The Cost Of Liposuction?

    The cost of liposuction is variable from patient to patient; this is because the cost of a liposuction procedure is subject to the amount of fat removed during the surgery, the experience of the surgeon, the complexity of the procedure, how many areas of the body are treated, and even the technique used for the liposuction. Therefore, an accurate cost estimate for your liposuction procedure can only be obtained by booking a consultation at your cosmetic surgery clinic.

    What Can I Expect After Liposuction?

    Patients can expect some side-effects after their liposuction procedure; this may include discomfort, swelling, and bruising. Of course, your cosmetic surgery clinic will provide you with information regarding your recoveryas well as information on how to deal with the side-effects.

    Shortly after your liposuction procedure, patients will be advised not to do any rigorous exercise. Doing exercise that is too strenuous could cause complications, and it could affect the result you obtain from liposuction. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the guidelines provided by the clinic. However, many patients can return to their normal activities rather quickly.

    Our clinic will also provide patients with a compression garment after their liposuction procedure. The compression garment must be worn as instructed since this garment could reduce swelling, bruising, and even help the body conform to its new shape. Patients should also do some light walking shortly after the procedure, this reduces the chance of deep vein thrombosis or blood clots post-surgery. If you have any concerns after your surgery, you can always get in touch with our surgeons or visit your local health practitioner. Even if it is nothing, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

    Once you leave our clinic, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of exercises. Even though volumes of fat were removed during treatment, the fat can always return to other places when you experience a large amount of weight gain. For more information about maintaining a healthy diet after your procedure, you can always make an appointment with a dietary consultant.

    Before you leave the clinic after your initial appointment, our staff will provide you with more information regarding aftercare. If you need any additional information, do not hesitate to contact the Clinic.

    Will My Medical History Be Required For A Liposuction Treatment?

    Your medical history is important, as liposuction is a surgical procedure. As such, patients must be in good health before fat is removed during surgery. Therefore, your surgeon can ask you a couple of questions before you have treatment. Your medical history can also be used to prevent any serious complications before your procedure takes place.

    Will I Have Loose Skin After Removing Body Fat?

    The skin elasticity of the patient is important in this case. If the patient has good skin elasticity, the skin usually conforms well to its new shape once the fatty tissues and persistent fat deposits are removed. This applies to most treated areas, although some areas can be more prone to loose skin than others.

    Another common misconception about liposuction is that it cannot treat cellulite. If you wish to treat cellulite, please contact the clinic for the appropriate treatment.

    How Do I Book A Consult At The Institute of Aesthetics?

    You can book a consult at our clinic for any of our liposuction procedures by contacting our receptionists via telephone. You can also drop by at our clinic and book your consult in person. Alternatively, you could also use our contact form or send your request via email.

    In addition to making an appointment with the clinic, you can also count on us for additional information on diet and exercises. Feel free to get in touch today for more info. Evidently, you can also contact our surgeons for questions about cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgery overall.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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