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We consult & operate Australia-wide

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

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Dr Lanzer is a cosmetic surgery specialised in female breast reduction surgery and breast augmentation. He has executed numerous reduction mammoplasty procedures over his career, which spans over several decades.
His revolutionary reduction surgery technique could be used for:

  • Keyhole cosmetic surgery reduces the size of the breasts as well as their weight;
  • Good skin contraction and elevation without cutting away skin.
  • The removal of litres of fat and volume without any long scars;

Dr Lanzer is the world pioneer of breast reduction with liposuction and helped develop this method in Australia. He has also received international recognition for his contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions For Breast Reduction

Surgical fees start at $5995 plus associated fees.

There is more chance to be able to breastfeed after a liposuction breast reduction than a surgical cutting mammoplasty reduction however this will vary between patients.

If the main concern is the position of the nipple and breast you most likely need a breast lift. If the concern is large volume or weight you need a reduction which can often be performed with liposuction alone so there is no need for cutting any skin away.

Breast reduction via liposuction is performed via tiny incisions and the fat is removed. The skin and breast contract up and the breast is elevated without the need for any cuts or scars.

If performing the less invasive liposuction methods then 10 days would be sufficient. More invasive cutting methods would require a few weeks. Smoking affects the blood supply and will affect healing.

It is recommended to avoid showers for 24 hours and then a tepid shower is fine.

There is usually no issues with sleeping however panadene forte is given for pain.

Yes, it can be done. It is common for us to do lipo breast reduction surgery years after the patient had mammoplasty.

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