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Areola Reduction

Areola Reduction

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The breast is one of the most cosmetic sensitive areas on the body of a female. Many women present for breast augmentation to enlarge and enhance the appearance of their breast. Other women also present for breast lift. An enlargement, or implant, is to make the breast larger. A lift is in order to lift the nipple. As people age and following breast feeding, some patients’ breasts sag so that the nipple is much lower than the fold under the breast called the inframammary fold. In the latter situation, a breast lift, areola reduction is required.

It is an extremely fast procedure and is usually considered by women who feel that their nipples are too big in relation to the size of their breasts. Breast augmentation surgery and breast reduction surgery has also become popular, therefore in some cases it is not the actual breast that needs reducing, it is the size of the nipple and/or areola that is the focus.

Areola Reduction

Generally speaking, a breast reduction implant is much more common than a breast lift. An implant is performed through a small incision in the inframammary fold and it makes the breast larger and gives the illusion of a lift. A breast lift surgery, involves actually cutting around the nipple and down from the nipple and areola to the inframammary fold and across the inframammary fold. All the loose skin is removed and the result is that the nipple sits higher. Because of the cutting, the nipple is reduced and becomes more refined in shape. The reason breast lift is not the first option is because of the scarring, and unfortunately the chest is a poor area of scarring. Wherever possible, patients usually would prefer the implant rather than the lift. Sometimes an implant and lift can be performed at the same time. A lift is essentially an excision of skin only. It is not a mammoplasty breast reduction although that can be done at the same time.

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An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Breast Reduction procedures. Dr Lanzer specialises more in breast reduction through liposculpture rather than the mammoplasty surgical option.

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During a lift, the areola is reduced in size to approximately a 4 cm diameter. This has been shown to be the most aesthetically pleasing size of an areola. There is a specialised instrument that measures the size of the areola. Ideally, the areola is positioned higher on the breast, usually about 21 cm from the upper bone of the chest, called the clavicular notch. Breast areola reduction is not a common procedure, but is certainly something that people look at.


Men also sometimes consider areola reduction. However, male breast reduction is extremely common. This is for gynecomastia, which is also called man boobs. Some men develop excessive fat and glandular tissue under their breasts which causes a projection of the areola and makes it look feminine. Sometimes, the projection and tissue is only under the nipple and under the areola. Other times, it is throughout the breast. Many men who have somewhat female looking breasts avoid the beach in order to avoid having to take their tops off in public.  After liposuction or gynaecomatia, the chest is flat and more masculine. Dr Lanzer often sees this issue in families and men are generally happy to get rid of the problem.

Areola Reduction 1

The surgical approach is with initially a liposculpture followed by a small incision along the lower curved edge of the areola. The procedure is performed in Dr Lanzer’s Day Surgery Centre in Malvern.

Not many people are aware that areola reduction is a possibility for them, even though many women have a nipple that is out of proportion with the rest of their breasts. Since not everyone is familiar with the areola reduction, it is recommended to read through this information page carefully to gain more insight into this procedure. Of course, you can also discover if you are eligible for this procedure by making an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. Dr Lanzer can examine the problem and determine if areola reduction is going to provide the desired effect.

Like other cosmetic surgery procedures, an areola reduction is also accompanied by risks and a chance of complications. Therefore, patients should always ask about the risks they might encounter while having this procedure. When you have your treatment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, our team will send you a consent form that contains more information about your procedure and the risks accompanying it. After reading this consent form, you must fully understand the risks before signing. If you still have questions after reading the information on the consent form, please contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic for additional information or advice. Once you have received the appropriate information about areola reduction, you can decide to go ahead with your treatment or not.

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