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Areola Reduction Before & After Photos

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The before and after photographs on this page are obtained from patients who had their nipple and areola reduction procedure at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. They are posted here for informative purposes, so prospective patients can get a better idea about the procedure and the results that could be obtained.

Please note that results obtained from an areola reduction procedure are unique for each patient. If you have been considering areola reduction but want to learn more about it before you make an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, please read the information provided by the Dr Lanzer Clinic below.

What Is An Areola Reduction Procedure?

An areola reduction is a cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at changing the size and shape of the areola (the brown or pink area around the nipple). During the procedure, the surgeon will remove some of the pigmented outer areola; this can be done to either reshape or resize the areola of the patient.

Which Patients Could Benefit From Areola Reduction?

For most patients, the size of the areola has a diameter of 4.5 to 4.7 centimetres. Naturally, this diameter may vary according to the size of the under bust. In some cases, the areola is disproportionate with the rest of the breast; this is usually a patient who is an ideal candidate for this type of procedure.

To determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure, you must meet with an experienced cosmetic surgeon first. By speaking to a surgeon, you can ensure you have realistic expectations of the areola reduction. You can also find out if this surgical procedure is a suitable option for you.

Areola Reduction Procedure

What Will Be Discussed During A Consultation For An Areola Reduction Procedure?

During your initial consultation, you can learn more about the surgery itself and its suitability for the problem you are dealing with. Therefore, Dr Lanzer will discuss what you can expect before, during, and after your procedure. He will also elaborate on the risks that accompany the procedure and provide you with a detailed overview of cost and payment information.

Before you visit our clinic for your initial consultation, we ask patients to bring some key information that will be necessary for our surgical team; this includes your medical history and a list of medications you are currently taking. When creating a list of medications, don’t forget to include any herbal remedies you might be taking too.

Aside from your medical history and your medication information, Dr Lanzer may ask you other relevant questions too; this includes if you use any tobacco or alcohol on a regular basis. These questions must be answered honestly, since giving false information could increase the risk of complications during your surgery.

How Is The Procedure Executed?

The surgery will take place at a state-of-the-art facility within the Dr Lanzer Clinic. The surgery can be performed under local and general anaesthetic; this decision is usually made before the procedure takes place with the patient present.

To start the procedure, Dr Lanzer will make a small incision around the perimeter of the areola. Once the incision is made, he can remove excess tissue in that area. Then, the incision is closed, and a special surgical bra will be placed over the breasts; this bra will keep the breasts safe and ensure an optimal position for the healing process.

Before leaving the Dr Lanzer Clinic after an areola reduction, patients will receive aftercare instructions. These aftercare instructions should be followed carefully, since our instructions contain valuable information on your recovery as well as avoiding post-surgery complications.

Discover Areola Reduction Procedure Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of female patients now opt for Areola Reduction Procedure. When you have a consultation with Dr Lanzer, you will get the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the procedure; this helps you to determine whether this cosmetic procedure is the treatment for you or not.

If you’re looking to having this treatment done, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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How Long Until I Can Take A Shower Or Bath After The Procedure?

Patients must usually wait to have a bath or shower until one to two days after the procedure; this to avoid unsettling the treatment area and causing additional problems such as infection. If you are in doubt about having a bath or shower after your surgery, please contact our clinic for advice.

Despite having to wait with a shower or bath, it is advised to keep the treatment area clean and hygienic after you leave our clinic. Instructions on how to keep the treatment area clean will be provided in the aftercare instructions provided by the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

Do I Have To Take Time Off Work After Areola Reduction?

Most patients can return to work quite quickly after the procedure, but this does not apply to patients with a job that entails strenuous activity. Strenuous activity should be avoided for several weeks after your procedure, so if you have a physically demanding job, it is recommended to take some extra time off and give your body the time to heal.

As mentioned earlier in this section, heavy strenuous activity should be avoided for the first couple of weeks; this also includes sexual intercourse. The same applies to any physical contact with the breasts, which should also be avoided for several weeks.

Can I Drive After Areola Reduction?

Driving is not recommended after an areola reduction and you should always have someone to drive you home from the clinic. It is also recommended to refrain from driving for several days after areola reduction, since this specific activity can cause complications too.

Patients who believe they are ready to drive after recovering from the areola reduction can determine this by wearing their seatbelt (only do this after the recommended recovery time has passed). If the patient does not experience discomfort from the seatbelt, the patient can drive again.

Areola Reduction Procedure

What Side-Effects Can I Experience After Areola Reduction?

Most patients will experience fatigue, which is usually a result from the anaesthesia used during the procedure. Fatigue can also be caused by the fact that your body is healing, which demands an incredible amount of energy. Therefore, it is recommended to rest when your body requires it.

To reduce pain experienced after areola reduction, Dr Lanzer can prescribe some pain medication. Most patients experience some degree of pain and discomfort after the procedure; this could also include heightened sensitivity and soreness of the breasts.

If you believe you have an unusual side-effect during your recovery, please contact your cosmetic surgery clinic right away. Even if it is nothing, it is always best to be safe.

How Can I Make An Appointment For Areola Reduction?

There are three ways patients can use to make an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. Firstly, patients can send us an email and request and appointment. When the email is received by our team, one of our receptionists will contact you to schedule the appointment. The same applies to any appointment requests we receive through the webform. If you would like to speak to a receptionist immediately, you can also contact our clinic via telephone.

Can I Find Before And After Photographs Of Other Breast Procedures On This Website?

There are more examples on our website about surgical procedures commonly executed at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, this includes the breast reduction surgery and reduction mammoplasty. Naturally, these are both treatments obtained by patients who suffer physical discomfort due to heavy breasts.

During a reduction mammoplasty, the cosmetic surgeon removes excess breast tissue and skin to reduce the patient’s breast size. During breast reduction with liposuction, the surgeon will reduce large breasts by removing fat from the treatment area.

Patients might choose undergoing breast reduction for many reasons; this includes neck and shoulder pain caused by heavier breasts. In some cases, breast reduction surgery can be combined with a nipple and areola reduction.

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