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The Facts On Nipple And Areola Reduction

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A nipple and areola reduction is a procedure where the size and shape of the areola can be altered. It is a surgical procedure chosen by patients who are unhappy with either the shape or size of the areola. The procedure is not exclusively executed for female patients though, because male patients can also obtain this surgery.

What Are The Benefits Of Areola Reduction Surgery?

The areola reduction reduces the size of the areola effectively. Scarring that may appear because of the cosmetic surgery is usually limited to the junction of the brown skin and normal skin around the nipple.

Of course, there are some additional benefits for patients who choose Dr Daniel Lanzer as their dermatologist surgeon. Dr Lanzer has several decades of experience and has performed the areola reduction on many patients. Choosing an experienced surgeon is always recommended, since an experienced surgeon could reduce the risks of complications and provide a better result.

Can Areola Reduction Be Used For Widened And Enlarged Areolas?

For most people, the areola has a diameter of 4.7 centimetres (please note: this example is based on a normal woman of average height). However, certain people can have an areola that is wider. These patients could obtain an areola reduction, where the surgeon aims to get the overall diameter of the areola reduced to 4.7 centimetres.

We do need to mention that the aesthetically pleasing diameter of the areola will not be 4.7 centimetres for everyone, because there are other factors to consider. To determine what is best for you, it is always advised to speak to Dr Lanzer about this topic during your initial consultation.

areola reduction surgery

Can Areola Reduction Be Used For Domed Or Raised Areolas?

A domed or raised areola can be caused by the forward movement of the breast tissue; this could push the areola forward and cause a raised appearance. In some cases, this phenomenon is also linked to conditions such as a tubular breast abnormality.

To restore the size and shape of the breast and reduce the appearance of a raised areola, the surgeon removes excess breast tissue as well as reduce the overall size of the areola.

Can Areola Reduction Be Used To Change The Shape Of A Non-Circular Areola?

Most areolas are circular in shape, but some patients might have a slightly oval areola. Even though this issue is not uncommon, some patients want to obtain a more circular areola; this can also be done through an areola reduction.

Can Areola Reduction Be Used To Fix Abnormalities On The Areola?

The areola reduction surgery could be an option for patients who noticed some abnormalities on the areola; this could be anything from discolorations to small glands appearing on the areola surface. While an areola reduction could fix some of these problems, most patients need more surgery to remove the small glands completely.

Discover Areola Reduction Surgery Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of female patients now opt for Areola Reduction Surgery. The size of the areola is also dependant on the appearance of the underlying bust, hence why a different areola size might be recommended by your surgeon to keep everything in proportion.

If you’re looking to having this treatment done, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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Is The Surgery Executed Under Local Or General Anaesthetic?

The procedure can be executed under local and general anaesthetic, so the choice of sedation can vary from surgeon to surgeon. The type of sedation can also depend on the preferences of the patient and how nervous the patient is for the procedure.

What Are Common Side-Effects Patient Experience After Areola Reduction?

As is the case with most cosmetic surgery procedures, patients can experience some side-effects after the execution of areola reduction. Common side-effects that could appear after surgery include bruising, swelling, and temporary numbness.

What Should Patients Know Regarding The Recovery From Areola Reduction?

There are some things to take into consideration during your recovery process. Even though this information will be given by the medical team at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, here is a summary of your recovery and the things to consider.

Depending on the areola reduction you had, the surgeon might recommend refraining from sexual intercourse for some time after the procedure. Since patients can experience swelling of the breasts after the procedure, sexual intercourse could cause some additional side-effects.

When it is safe for the patient to do so, the patient can start to wear a good sports bra after the procedure. The sports bra should be worn during any form of sport or physical activity; this until the cosmetic surgeon gives you the all clear. However, intensive exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided until you have seen your surgeon for the follow-up.

Patients who are planning to take time off work should consider that strenuous physical activity is advised against during the recovery process, so patients must be able to take the appropriate time off. Patients may also feel tired and drained for some time after the procedure, so be sure to account for this too when you take time off.

areola reduction surgery

Do Patients Need A Follow-Up After Areola Reduction?

Like with every cosmetic surgery procedure, the patient needs to return to the clinic for a follow-up; this follow-up is necessary to check the treatment area and make sure no complications are occurring. Your safety is important, so be sure to ask any questions during this follow-up if you have any concerns whatsoever.

How Should I Select A Surgeon To Perform My Areola Reduction?

Selecting a trustworthy surgeon – and a surgeon you are comfortable with – is paramount when you have a surgical procedure. Therefore, it is always good to meet with the surgeon and discuss the pros and cons of the procedure. If you feel you have been inadequately informed during your initial consultation, and if you don’t feel comfortable with your surgeon, it is often better to search for another.

Dr Daniel Lanzer has years of experience with various cosmetic surgery procedures. You can make an appointment with Dr Daniel Lanzer by using one of the contact methods on our website.

In addition to the areola reduction, Dr Lanzer also has extensive experience with procedures such as breast reduction surgery and the reduction mammoplasty. Both procedures can be used for patients who suffer from heavy breasts.

During a reduction mammoplasty, the cosmetic surgeon will remove tissue and skin to reshape and reduce breast size. Patients undergoing breast reduction will only have fat removed during the procedure; this means the surgeon only makes small nicks in the treatment area with less visible scarring as a result.

Patients can obtain the breast reduction or a reduction mammoplasty for many reasons. In most cases, the patient has large breasts that cause severe physical discomfort; this may include neck and shoulder pain, headaches, back pain, and similar discomforts.

Want to learn more about Dr Lanzer before making an appointment? Head over to one of our information pages to learn more about Dr Lanzer and his experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Areola Reduction

Surgeon fee for areola reduction starts at $6950 plus associated fees.

Yes there is no cutting of the deeper glands.

Yes there will be a scar all the way around the areola where the skin has been cut.

Yes because if extra skin is removed there is a lifting and tightening of the breast. It is not the extent of a full breast lift but may be all that is required for some patients.

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