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Liposuction For Reducing Large Sagging Breasts

Before Female Breast Reduction Before Photos

This patient presented with very large, sagging breasts.

After Female Breast Reduction After Photo

Over 1.3L of fat was removed from the patients breasts in total. This is a significant difference. Notice how well the skin has contracted.

Find Out The Benefits Of Breast Reduction Surgery Via Liposuction!

Liposuction is not a weight loss solution, but it be implemented as a breast reduction procedure, much like the reduction mammoplasty can reduce breast size.

Women who have very large breasts can suffer quite a bit of physical discomfort, this can go from neck and shoulder pain to headaches. In order to eliminate this problem, many of these women choose surgery such as breast reduction. With liposuction, you can achieve a natural result and reduce your breasts to a size and shape that does not give you discomfort.

Why Would A Woman Choose Undergoing Breast Reduction At A Surgery Clinic?

There can be many reasons why women choose a breast reduction. The most common reason for women to choose a breast reduction is a high discomfort level caused by their heavy breasts. If you are experiencing any type of physical discomfort caused by large breasts, you may be a good candidate for breast reduction.

Another reason for women to choose a breast reduction can be found on a mental level. Many women can feel self-conscious because of their breasts. It can also make the selection of clothing a lot more difficult. Even though the woman might not be overweight, most clothing in their size will not fit due to their large breasts.

What Can You Tell Me About The Breast Reduction In This Cosmetic Surgery Case Study?

The woman in this case study was struggling with large sagging breasts, this is a typical example of how large breasts can cause severe discomfort. Most women who have similar shaped breasts often have problems with their back and joints, so choosing a breast reduction can solve the problem for them.

Dr Lanzer removed approximately 1.3 litres of fat from the breast and this is definitely noticeable in the after picture. Thanks to the liposuction, the patient got a firmer breast, which did not cause any type of discomfort. The liposuction also had an additional advantage for this patient, because you can clearly see the skin contracted remarkably well after the procedure.

Who Are Good Candidates For This Surgical Procedure?

The majority of women are excellent candidates for the breast reduction liposuction procedure. Especially women who have begun menopause can definitely get a large amount of benefits from this procedure. During menopause, the body undergoes changes. One of these changes is the disappearance of glandular tissue, which is systematically replaced by fatty tissue. Because of this process, women in menopause can end up with very large breasts causing them pain and discomfort.

Patients who have excess fat in the breast area can take advantage of this procedure. If you are not entirely sure if you could reach the goals you want by liposuction on the breast region, we recommend booking an appointment in our clinic. During a free no-obligation consultation, Dr Lanzer can tell you more about the procedure and evaluate if you could benefit from the treatment.

There is a small percentage of patients who have a large amount of breast tissue and skin. In these cases, the surgeon removes excess breast tissue and skin through reduction mammoplasty. However, this kind of procedure usually requires excision and could involve moving the nipple and areola.

What Kind Of Problems Can Enlarged Breasts Cause?

We briefly mentioned some of the problems that could be caused by enlarge breasts. The main problem always relates to back pains or joint pains, but what many people do not know is that enlarged breasts also increase the chance of skin infections. Due to the fact that the skin rubs together quite frequently, the woman is more susceptible to yeast infections.

More problems can also appear when you are starting to get a little older. When a woman gets a little older and heavier, the shoulders will also start to roll forwards. The forward movement of the shoulders causes pressure in the thoracic outlet, which is basically the area where the shoulder blades, ribs and nerves pass through a triangle. The anatomic space in the back changes as well. Combine this with the rolling forward and you get compressed nerve fibres that can cause quite a bit of discomfort and pain.

Because of all these problems, it is not uncommon for women to choose a breast reduction, whether it is for cosmetic reasons or for another medical problem. If you think you are a good candidate for the procedure and would like to discuss your options, feel free to give us a call.

Will I Be On General Anaesthetic?

Thanks to the many developments in the world of cosmetic surgery, a general anaesthetic is no longer the sole option needed to perform a breast reduction via liposuction. In some cases, a general anaesthetic can be used; this applies to cases where a small amount of fat is removed during the procedure.

The procedure is also executed with tumescent fluid, an anti-bacterial solution that provides many benefits during the liposuction. The tumescent fluid will numb the breast area but will also seal the majority of the blood vessels. Because of this fact, patients will experience a significant reduction in bruising after the procedure.

There are also a number of additional benefits of tumescent fluids we need to mention. In addition to reducing the bleeding, tumescent fluid will also drastically decrease the risk of infection; this has everything to do with the fact that the tumescent fluid also functions as an anti-bacterial solution.

What Do I Need To Consider After The Procedure?

After the procedure, you will be required to wear a tight garment for a certain period of time. The patient may experience some slight swelling and bruise after the liposuction, but this usually goes down quite quickly. Dr Lanzer will also prescribe some pain relief, so you will be comfortable during the healing process.

Most patients can resume their normal activities quite quickly, however, it is always a good idea to listen to the body and give it rest when it is needed. We recommend not doing any strenuous activities or heavy exercise until Dr Lanzer clears you to do so.

During your recovery, it is essential to take excellent care of the treatment area. Before you leave the clinic, you will be given some post-operative instructions on how to take care of the area. Be sure to read through this information carefully for your recovery.

Finally, if patients have any questions regarding their recovery, they can always contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic. Our patient’s comfort and safety are paramount to us, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you feel uncertain or worried about something during your recovery.

How Do I Book An Appointment For Breast Reduction?

To book an appointment for a breast reduction procedure at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, please contact us by telephone. Please note that you are not obligated to go ahead with anything. The first appointment is meant to evaluate your problem and also gives you the opportunity to talk to Dr Lanzer about your options.

Enlarged breasts can cause some physical discomfort for female patients, so a breast reduction could be a solution for them. However, each surgical procedure should be considered carefully, because there are always risks when you have surgery. The risks you could encounter during a breast reduction procedure are clearly described in the consent form, which is emailed by the medical team to the patient in question. Before the patient signs this consent form, she needs to read through it thoroughly and make sure she understands all the information that is provided on this form.

We understand that patients often have questions before their procedure takes place. In some cases, patients only think about something they needed to ask once they leave the clinic; this can be due to nerves or the incredible amount of information patients need to absorb. When you still have questions after you leave our clinic, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team by telephone or email. We will be more than happy to answer any questions about breast reduction, so you are fully informed before your visit to our clinic for the surgical procedure. Do you have any questions about aftercare? Feel free to contact our clinic too, because your comfort and safety is most important to us.

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