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Breast Reduction Before & After Photos (6)

Common Myths About Breast Reduction Surgery Debunked!

There are a lot of misconceptions about breast reduction surgery and the reduction mammoplasty, even though these surgical procedures have come a long way in recent years. To ensure our patients have access to the correct information about this surgery, we have debunked some common myths about breast reduction below, as well as provided some additional information we think you will find useful.

Will Reduction Mammoplasty Give Me Long Scars?

Having experienced over 10 years of excellent liposculptures, in the year 2000, I ventured into a study looking at liposculpture as a stand-alone procedure for large breasts in women. Based on that study of over 250 patients, we found that patients can obtain an excellent reduction in size and weight of their breasts with liposuction without any excision or long cuts of the skin; this was what I would consider to be a significant medical breakthrough.

The chest is a area of poor healing and scars often do not look good in this area. Any procedure that can help patients medically with neck and shoulder pain due to heavy breasts without having large long cutting surgery is a medical breakthrough. The tissue and skin contract and tighten and do not leave a droopy, saggy sack as one would expect.

We must mention that some patients might still require the reduction mammoplasty, where the surgeon removes excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to change a patient’s breast size. He may also move the nipple and areola to match the new size and shape of the breast. Naturally, this procedure is usually advised for patients with a lot of excess breast tissue and little fat in the breasts.

What Is The Treatment Goal Of Undergoing Breast Reduction?

The goal is to reduce the size and weight of the breast. We have been treating patients commonly who are double D and E but sometimes I have treated patients who have even been F and J. The goal generally is to get them down to a size C, but if someone is extremely large then we may not reach quite that reduction.

What Is New In Breast Reduction Surgery?

As explained, the tumescent liposuction is a method to reduce breast size is what has changed things. Most patients that I have seen could do a breast reduction through liposuction alone.

Where Is this Procedure Done?

The procedure is done either in Sydney or Brisbane in our D’Lumière Esthétique day surgery centres in the city or in our state-of-the-art registered day surgery centre in Malvern, Melbourne.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

The procedure involves 2 stages of initially introducing an extremely dilute local anaesthetic into the breast tissue. It stretches and expands the breast so that the liposculpture cannula, which is the second stage, can be passed through the tissue and suck out all the fat. The fat is removed in multiple layers at different angles, so that it comes out smoothly, at all times maintaining the natural shape of the breast.

What Are The Results One Could Expect?

The first result is that the breast is much smaller and lighter; this often has an immediate effect on the pain and spasms that people have from large heavy breasts. Heavy breasts, besides causing indentations from bras, cause a lot of shoulder and back pain. Patients find a great relief when this is treated.

The most amazing thing is that the skin contracts and elevates. We often measure how much the skin and nipple move upwards and it can be up to 10 or 15 cm. By removing the fat, the breast is much lighter and therefore the skin contracts as well. It is worth wearing a firm bra after the procedure to help the skin contraction.

What Does The Recovery Process Entail?

As it is only a localised area of liposuction, patients can often return to their work duties in a couple of days. We recommend no strenuous exercise for two weeks.

Patients who undergo any form of cosmetic surgery must take their recovery process into account. Even though most can resume their normal activities rather quickly, patients are required to follow the guidelines provided by the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

During your recovery, you may be required to take certain medications and wear a compression garment. The specific requirements for your recovery will be covered during your consultations.

What Are The Options For Breast Reduction?

The main option is surgical mammoplasty or breast lift. If the patient has extreme drooping called ptosis of the breast, then surgery may be necessary. I have found over the last 15 years that most patients are in fact good candidates for breast reduction through liposuction alone. The only area where one needs to take care is in patients in between 18 and 25, as sometimes there is not a lot of fat in the breast tissue and therefore the amount that can be reduced is smaller.

Is Special Care Required?

Yes. If patients have a family history of breast cancer, I do recommend they discuss this with a breast cancer specialist. We use a professor from the Royal Melbourne Hospital, as it is not clear that if this is good for patients who have breast cancer tendency because the breasts are smaller and easier to feel or if it is going to make things worse because the mammograms will be more fibrous and possibly calcifications, which could interfere with future diagnostic tests.

What Is The Most Commonly Asked Question?

What will happen to the skin and will it be drooped? As outlined, this is not what we see, and the breast does contract and becomes smaller.

What Are Some Things To Remember About Breast Reduction?

It is often worth removing fat along the sides of the breast to help the shape; this also reduces the size. The other point to note is that one can never guarantee the exact size as bra sizes are very different between different patients and there is no uniform measurement between bra companies.

Who Has A Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is performed on women of all ages from 18 until 75. It is typically performed because of the weight associated with the breast such as back, neck, and shoulder pain. It does give an immediate result and overall, patients have been very happy to date. We have probably performed nearly 1000 patients with this procedure.

Has This Procedure Been Covered In The Media?

We were initially featured on ‘A Current Affair’ and other programs and also patients were written up in a ‘Women’s Day’ magazine.

There are numerous examples of breast reduction procedures in the case studies above. These photographs are posted not only to display the skills of Dr Lanzer as a surgeon, but also to show patients the possibilities of a breast reduction procedure. The photographs also display what kind of changes a breast reduction can cause on the body. Most patients who are considering a breast reduction view these examples before they make an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, since it helps them gain a little more insight into the procedure before their visit.

Most patients who want to acquire a breast reduction do so for medical reasons. They often experience physical discomfort because of the size of their breasts; this could include back pain, burn marks from bra straps, painful breasts and rash underneath the breasts. Reducing the size of the breast also reduces their weight, so most of the problems that are experienced because of enlarged breast can be reduced by choosing a breast reduction procedure. However, it is always best to report the problems you are encountering to your cosmetic surgeon before you have your breast reduction. Based on your physical complaints, the cosmetic surgeon could tailor the solution to meet your requirements.

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