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Female Liposuction Breast Reduction

Case Study

Female Liposuction Breast Reduction

Before Female Breast Reduction After Photos

Pre Liposuction of the left breast.

After Female Breast Reduction After Photos

Left breast much larger and droopier than right. Improved with liposuction alone and no skin removal

Case Study 8: Female Breast Reduction Surgery

Liposuction breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure where the amount of fatty tissue in the breast region is reduced and can be used for both female and male patients. These are pre and post photographs of liposuction.

What Can You Tell Me About This Surgical Case Study?

This patient has had breast cancer of the right breast. She noticed that following the radiotherapy, the right breast never grew again whilst the left got bigger during her lifetime. There is a clear asymmetry with the left breast being much larger and hanging down much lower than the right one.

This lady had considered excision reduction mammoplasty and surgical reduction for a long time but was always scared about the scarring and having the surgical procedure. She went ahead six months ago with liposuction alone just of the left breast.

The removal of fat produces two amazing things. Firstly, it does a volume reduction, so that the breast is now similar to the right one in size and shape. Because fat is removed and because Dr Lanzer does a specialised technique to stimulate the tissue and skin, the small canals from the liposuction contract and as a result the entire breast contracts and elevates.

As can be seen from the photographs the breasts are similar but not identical. When worn in a bra, there would be usually no concern with this slight difference.

What Can You Tell Me About Cosmetic Surgery To Reduce Breast Size?

Liposuction of the breast began in the year 2000. Dr Lanzer performed the first large study of many patients assessing their response. At the time, he noticed that patients did develop an immediate reduction in weight, and this was associated with removal of symptoms from heavy breasts such as neck and shoulder pain, back pain, and headaches.

Can Patients Who Had Breast Cancer Obtain Breast Reduction?

Dr Lanzer has worked in conjunction with a professor in breast cancer for over 10 years. There is always a question if patients who had cancer should consider undergoing breast reduction and what influence it could have on the detection of cancer in the future, in that the breast is smaller and easier to feel, or if it could somehow make mammograms different which could then make monitoring for breast cancer more difficulty. 

To date, Dr Lanzer has not had any patients that have had issues with breast cancer. Patients who are over 40 always have a mammogram before the surgery and it is usually repeated each year as part of a normal breast screening. Patients who are young such as in their 20’s and 30’s generally do not have mammograms as radiologists are not comfortable about performing mammograms at this age. Usually an ultrasound is performed.

Patients with a family history of breast cancer have more issues with monitoring of breast cancers and it is important that these patients do seek advice from a breast cancer surgeon before having treatment.  Following breast cancer, a new question arises as to whether or not liposuction is an appropriate procedure.  In this patient, the breast that did not have breast cancer underwent the liposuction for a cosmetic matching.

Breast reconstruction is an interesting area.  In the past, many people did large flaps.  Today, people are concentrating more on liposuction and fat transfer.

When Would Reduction Mammoplasty Be An Option?

The reduction mammoplasty is a procedure where the surgeon removes excess breast tissue as well as fat and skin. The procedure is suitable for patients with large breasts, which contain a higher percentage of breast tissue. During this procedure, the surgeon often moves the nipple and areola to a more desirable position.

While most patients are eligible for breast reduction with liposuction, it can be more problematic for patients who do not have that much fat in their breasts. If this patient then wants a considerably lower cup size, the surgeon must excise breast tissue to achieve the desired result.

To determine the best treatment option for you, it is advised to speak to Dr Lanzer about your breast reduction surgery. Give our friendly team of receptionists a call to book your free no-obligation appointment today.

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    All photographs represent one person's experience, and results may vary for each patient. All photographs are of actual patients of Dr Lanzer. The visible change in these photographs has occurred as a result of the procedure/s undertaken.

    Some before and after photos shown are not exact, in that they vary in light, contrast, clothing, background, distance from camera, hairstyle and make-up.

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