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Breast Reduction Surgery
Breast Reduction Surgery Costs

Breast Reduction Surgery Costs

Breast Reduction Surgery Costs

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Each liposuction breast reduction procedure is tailored to the needs of the patient; this is why it is important to get a surgeon with a lot of experience. Of course, the liposuction breast reduction costs may vary from patient to patient as well due to the individual nature of the reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction. To get an accurate estimate for your reduction mammoplasty, you need to request a treatment plan from your cosmetic surgery facility or speak with your cosmetic surgeon about the cost of your treatment.

However, there are numerous things that could affect the cost of a liposuction breast reduction procedure. To find out what factors could influence the cost of your breast reduction with liposuction procedure, please read our overview below.

How Can The Type Of Breast Reduction Affect The Treatment Cost?

Some cosmetic surgery procedures cost more than others; this is due to either the duration of the procedure or the equipment used during the treatment. Because of these variations in cost, it is detrimental for patients to have a complete treatment plan where they can view each aspect of their treatment in more detail.

Naturally, it is possible to find the average cost of a certain procedure online, but that does not mean that this price will be accurate for your treatment. As mentioned earlier, there are many individual factors to consider, so the most accurate estimate is always obtained from a cosmetic surgery facility.

One of the individual facts that could influence your treatment cost is the overall size and shape of your breasts before treatment. Large breasts that require a large amount of fat to be removed may cost more than a procedure where only a small amount of fat is removed. If your surgeon removes excess breast tissue and skin, it could also influence the price of treatment.

Breast Reduction Costs

How Can Your Cosmetic Surgeon Affect Your Breast Reduction Costs?

Choosing the right surgeon for your surgery is important. Experienced surgeons will also charge a little more for their services than an unexperienced surgeon. So, if the cost of your surgeon seems a lot cheaper than the national average, you may want to consider why your procedure is provided at such a reduced price.

When it comes down to undergoing breast reduction and choosing a surgeon, it is best not to look too much at the price at first. Even though you should take cost into consideration, always choose an experienced surgeon who has performed similar procedures numerous times in the past instead of a surgeon who has little experience performing a reduction mammoplasty or reduction by liposuction.

Most patients can view the experience of a surgeon on the website of the respective cosmetic surgery clinic. Clinic websites usually include an about page, which gives you more information about all available surgeons and other staff at the clinic. In addition to that, there should also be several before and after pictures of patients who had similar procedures done, giving you a better idea of the skills of a surgeon.

Naturally, nothing beats meeting a surgeon in person, because you also need to feel comfortable with the person who will be executing your surgery. If you have found an experienced surgeon, but do not feel comfortable with that surgeon, then it is still advised to choose another surgeon with similar experience.

Dr Lanzer finds it important that each of his patients feels comfortable with him. To ensure that patients can determine if our clinic is the right fit, Dr Lanzer provides a no-obligation consultation for first-time patients of the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

How Can The Country Where You Have Your Breast Reduction Affect The Treatment Cost?

If you have been browsing the internet for cosmetic surgery prices, you may have come across clinics abroad who offer reduction mammoplasty or other cosmetic procedures at a price that is considerably cheaper than what you would pay in Australia. However, choosing a treatment abroad is not always a good idea, because cosmetic surgery tourism does include a lot of risk.

Firstly, many patients encounter a communication gap when having their treatment abroad. Most countries offering cosmetic procedures at cheap prices do not have English as their main language, which could result in some problems during the consultation before your procedure and on the day of the surgery itself.

Speaking to an overseas surgeon about your cosmetic treatment can be quite difficult, since many patients find it hard to convey their aesthetic goals. Subsequently, some patients leave a clinic abroad with other results than they hoped for. Even though good communication is no guarantee you will get the results you want, the risk of unwanted results does increase with a language barrier in a foreign country.

The standard of care in overseas countries, where cosmetic surgery procedures are relatively cheap, is quite different from the standard of care upheld in Australia. Also, the qualifications of an overseas surgeon can be quite different than the qualifications of an Australian surgeon, since they are held to another professional standard.

Patients choosing a clinic overseas often cannot get access to proper aftercare, considering they need access to their clinic for this. Unless you have an international guarantee from the cosmetic surgery clinic you obtained your treatment from, many Australian surgeons do not want to deal with complications caused by another surgeon. Those that do, often need to charge for their services to undo the damage that was done.

In conclusion, while the breast reduction costs of overseas procedures may appear attractive, the risk of complications accompanying an overseas cosmetic surgery treatment are considerably higher than treatments executed in Australia. Therefore, it is a better idea to seek your treatment in Australia.

Discover Breast Reduction Costs & Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Breast Reduction procedure. Please refer to the additional information pages on the Dr Lanzer website.

If you’re looking to remove fat from your body, get a free consultation at the Melbourne clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Can A Nipple And Areola Reduction Be Included In A Treatment Estimate?

It is not uncommon for a nipple and areola reduction to be performed in combination with certain breast reduction procedures. Naturally, it does depend on the technique used by your cosmetic surgeon and the overall problems you wish to address. However, if you wish to have this procedure performed, the cost of this surgical procedure can be included in your estimate obtained at The Dr Lanzer Clinic.

What Fees And Costs Could I Encounter To Reduce My Breast Size?

Fees that could be charged for your treatment depend on some of the factors we discussed already. Typical fees that may contribute to the average breast reduction costs of your procedure include the surgeon fee, hospital bed fee (in case you are required to stay overnight), theatre or day surgery cost, assistant fee, devices and consultation fees.

Like the previous factors mentioned above, all these fees are variable. For example, sometimes a patient does not have to stay overnight, which eliminates the hospital bed fee from your overall breast reduction costs. Some surgeons also offer a first free consultation, which could also save you some money on your procedure.

Dr Lanzer is one of the Australian surgeons who provides his patients with a free consultation; this consultation can be used by any patient who is considering visiting the Dr Lanzer Clinic for a procedure for the first time.

Breast Reduction Costs

Who Has A Breast Reduction?

Most patients who choose breast reduction have heavy breasts that cause some considerable neck and shoulder pain. They could also feel uncomfortable overall due to the size of their breasts, limiting them in terms of exercise and sports.

While the reasons for choosing breast reduction may be variable, it is always advised to speak to your cosmetic surgeon about your aesthetic goals. If the patient is in good health and has realistic goals regarding the procedure, the patient is usually a good candidate for breast reduction.

What Should I Remember About Breast Reduction Costs And Fees?

The cost of a treatment executed by an experienced surgeon in a clinic with high standards may be slightly higher than a clinic in an overseas country run by an inexperienced surgeon. However, sometimes saving a couple of bucks is simply not worth the risk for the patient who is having the treatment; this is certainly the case for most patients considering cosmetic surgery tourism.

Dr Lanzer aims to keep procedures affordable for patients. He has been working with the same anaesthetist for years and performs procedures in his own clinics; this could save the patient some bucks compared to a surgical procedure executed in an Australian hospital.

If you would like an estimate for a reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction by liposuction, it is recommended to book a consultation at the Dr Lanzer clinic. Based on his evaluation, Dr Lanzer can give you a treatment plan and an accurate breast reduction costs estimate for your treatment. To book your evaluation, please contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic via telephone, email, or website contact form.

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