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Breast Reduction Surgery Melbourne

Breast Reduction Surgery Melbourne

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Fat alone is suctioned out of the breast in a similar method to ordinary tumescent liposuction. Dr Lanzer has performed hundreds if not thousands of breasts this way.

Dr Daniel Lanzer is accepted as one of the world pioneers in female breast reduction in Melbourne, using Liposculpture method and no excision of skin. Fat alone is suctioned out of the breast in a similar method to ordinary tumescent liposuction. Dr Lanzer has performed hundreds if not thousands of breasts this way.

What Is The Difference With Reduction Mammoplasty?

As mentioned briefly during the introduction of this article, Dr Lanzer uses breast reduction with liposuction where applicable; this only involves the removal of excess fat. During a reduction mammoplasty, the cosmetic surgeon removes excess fat, breast tissue and skin to alter the patient’s breast size. During such a procedure, the Dermatologist surgeon can also alter the location of the nipple and the areola.

Patients who have large breasts with a considerable amount of fat could be eligible for breast reduction with liposuction. During this cosmetic surgery procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will remove fat alone; this means the surgeon must only make a couple of small nicks to access the area. Even though this surgical procedure does not involve the removal of excess breast tissue, it still effectively reduces the size and shape of heavy breasts, subsequently reducing side-effects such as shoulder and neck pain, back pain, and headaches if they are present.

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Why Do Women Have Breast Reduction?

The most common reason for breast reduction is pain of the shoulders and back related to the heavy weight of large breasts. Other reasons are a dislike of the large size and feeling self-conscious. The reduction is also performed in surgery if it interferes with exercise and occasionally for rashes under the breast.

Will I Have Scars From Breast Reduction In Melbourne?

This is one of the main reasons women seek Dr Lanzer’s assistance for undergoing breast reduction in Melbourne. The classic mammoplasty surgery involves long scars. The chest is notorious for prominent scars and also keloid scars. Dr Lanzer will perform or recommend this surgical lift if there is too much drooping of the breast. Otherwise in the vast majority of cases, the liposuction method is all that is required. Since there are only two to three small key hole nicks in the majority of reductions; this translates into almost no visible long scars.

What Happens To The Loose Skin?

Nearly everyone we perform breast reduction on asks this question! One would normally expect to be left with an empty bag of skin from the removal of the tissue. What actually happens with the breast reduction via liposuction is that thousands of small cannulas create small channels. Due to the normal elastic nature of the skin together with the compression garments, we find that these spaces all close; this means that the entire breast contracts and becomes smaller. As a result, the breast reduction also causes a lift in most cases.

Discover Breast Reduction Melbourne Advantages!

Breast reduction today is a more simple procedure that has quick recovery and most women can be back at work in a few days or a week. Generally Dr Lanzer suggests no strong physical activity for a two week period.

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How Will I Know If I Am A Candidate For The Breast Reduction Just With Liposuction?

Ultimately Dr Lanzer will make that decision. It’s based on the following factors:

  • Dr Lanzer will examine the breast to determine if the breast is composed of fat or fibrous breast tissue. So long as there is fat, the reduction could proceed.
  • The patient’s age plays a role in the amount of fat as does having children. Based on years of performing breast reductions, Dr Lanzer finds that as we age from our mid-twenties, there is more fat in the breast, and this means more reduction is feasible.
  • The mammogram X-ray and ultrasound can also help determine how much fat is present.
  • Dr Lanzer will also assess your size in relation to how elevated or droopy is your breast. His experience allows him to predict your result.
  • The amount of reduction requested also plays a role. Dr Lanzer removes on average between 400 ml and 800 ml of fat from each breast. Occasionally it is less and sometimes a lot more. If a lady wants a very large reduction, let’s say from a DD or E to a C size, then a lot of fat needs to come out to obtain that reduction. Dr Lanzer will be constantly assessing the breast as he auctions the fat always keeping in mind how much breast reduction is requested versus how much fat has been removed.

Is There Anything Different About General Liposuction And Breast Reduction Via Liposuction?

Yes, the suction. If some procedures may require removal in multiple deep planes and layers in order to get the most even and natural result.

The beauty about procedures such as the breast reduction is that they can be adjusted to the patient’s individual needs. For example, if a patient has excess fat more than excess breast tissue, a liposuction can be enough to get the desired result. Of course, this also applies the other way around. If too much tissue is present, an excision of that breast tissue will be required.

Breast Reduction Melbourne

Does Dr Lanzer Use The Vaser Or Laser?

No. Since Dr Lanzer is concerned about the risk that all women can develop breast cancer in their life, he prefers to avoid any unnecessary effects on the breast like heat or laser. Liposuction does not cause breast cancer. The breast under the X-ray will appear different after any breast reduction procedure and this may be relevant in monitoring breasts, especially if there is a strong family history of cancer in the breast.

Why Do Some Women Want Breast Reduction In Melbourne And Others Breast Implants?

This is an interesting question and relates to pain from heavy weighted breasts, self-image and also the timing in relation to age. Dr Lanzer finds that many women have had heavy breasts for years if not decades and they just had enough. It’s been likened to carrying 2 bricks all day long. The bra does not always lighten the load. Interestingly, almost immediately after the breast reduction with the liposuction the patient notices the breast is lighter, which often leads to an immediate reduction in weight.

Where Is The Breast Reduction Performed For Melbourne Patients?

Dr Lanzer operates in Melbourne and Sydney. Patients travel from all over Australia and even from overseas to benefit of his extensive experience. Dr Lanzer has a very good eye for what is needed and is known for his caring approach. He can always be contacted and wants to closely follow aftercare progress. If you are travelling from far, he would very much appreciate email of your progress. Today with digital technology, close follow-up is easy no matter where one lives.

The reduction is performed either awake with a slight sedation of fully asleep. It is an outpatient procedure and no overnight hospital admission. Dr Lanzer’s Day Surgery hospital is fully accredited with the department of health and was one of the first and possibly the first clinic to obtain specific recognition for cosmetic procedures with the ten national safety and quality standards.

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