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Breast Reduction Surgery
Breast Reduction Surgery Melbourne
Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Melbourne

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Melbourne

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Many patients who are considering a breast reduction, wonder about breast reduction surgery cost in Melbourne. To ensure patients have a full overview of the procedure, as well as breast reduction surgery cost in Melbourne, The Dr Lanzer Clinic has provided this comprehensive overview of information to provide patients with all the information they need to know.

How Is Breast Reduction Surgery Done?

A reduction mammoplasty can be done in a number of ways. In fact, the type of breast reduction surgery depends on the amount of breast tissue compared to the amount of fatty tissue in the breasts.

Patients who have a lot of breast tissue usually need a breast reduction procedure where the breast tissue is excised. However, if the patient has more fat in the breasts, cosmetic surgery can reduce the size of the breasts with a liposuction procedure.

To decide between reduction procedures, patients undergo a physical examination during their initial consultation; this is the same for both men and women. Once the surgeon determines the breast tissue to fat ratio, the surgeon will advise the most appropriate procedure to achieve the breast size you want.

Breast reduction surgery can be done under a local or a general anaesthetic. This can depend somewhat on the complexity of the procedure and its duration, as breast reduction can also include moving the nipple and areola. The type of anaesthetic used during your procedure will also determine the type of post-operative care.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Melbourne

How Much Does The Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Melbourne?

The cost of the procedure can be very variable because the procedure is tailored for the patient. To get an accurate estimate for the surgical procedure, you can take advantage of the free no-obligation appointment for new patients at The Dr Lanzer Clinic.

Does Private Health Insurance Cover Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Melbourne?

There are some instances where patients who undergo breast reduction can claim on their private health insurance. However, patients must meet certain criteria to do so. If you want to find out if your surgery could be covered by health insurance, please speak to Dr Lanzer or one of his associates.

Discover Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Melbourne!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Breast Reduction Surgery in Melbourne. If you want to know more about the procedure, get a free consultation at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

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Is It Worth To Get A Breast Reduction Surgery?

This is a very personal question that must be answered by the patient himself or herself. Some patients suffer from large breasts for years, and this is usually accompanied by other problems such as skin irritation, indentations and much more. So, it depends heavily on how the size of your breasts is affecting you.

What Are The Benefits Of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery can have numerous benefits for patients with enlarged breasts. However, the biggest benefit is often a reduction in physical pain, which can be caused by the sheer weight and circumference of the breasts. So, most patients can experience a serious reduction in headaches, back pain, and shoulder pain.

What Would I Find The Best Breast Reductions Surgery Clinic In Melbourne?

When it comes to your treatment, it is best to choose a clinic with plenty of experience. You want a cosmetic surgery who executed this treatment in the past but is also aware of the latest developments in cosmetic surgery. The Dr Lanzer Clinic is an environment that can provide such services as well as cosmetic surgery with plenty of experience.

Do you wish to obtain more information about breast reduction and the associated cost? Or do you want to make an appointment as a new patient, taking advantage of the free no-obligation appointment available to these patients? Contact our clinic today for more information.

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