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Breast Reduction Questions


* Reduce the weight of heavy bulky breasts which may be causing neck or back pain
* Heavy breasts may also cause bra straps to dig deep into the shoulders
* Skin irritations such as rashes/fungal infections under the breasts
* Clothing may be difficult to find that fits well and suits your body type
* Sometimes breasts may get in the way of your arms at the side and cause distress
* Improved posture and ability to exercise
* Improved self confidence

Breast Reduction Questions

Breast Reduction with Liposuction:

People often ask me (Dr Lanzer), “What are the results that I may expect from breast reduction with liposuction alone?”  The actual results of breast reduction via liposuction  melbourne depend on our discussion as to how much fat one wants to have removed and also on the actual size of your breast.  Often, I can make breasts even 2 or 3 sizes smaller if that is required.  The main result that patients find is that the breast is lighter and that there is less pain associated with having heavy breasts.

When I started performing this procedure in the year 2000, I was amazed how nearly all of the hundreds of patients I performed on said that it had an immediate effect on the pain of their shoulders from having lighter breasts.  I feel that a lot of patients are almost carrying around 2 bricks on their breasts and getting that weight off makes such a difference.

Therefore, pain reduction tends to be one of the main reasons for breast reduction with liposuction.

The other result that we do expect is that the breasts should become slightly elevated and the nipple often will be turned a little bit upwards rather than pointing down.  Skin contracts in an amazing way after liposuction.  Therefore, excision of skin is not necessarily required in order to get some contraction elevation.

People often ask me, “Why should I choose breast reduction with liposuction melbourne as opposed to mammoplasty surgery?”  The main reason to go for the liposuction melbourne is that it is keyhole surgery.  That means that there are no long cuts around the nipple or from the nipple down to the fold below the breast.  As dermatologists, we understand that the chest is one of the poorest areas of healing and any long scar in this area can lead to thickened scars or keloids.  The advantage of the mammoplasty surgery is that the breast will definitely be more perky and there will be more contraction.  This is something that patients always need to balance up. 

Breast Reduction Questions 1

As far as pain goes, which is the main reason I see patients having this procedure, I find that the liposuction works really well.  Also, the recovery is pretty quick from the liposuction method.  Most patients could actually get back to work in 2-3 days although we generally do advise 1 week recovery.

People often ask me, “Is it worth doing the breast reduction?”  Of course, ultimately, this is a decision that depends on a person’s individual circumstances and also their own financial situation.

Having performed this procedure for over a decade, I find that most patients are really happy that they have had it done.  It is not a weight off their mind but a weight off their chest!  I think that it is underestimated as to how much pain and discomfort very large, heavy breasts can cause.  My clinical studies have shown that all patients end up with a lighter breast and that there is some contraction and elevation.  Nearly all sizes can be treated with liposuction.  The only area where I find that there may be less fat, and I cannot make a huge reduction, is in teenagers or people in their early 20’s.  I will often recommend a mammogram or ultrasound just to ascertain how much fat is in the breast. 

If you have any further questions, I would certainly be happy to answer them. If you have any breast reduction via liposuction questions you would like answered, please contact us at any time. or call us Ph: 1800 444 333

This page was last reviewed on May 18th 2015.

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