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Breast Reduction Surgery In Australia – Questions & Answers

Breast Reduction Surgery In Australia – Questions & Answers

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At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, we regularly receive questions from patients about certain procedures; this is not any different for breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty, two of the most common procedures at our clinic.

Below, patients can find the most common questions asked at the Dr Lanzer Clinic regarding breast reduction. If you want to learn more about this cosmetic surgery procedure, please read through the information provided by our clinic below.

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Women To Have This Plastic Surgery?

Patients can choose this surgical procedure for many reasons. Below, we have listed the most common reasons for breast reduction, as stated by patients who visited our clinic for a breast reduction procedure.

  • Reduce the weight of heavy breasts, which may be causing neck and shoulder pain;
  • Heavy breasts causing bra straps to dig deep into the shoulders;
  • Skin irritations such as rashes/fungal infections under the breasts;
  • Clothing that fits body type is difficult to find;
  • To overcome limitations during normal activities;
  • Sometimes large breasts may get in the way of the arms at the side and cause distress;
  • Improved posture and ability to exercise;
  • To achieve a breast lift;
  • Improved self-confidence.

The list of common reasons why patients obtain breast reduction is not limited; this means that some patients obtain this procedure for other reasons. Of course, it is always important for patients to have realistic expectations despite the reason for the surgery, so speaking to your cosmetic surgeon is always advised.

Breast Reduction Questions

What Are The Results That Can Be Expected From Breast Reduction With Liposuction Alone?

One of the most common questions asked at the Dr Lanzer Clinic relates to the results that can be expected from the breast reduction through a liposuction procedure. The answer is that the results of breast reduction via liposuction depend on how much fat will be removed from the breasts and the breast size and shape of the patient’s breasts before the procedure.

Dr Lanzer can make the breasts two to three sizes smaller if required. Based on the amount of fat removed, patients often experience lighter breasts and a reduction in pain associated with heavy breasts.

When the Dr Lanzer Clinic started performing this surgical procedure in the year 2000, we were amazed how many individuals experienced an almost immediate reduction of pain in the shoulders; this was due to the reduced weight of the breasts. For many patients, the size of their breasts is causing them serious physical discomfort, so a reduction could provide less pain in the shoulders, neck, and back. Therefore, pain reduction tends to be one of the main reasons for breast reduction with liposuction.

Another result that patients could expect from this procedure is a slight elevation of the breasts. Because of the procedure, the nipple and areola turn upwards instead of pointing down. The skin also contracts beautifully, so excision of the skin is not necessary to acquire a contraction elevation.

Discover Breast Reduction Surgery Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of female patients now opt for Breast Reduction Surgery. This procedure is ideal for multiple reasons. It is not only about reducing the weight and size of your breasts but also about rebuilding your confidence and self-esteem.

If you’re looking to having this treatment done, get a free no-obligation consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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Why Should I Obtain Breast Reduction With Liposuction Instead Of Mammoplasty Surgery?

Patients often wonder why they should choose a breast reduction via liposuction instead of the traditional mammoplasty surgery. Well, one of the main reasons is the fact that breast reduction via liposuction is keyhole surgery; this means patients will not get any long cuts around the nipple, underneath the nipple, or below the breasts.

We understand that the chest is one of those areas that heal difficulty. Therefore, long scars in the chest area could lead to thick scars or keloids. However, mammoplasty does provide the breasts with a perkier appearance and more contraction. Therefore, the choice between mammoplasty and breast reduction with liposuction will depend on the requirements of the patient, as well as the amount of fat that can be removed from the breasts.

Patients also choose the breast reduction via liposuction because of the quick recovery time. Even though patients still experience common symptoms associated with cosmetic surgery, most patients return to their job within two to three days. However, the Dr Lanzer Clinic always recommends that patients take at a one-week time off.

Another potential advantage of liposuction is that this technique is less likely to affect your ability to breastfeed or to alter nipple sensation after the breast surgery. While it does not eliminate that risk completely, these risks are considerably less compared to excision techniques.

The choice between a mammoplasty and a breast reduction via liposuction also comes down to the age of the patient at times. While older patients tend to have more fat in the breasts, younger patients usually have more glandular tissue. Therefore, mammoplasty may be the better choice for younger patients; this is the procedure where a plastic surgeon removes excess breast tissue and skin. Naturally, this is a choice that will be made after your evaluation at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

Breast Reduction Questions 1

Is It Worth Undergoing Breast Reduction?

This is another common question Dr Lanzer receives at his clinic. The answer is less evident though because this is a decision that the patient should make. Still, Dr Lanzer has been performing this procedure for more than a decade and finds that most patients are happy with the results and the benefits the procedure provides.

Many patients have become used to the pain experienced from heavy breasts, they often underestimate how much of a difference the breast reduction can provide. During clinical studies executed by Dr Lanzer, it came to light that many patients enjoyed lighter breasts, as well as a contraction and slight elevation of the breast. Therefore, the benefits are not just pain-related, but also related to the aesthetics of the breasts.

While some patients are used to the pain from their heavy breasts, others still experience considerable discomfort due to their breast size. Naturally, these patients are more likely to obtain breast reduction earlier in life than those who do not.

What Are The Risks Associated With Breast Augmentation?

No matter which procedure a patient considers, it is always important to be informed about the risks, no matter how small those risks may be. 

One of the factors that require consideration is the  general anaesthetic that can be used during breast augmentation. Speak to your anaesthetist about the potential complications of the anaesthesia used during your procedure, as this ensures you are properly informed.

Another potential risk of surgery is infection. While you will be provided with some antibiotics after your surgery to minimize the risk of infection, patients should always keep an eye out for this potential complication.

Patients should accept some common side-effects after  cosmetic surgery, this includes bruising, swelling, and discomfort. The intensity of these side-effects depend on how much excess fat or breast tissue was removed during the procedure. In some cases, the cosmetic surgeon can remove excess skin too, which will influence your overall recovery.

Keep in mind that each patient has her own speed with which she heals, so this must be considered as well after your surgery. Physical activity should be limited to some light walking post-surgery to avoid complications. Patients should avoid strenuous activity and exercise until the cosmetic surgeon tells them it is safe to do so.

During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the risks of your procedure. We urge patients to take this opportunity, as this ensures patients are fully informed before going ahead with a treatment to reduce the size of the breasts or to alter the breast shape.

Where Can I Get More Information About Breast Reduction?

At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, patients can acquire more information about breast reduction procedures. Patients can also find more info on our website; this includes information such as how the procedure is performed and how much the procedure may cost.

To get a general idea of what to expect post-surgery, you can look at our collection of case studies for some examples. Even though your results will be unique to you, it does provide you with an indication of the changes that can be created through breast reduction.

For information that applies specifically to your breast reduction, we always recommend making an appointment with the Dr Lanzer Clinic, during which you can converse with Dr Lanzer in person. To make an appointment, please contact our team via email, telephone, or the website contact form.

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