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Breast Reduction Price

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A common question asked at the Dr Lanzer Clinic relates to the cost of a breast reduction. Most patients like to know the exact amount they are going to pay for their breast reduction, but this is an estimate that is often hard to make. Fact of the matter is, the cost of a breast reduction is dependent on many factors; this includes the location of the clinic, the duration of the treatment and more. To help you determine how much your breast reduction procedure could cost, please read our information below.

Breast Reduction Price in Australia

The average breast reduction price in Australia lies between $10,000 and $15,000; this does depend on the area and the experience of your respective surgeon. If you are not insured for this type of procedure, it is possible that you will have to pay this entire amount. However, if you have an extra under your health insurance that covers cosmetic surgery, you might get some of your money back.

To understand why breast reduction can have such a fluctuating breast reduction price, we need to look closer at the treatment itself and the many facets accompanying it. Therefore, be sure to read on if you want to learn more about breast reduction.

Breast Reduction Price

What Costs Could Be Charged When Having a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction does not only include the cost for the surgery itself, but also possible fees for the anaesthesia, surgery facility costs, medical tests, medication prescriptions, surgeon fees and post-surgery garments.

Since there can be many costs accompanying a breast reduction, it is always best to speak to your surgeon about these costs before your actual surgery. Be sure to ask which costs are included and which aren’t, so you don’t get any unwanted surprises once you get the surgery done.

Breast reduction could be covered by your private insurance plan; this because enlarged breasts could cause physical discomfort. If you believe you might be covered, be sure to check with your health insurer to check how much you could claim.

Discover Breast Reduction Price!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Breast Surgery Reduction procedures. Patients should avoid strenuous physical activity for some time after the surgery, so always check with your surgeon if you can resume sports or a physically demanding job.

If you’re looking for a breast reduction surgery, get a free consultation at Breast Reduction Surgery clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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What Is a Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction is also known under the name reduction mammoplasty. It is a procedure that enables the removal of excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and excess skin; this with the aim to achieve a more proportionate breast size.

The breast reduction can be obtained to reduce some of the physical discomfort caused by enlarged breasts; this could include backpain, headaches and shoulder aches. Depending on the size difference, the physical discomfort can be reduced or eliminated completely.

What Criteria Must Patients Meet to Have Breast Reduction?

An ideal candidate for the surgery experiences physical discomfort due the size of the breasts; this could have an impact on their ability to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. It could also cause problems such as severe backpain, leading the patient to consider getting the size of their breasts reduced.

Patients who are good candidates for this surgery need to be in good health. They must also have realistic expectations about the surgery and must show that their enlarged breasts are causing some discomfort; this includes being hindered in physical activity by the size of the breasts.

Most patients considering the procedure also have several physical complaints because of their enlarged breasts; this may include back, neck and shoulder pain. The excess weight of the breasts could also cause indentations from bra straps and even skin irritation in the breast crease.

Patients considering the procedure should also stop smoking if they currently smoke, since smoking can reduce the speed of the healing process and might cause complications. Therefore, many surgeons won’t consider a smoking patient for this procedure.

breast reduction price

What Should I Expect When Recovering from Breast Reduction?

Before you leave the clinic after your breast reduction price procedure, you will be given clear instructions on how to take care of the treatment area after the surgery; this includes information about medications to take or apply and what to look out for during your recovery.

During your consultation for breast reduction, there are certain questions you need to ask your surgeon; this to make sure that your recovery runs smoothly. Firstly, enquire if you will have any dressings or bandages after the surgery. Also, enquire when these dressings and bandages will be removed. 

During your follow-up appointment, be sure to ask the surgeon when you can resume your normal physical activity. 

How Will My Breasts Look After Breast Reduction?

Even though we have numerous before and after photographs of patients who had this surgery at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, it is difficult to give patients an accurate estimate of how their breasts will look after the procedure. Each patient is unique, so this means that the result after breast reduction will be unique too.

Patients can get some idea of the results they could obtain by speaking to their surgeon before the procedure takes place. However, it is still important to realise that this is an estimate and will never be a fully accurate representation of the results you can obtain.

Is Breast Reduction Long Term?

The results of a breast reduction are more long term, but patients do have to consider changes the breasts can go through as they age. There are also other factors that could affect the result you have obtained; this includes weight fluctuations, hormonal factors, and gravity.

How Can I Make an Appointment for Breast Reduction at the Dr Lanzer Clinic?

Would you like to make an appointment for a breast reduction at the Dr Lanzer Clinic? Or would you like to meet with Dr Lanzer first to determine if he is the surgeon for you? Make an appointment with Dr Lanzer by contacting our friendly receptionists via telephone, email or the webform. When we receive your request for an appointment, we will aim to provide you with a quick and convenient appointment.

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