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Cosmetic Surgery Cost Rebates

If you are considering having a cosmetic surgery procedure such as liposuction or a
breast reduction, you may be wondering if some of that surgery cost rebates could be
carried by your health insurance.

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Unfortunately, the answer to this question can be quite complicated, since not every insurance provides coverage for cosmetic surgery. So, to make it a little easier on patients looking to get some of the cost of their surgery refunded, here is a breakdown of need to know information!

Cosmetic Surgery Cost Rebates Covered by Medicare

There are some rare instances where the cost of cosmetic surgery may be covered (partially) by Medicare. Please note that most of these procedures will only be covered when the patient experiences a genuine physical problem that only cosmetic surgery can correct.

Medicare will only provide coverage when cosmetic surgery is needed because of accidental injury or to improve the function of a malformed body part; this could include breast reconstruction for a patient who had mastectomy due to breast cancer. Still, the requirements imposed by Medicare are quite strict, so always contact Medicare beforehand to ensure your procedure is covered.

Cosmetic Surgery Cost Rebates

Large Health Insurance Packages

When you visit your health insurer, or most health insurers on the internet for that matter, you may come across product names such as “ultimate health insurance” or “full coverage”. If you are looking for insurance to cover a cosmetic surgery procedure, you are most likely going to find it there.

General Hospital Coverage Vs. Private Hospital Coverage

Please note that most insurance agents will distinguish between general hospital coverage and private hospital coverage. If you intend to have your treatment at a cosmetic surgery clinic, you will need private hospital coverage.

Discover Breast Reduction Surgery Cost Rebates!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Breast Surgery Reduction procedures. Since the details matter with health insurers, always make sure that a specific type of abdominoplasty or liposuction is covered to avoid confusion later.

If you’re looking for a breast reduction surgery, get a free consultation at Breast Reduction Surgery clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Coverage for Specific Procedures

Most health insurers will only provide coverage for specific cosmetic surgery cost rebates procedures under their health insurance plans. Therefore, it is essential to check if your procedure is covered or not before you go ahead with the treatment.

Common cosmetic surgery cost rebates procedures you might find under health insurance plans are the abdominoplasty and lipectomy (liposuction). In some cases, breast reduction via liposuction might fall under that category. 

Health Funds Can Change Their Coverage

The biggest problem with getting coverage from a health fund is that every health fund can change their coverage at any time. They can downgrade certain policies, but also change their terms and conditions. So, even if you believe you had the appropriate coverage a year ago, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have it at the time you visit your cosmetic surgery clinic.

Could I Get My Treatment Cheaper Abroad?

When patients are faced with cosmetic surgery cost rebates in Australia, they are often inclined to find their treatment cheaper abroad. While treatment might be cheaper elsewhere, treatment abroad (medical tourism) is accompanied by many risks.


A common risk of medical tourism is infection, because each country has different sanitation standards. If you are considering a country that offers the treatment considerably cheaper, you could be exposed to unsanitary conditions; this in turn leaves you open to major risks such as bacterial and viral infections.

Medication Standards

Most patients need medication before, during and after their treatment. Even though this medication might be provided in another country, it is hard to tell the quality of that medication. Some countries – especially in southeast Asia – are notorious for counterfeit medications.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost Rebates

Communication Problems

One of the risks patients often forget to consider is the communication problem they might have with their clinic. If you don’t speak the language of the country you are having your treatment, you might have trouble communicating any medical issues or ask for assistance when you need it. Unfortunately, misunderstandings can lead to some serious complications that put your life in danger.

Air Travel Risk

If you plan to travel back to Australia shortly after your treatment, you might be exposed to additional risks such as blood clots. Travelling shortly after your procedure also exposes you to common risks such as infections.

Follow-Up Problems

Patients who had cosmetic surgery need a proper follow-up to ensure there weren’t any complications or to see if the treatment was successful. The standard of care and follow-ups in general can be different in another country. Some patients don’t even get access to it after their treatment. This exposes the patient once again to many risks and possible complications.

How to Pay for Treatment in Australia?

The safest way to get your treatment is by choosing an experienced surgeon within Australia. Of course, the price of treatment in Australia will be different than some other countries, but your safety certainly takes priority here. Therefore, it is always a good idea to consider your options in Australia first before looking to medical tourism.

Not quite sure what your options are to pay for your procedure? Contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic to see if there are any additional options available to you. In addition to that, you could also speak to your health insurer and see if an upgrade of your current health insurance plan is in order. You could already have the necessary coverage too, so be sure to check before you consider surgery.

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