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Breast Reduction Surgeon

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Getting cosmetic surgery is an important step, so it is vital to choose someone you trust and are comfortable with. If you are considering getting a breast reduction procedure – and if still need the right breast reduction surgeon – please read our pointers below to find a surgeon that can provide you with the right treatment.

An Honest Surgeon Is a Good Surgeon

When you go for your initial appointment with a cosmetic surgeon, you will get the opportunity to evaluate the trustworthiness and skill of your surgeon yourself. A good surgeon must always provide the patient with all the information, even if this includes things the patient might not want to hear. 

A good example of a good surgeon is someone who will discuss a cosmetic procedure candidly, which includes the risks accompanying that procedure. If a certain surgeon tells you there is absolutely no risk connected to a surgical treatment, it might be best to choose someone else.

There are some things patients must look out for during this initial consultation. As we mentioned earlier, the surgeon must mention the risks of the procedure. However, he must also convey to you if your results are realistic, attainable, and safe. Good surgeons will also disclose the cost of your procedure during this consultation.

Breast Reduction Surgeon

Follow-Ups and Additional Appointments

A good surgeon could be recognised by his experience, but the nature of a good surgeon is also determined by follow-ups and additional appointments. If a surgeon only executes the procedure and does not provide you with a follow-up, then this surgeon is not providing you with the standard of care you deserve.

During a follow-up appointment, the breast reduction surgeon can evaluate the healing process and check for complications. During their recovery, patients must get the opportunity to call their clinic if they have questions and concerns too. If you wish to evaluate this aspect of the surgeon you are considering, you could check reviews from patients who have visited the clinic in the past. Most of these reviews can be found online, but should always be obtained from a website independent from the surgeon’s website.

Discover Breast Reduction Surgeon!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Breast Surgery Reduction procedures. In addition to follow-up appointments, it is also a good idea to check if your surgeon offers any treatments that could help speed up the healing process. Even though this is not a requirement to find a good breast reduction surgeon, it could help your recovery process after your surgery.

If you’re looking for a breast reduction surgery, get a free consultation at Breast Reduction Surgery clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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The Experience of Your Breast Reduction Surgeon

As we mentioned earlier, the experience of a cosmetic surgeon does matter! On the website of a cosmetic surgeon, you can usually find information about the experience of a surgeon and his specialisation. It should also state how many procedures (approximately) the surgeon has executed, although this is not fully necessary to find a good surgeon.

Naturally, the experience of a surgeon is not the only aspect you base your decision on, but you can base your decision partly on it. Simply combine this information with all the other information you found mentioned in this article.

Feeling Comfortable with Your Breast Reduction Surgeon

Another important aspect of choosing the right surgeon is that you choose someone you are comfortable with. If you do not have trust in your surgeon’s ability – or if the surgeon in question makes you feel uncomfortable during your initial consultation – it might be better to consider another surgeon.

When you are not comfortable with your surgeon, it can be more difficult to talk to him or her. Therefore, you might not be telling your surgeon your requirements and the results you wish to obtain from the surgery. This could in turn be problematic regarding the results you obtain afterwards.

Breast Reduction Surgeon

Getting Details

If you have a consultation with the surgeon of your choice, it is also good if your surgeon takes the time to explain the procedure to you. Do not let yourself be rushed and ensure that you understand all the aspects of your procedure; this could include the execution of the procedure, the level of care provided by the clinic and the overall cost of your procedure. If you feel like the surgeon is rushing you to decide without providing the information you require, it might be better to choose another surgeon.

Before and After

One of the things that must be present on the website of a cosmetic surgeon is a page with some before and after photos. Ideally, the website will contain before and after photos for each of the procedures offered by that surgeon. Based on those examples, you can determine (to some degree) the skill of the surgeon and his overall experience.

Online Reviews

Even though you must take some online reviews with a grain of salt – since not all online reviews are trustworthy – you can get a general idea about a surgeon through the score they get online. Before you make an appointment, you can usually get some idea of the patient services provided by the clinic, as well as the overall skill of the surgeon.

If a surgery does not have any negative reviews, it is probably best to take this with a grain of salt. Even the best clinics have an unsatisfied patient from time to time, whether that is because they had to wait too long for an appointment or found that the staff was rude to them. So, try to find a clinic that has a mix of reviews and weigh up everything you read. Of course, if there are repeated reviews claiming the same serious problems, then you might want to step away and look elsewhere.


Choosing the right surgeon can seem like a mammoth task, but once you evaluate the resources available to you, most can pick out a surgery without much problems. To ensure you have chosen right, you also need to visit the clinic in person and evaluate everything for yourself. Only after your initial visit can you make an informed decision.

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