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Breast Reduction Background

Breast Reduction Background

Dr Lanzer has been at the cutting  edge  and  forefront  of  many  cosmetic procedures
over the last 25 years. He has shown the ability to apply new breakthroughs of thought
and equipment in different areas including breast reduction treatment surgery.

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The most dramatic breakthrough in cosmetic surgery was probably the tumescent method of Liposcupture method that involved preparing the fat with a watery solution which makes removal of fat effective and safe.

Dr Lanzer applied the tumescent method to large breasts which until this date were only treated with an invasive surgical cutting procedure called Mammoplasty. The breast is made up of fat and breast tissue. They are mixed together and the fine liposuction tube can pass safely through the breast and selectively remove the fat.

Breast Reduction Treatment Surgery Questions & Answers

Will I have a scar?

Due to the nature of the breast reduction treatment surgery being performed via liposuction, we only require keyhole incisions to remove the fat from the breast so scarring is kept to a minimum, and you may not have any at all once healed.Breast Reduction treatment surgery Background Information pic

What happens to the skin and will the breast drop?

This is the most common question asked by patients. Fortunately, the skin retracts and the nipples move up. Dr Lanzer has never seen an empty sack appearance. If someone has very dropped breasts, then it will not be tight and elevated. It’s worth looking at the photos in our photo section to see just how much elevation actually occurs.

How do I know the procedure will be effective?

We determine the amount of fat via ultrasound study before your procedure. Dr Lanzer who is recognised as a world authority can also tell by the physical examination of the breasts if they will respond to this treatment. If there is fat we can make the breast smaller with just the suction.

How many bra sizes will I drop?

Results are based on the individual and can vary, but most can expect a reduction of at least two bra sizes and in most cases much more than that. The amount of reduction is dependent on how much fat is in the breast. Sometimes over 90% of the breast is fat. In women in their teens there is usually less fat. The usual goal is for a size C.

Discover Breast Reduction Treatment Surgery Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Breast Reduction Treatment Surgery procedures. It is normal to feel discomfort from swelling and bruising for some weeks after the procedure while the breasts are healing.

If you’re looking to reduce your breast, get a free consultation at Breast Reduction Treatment Surgery clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Can I have this procedure done awake or asleep?

Yes we have the two options of performing this procedure under a General Anesthetic or a Local anesthetic in our Malvern Hospital, and Local anesthetic only in Sydney.

Does the procedure hurt?

Everyone experiences the sensation differently under a local anesthetic. We fill the breast with tumescent fluid in order to make them numb which can feel cold or tight or tingly and some people don’t feel anything at all. It doesn’t take long for the breast to be numb and you shouldn’t feel much pain during the liposuction procedure at all.

How will my breasts feel after the procedure?

It is very normal to have altered sensation in the breasts and nipples after the procedure but this should return to normal in a few weeks.

Can I breastfeed after this procedure?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to breastfeed after the procedure. As the breast tissue and glands are not affected during the procedure there should be no change in the ability to breast feed.

Will I be able to wear a normal bra after the procedure?

We require you to wear a surgical bra for 4 weeks after the procedure. The first 2 weeks the bra is to be worn all day and night and for the last 2 weeks you are only required to wear the bra during the day or at night. No underwire is to be worn during this time.

When can I resume work?

Most people could work in a few days but we usually suggest a week off.

When was this procedure first used?

Dr Lanzer was amongst the few dermatologists that discussed this option in 2000. He went on to do the world’s first large study of 250 patients to assess results. He has been performing it regularly for over 15 years now.

breast reduction sydney pic

Why do surgeons offer mammoplasty cutting reduction and not liposuction?

This is hard to answer as it probably comes down to training and experience. It’s something one should ask the doctor.

Will my breasts change shape?

Generally, the breast is the same but smaller, lighter, and contracted up so elevated. Usually the areola nipple faces a bit more up than down after breast reduction treatment surgery.

Can I have body liposcupture at the same time?

Yes, this is a common request.

What happens to the fat on the side of the breast?

That is removed by suction at the same time for standard breast reduction treatment surgery procedures.

How much fat is removed?

The average would be 400-500 ml of fat from each breast. The maximum Dr Lanzer has removed is 1500 ml per breast.

What happens if I have a family history of breast cancer?

This is an interesting question since there is no detailed scientific information. To date Dr Lanzer has had no issue with breast cancer. All older patients have a pre surgery mammogram study to exclude cancer. Dr Lanzer recommends if there is s positive family history of breast cancer that the lady sees a breast cancer surgeon for long term monitoring. The procedure cannot cause cancer but may make it easier or harder to detect should one arise later.

Can I breast feed after?

Yes, patients have been able to feed but there is no guarantee.

Next Steps

Should you have an interest in this procedure then the first step is an evaluation. This is best done in person but can start with a phone call or a Skype consult. All initial opinions are free with no obligation. You will find that Dr Lanzer gives his time and experience generously to help the public. It is also worth looking at the pre and post photographs on this web site. They are true results of Dr Lanzer and give a good realistic expectation of what he can achieve. Note how the breasts become smaller and more contracted. The results overall are natural and no obvious long scars.
Dr Lanzer was featured on national television, national cosmetic magazines, American Conferences and American television with his initial pioneering contribution to cosmetic breast reduction treatment surgery of the breast.

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