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We consult & operate Australia-wide

Liposuction Brisbane
Arm Liposuction At The Dr Lanzer Clinic
Essential Information On Liposculpture

Essential Information On Liposculpture

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Liposculpture is another term for liposuction, a treatment used to alter the shape of a treatment area. Areas prone to fat accumulation such as the upper arm, thighs, hips, and abdomen, are common areas for liposculpture Brisbane treatment. Through the removal of fat from these areas, a cosmetic surgery can reshape the area.

Do you wish to learn more about liposculpture? Read the information provided by The Dr Lanzer Clinic below!

What Is The Treatment Goal Of Liposculpture?

Liposculpture is a procedure that is aimed at the strategic removal of persistent fats. Contrary to popular belief, most patients having this procedure are not overweight, but struggle with some persistent fat deposits they cannot get rid of through diet and exercise alone. So, patients who already attempted weight loss or dieting, and cannot seem to shift love handles or other unwanted fat elsewhere on the body, could be a good candidate for liposuction surgery.

It is a common misconception that liposuction can be used to treat cellulite. Please note that the removal of fatty deposits will not have an effect on cellulite. Liposculpture or other procedures such as the abdominoplasty are good for body sculpting and reshaping certain areas of the body, but not to remove cellulite on the treated area. If the patient wants to obtain treatment for cellulite, they should mention this during the initial consultation, after which Dr Lanzer or one of his associates can recommend a more suitable treatment.

Liposculpture Brisbane

What Is The Overall Cost Of Liposculpture?

A treatment such as liposculpture Brisbane can be variable in cost. Firstly, the scope of the surgical procedure can influence the price. The more fat cells removed from the treatment area, the more the cosmetic surgery treatment usually costs. Other factors such as the experience of the surgeon and the clinic where you have the procedure can also contribute to the overall cost.

For an exact cost estimate for your liposuction procedure, it is always best to attend a consultation with your cosmetic surgery. At The Dr Lanzer Clinic, we provide a free first consultation for prospective liposculpture patients; this enables patients to speak to Dr Lanzer to discover their eligibility for the procedure and acquire a cost estimate.

Discover Brisbane Liposuction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of female patients now opt for Brisbane Liposuction. Dr Lanzer can answer any questions you may have regarding liposuction.

If you’re looking to having this treatment done, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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How Is Liposculpture Executed?

Liposculpture involves injecting specific areas with a special local anaesthetic solution. The solution consists of an anaesthetic and certain medications, aimed at preparing the fat deposits for removal, but also to reduce post-treatment side-effects such as bruising and swelling.

To access the treatment area in question, the cosmetic surgery must make a small incision in the treatment area; this allows the surgeon to feed a small cannula into the treatment area. Once the require number of fat cells is sufficiently broken down, the surgeon attaches the cannula to a vacuum and removes the excess fat through a gentle suction process.

In most cases, the surgeon must make a back and forth movement with the cannula; this helps to break down the fat further and makes removal a little easier. Once the removal is completed, the cosmetic surgery will drain any excess fluids from the treatment area and apply the appropriate dressings.

Liposculpture Brisbane

What Happens After A Liposculpture Brisbane Treatment?

Most patients are allowed to leave our day surgery on the day of their procedure; this after the patient has been checked medically. Patients are advised to have someone pick them up after the surgery, as patients can experience some discomfort after liposculpture, making driving a little difficult.

Before a patient leaves the clinic, the patient is usually prescribed some medication to keep infection at bay and to manage some of the discomfort that can be experience post-procedure. Patients may also need to wear a compression garment, this allows the treatment area to heal once the fat removal has taken place. It can also maximise the look of the final result. 

During your recovery process, strenuous activities are advised against. However, the patient should do some light walking, as this can promote the healing process and prevent complications.

Most patients can return to their normal activities relatively quickly after surgery. Patients will be required to wear a special garment for some time post-procedure, this enables the body to conform to its new shape and it may enhance the healing process too.

Bruising and swelling are still common side-effects experienced after a liposculpture Brisbane procedure. These symptoms do dissipate over time, so it is important to take good care of the treatment area while you recover.

Once patients are fully recovered, they should enjoy regular exercise and maintain a healthy diet to maintain the results obtained through tumescent liposuction of liposculpture. While fatty tissue is physically removed during the treatment, fat can return in other places when a healthy lifestyle is not maintained. If you are in doubt about your lifestyle once the recovery time has ended, why not visit The Dr Lanzer Clinic again and benefit from the additional services we offer?

Would you like to make an appointment for liposculpture? Or do you have additional questions about this procedure? Do not hesitate to contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic via telephone, email, or the website contact form.

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