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The Brisbane Breast Reduction
Male Breast Reduction In Brisbane

Male Breast Reduction In Brisbane

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The male breast reduction in Brisbane is a popular procedure. It is obtained by male patients who suffer from a problem called man boobs, which can be caused by excess fat as well as glandular tissue in the male breasts. To restore the patient’s masculine chest, a male breast reduction in Brisbane can provide the solution.

What Is Gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is a condition where a man has too much excess breast tissue or fatty tissue in the breasts. Because of this issue, men can have a more feminine looking chest. As this problem can make many men self-conscious, many male patients choose a male breast reduction in Brisbane. If the areola is also out of proportion, then a male areola reduction can also be obtained.

How Do You Diagnose Gynaecomastia?

There can be various causes for gynaecomastia, so the diagnosis usually follows after a physical examination of the area. When in doubt about the cause of the problem, some laboratory tests can be requested.

What Causes Gynaecomastia?

Before a male breast reduction in Brisbane can be obtained, or another form of cosmetic surgery to tackle the problem, it can be a good idea to examine the causes of gynaecomastia first. By examining the cause, you are far more likely to avoid the problem in the future.

As we briefly mentioned already, there can be numerous causes for gynaecomastia. Some of the most common causes include a hormonal imbalance, abuse of anabolic steroids, puberty, and more.

Contrary to popular believe, obesity is not always the cause for gynaecomastia. While overweight men can have man boobs because of excess weight, some men are left with man boobs even after weight loss. It all depends on how persistent the fat in the breast is, but also how much glandular tissue the man has in the breasts. When too much fat is present in the breast, a cosmetic surgeon can remove the fat by liposuction. If there is too much glandular tissue, then the surgeon can use an excision technique during the reduction mammoplasty.

What Are The Advantages Of Gynaecomastia Surgery?

Choosing gynaecomastia surgery is very much a personal choice, so the advantages will be unique to the patient as well. For example, if a patient feels self-conscious because of man boobs, then this patient could feel a little more confident after the cosmetic surgery. Of course, results can vary from patient to patient depending on the technique used.

Discover Male Breast Reduction In Brisbane Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of female patients now opt for Male Breast Reduction In Brisbane. Dr Lanzer can answer any questions you may have regarding breast reduction.

If you’re looking to having this treatment done, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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Are There Any Complications After Gynaecomastia Surgery?

Every type of cosmetic surgery can be accompanied with complications, which includes infection. Because of the chance of complications, it is vital for patients to speak with their cosmetic surgeon and seek a second opinion if they are unsure about the procedure they are having.

To avoid complications during recovery, it is advised to follow the instructions from your clinic carefully. Keep the treatment site as clean as possible and keep an eye out for signs of infection during the healing process. If you notice any signs of infection, contact your clinic immediately for an emergency appointment or visit the emergency room as soon as you can.

Does Gynaecomastia Surgery Leave Scars?

Even though the cosmetic surgeon will use techniques that keep the incisions as small as possible, patients should accept a small scar after the surgery. However, the scar remains hidden to the naked eye in most cases. Please note that excision may require a larger incision, which is the case for patients with a larger quantity of breast tissue.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Most patients can return to their normal activities relatively quickly. However, it is important to stick to the guidelines provided by the cosmetic surgeon. Wear the compression garment and take medications as instructed. It is also impossible to avoid strenuous exercise, as this could cause complications after your surgery. Also, make sure to contact your clinic if you should have any questions during your recovery.

What Is The cost Of Gynaecomastia Surgery?

Male breast reduction cost can be variable from patient to patient. Since every patient is unique, it means that the procedure is slightly different for each patient as well. Sometimes a patient needs more fat removed, while another has more glandular tissue that needs removing.

To get the most accurate overview of procedure cost, it is always best to speak with your cosmetic surgeon and get an estimate. At The Dr Lanzer Clinic, you can benefit from a free no-obligation appointment during which you can obtain a quote.

Does Insurance Cover Gynaecomastia Surgery?

As you may know already, a procedure must meet certain criteria to be covered under insurance. If you are unsure if your procedure is covered, always speak to your cosmetic surgeon, who can provide you with more information about possible insurance coverage.

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