Breast Reduction Recovery in Brisbane Tips By Dr Lanzer
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Breast Reduction Recovery in Brisbane

Breast Reduction Recovery in Brisbane

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Breast reduction recovery in Brisbane can involve a number of things. To ensure patients are fully aware of breast reduction recovery in Brisbane and what it entails, Dr Lanzer and his associates created this comprehensive overview telling you everything you need to know about breast reduction recovery in Brisbane.

What Is Involved In A Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction can be done with a number of different techniques, depending on the composition of the patient’s large breasts. For example, if a patient has a lot of breast tissue, then an excision technique may be needed to remove the glandular tissue from the breast. However, if a patient has more fat, then the surgeon can use a liposuction technique to remove the fat and reduce the size of the breasts.

What Can I Expect After A Breast Reduction?

Patients can experience some breast pain shortly after the procedure, although discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. For example, some patients report some mild stinging pain after breast reduction, which is usually situated around the incision site. Depending on the scope of the treatment, some drainage tubes and stitches should be expected when leaving the clinic.

Breast Reduction Recovery in Brisbane

What Should I Do After A Breast Reduction Surgery?

Once you leave the clinic, it is important to avoid heavy physical activity, as this could cause problems with the stitches and may cause complications. It is also important to wear the compression garment, in this case a surgical bra, after the treatment. The bra will keep the new shape of the breasts in place, but also reduces some of the side-effects that can be experienced after the procedure.

Depending on the patient’s procedure, it is possible that you may need to take some prescription medication. Some patients may need to take antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications depending on their medical history.

While strenuous exercise is advised against, Dr Lanzer and his associates do recommend some light walking post-procedure. Light walking promotes the healing process and reduces the chance of blood clots after your procedure.

The recovery period or recovery time can very from patient to patient as well. However, following the instructions from your clinic promotes healing and reduces the chance of infection.

Incisions will remain visible for several weeks after the surgery. Scars will fade over time, but patients should expect to be left with a lightly coloured scar. The techniques used during the procedure aim to keep scars at a minimum after the treatment. Of course, this does not mean that you will not have any scarring after the procedure. In most cases, a remaining scar is hidden in a skin fold or crease.

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How Long Is Recovery From Breast Reduction?

Recovery time is different for everyone, so it is vital for patients to listen to their own bodies during the recovery. Evidently, patients should also follow the guidelines provided by their clinic, as these can help promote the healing process.

There are some non-surgical treatments that can promote the healing process after a breast reduction, and some that can enhance the results of your procedure. For more information about these post-procedure treatments, please refer to the website.

What Is The Best Post-Surgical Bra For Breast Reduction?

When you have a breast reduction in Brisbane, you will have to wear a surgical bra for the duration of your recovery. The surgical bra can be provided by your cosmetic clinic, but there are other options out there as well. If you decide to acquire your own surgical bra, please make sure that it is the right fit for your body. When in doubt, please speak with your cosmetic surgeon.

Swelling After Breast Reduction?

Swelling is a common side-effect of the breast reduction. Patients will experience this swelling immediately after the procedure. Wearing your surgical bra as instructed can help control the swelling experienced after your treatment.

Please note that swelling will reduce over the course of your recovery. This also means that results will not be fully visible until all the swelling has subsided. While your results will be evaluated during your initial follow-up appointment, patients can expect their results to improve over the months after their surgery.

Still Sore After Breast Reduction?

Some discomfort should be expected after your procedure. It is also widely known that everyone has a different tolerance for pain. Some patients barely feel anything after their procedure, while others feel a little more.

Of course, there is such a thing as unusual pain after your procedure. If you experience a drastic increase in pain post-procedure, it is important to contact your clinic for an emergency appointment right away. If the pain is accompanied by other symptoms such as a fever, it could be better to visit the emergency room if you cannot visit your clinic immediately.

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