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Discover The Brisbane Fat Transfer At The Dr Lanzer Clinic

Discover The Brisbane Fat Transfer At The Dr Lanzer Clinic

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The Brisbane fat transfer is one of the procedures available at our day surgery centre. If you are interested in this procedure and would like more information about the Brisbane fat transfer and the Brisbane liposuction treatment, please find out more about the treatment below.

What Is The Brisbane Fat Transfer?

A Brisbane fat transfer is a treatment where fat is reintroduced in the treatment area; this to either alter the size of the treatment area or provide the patient with a more youthful appearance.

Due to the natural ageing process, it is common for patients to lose some volume in certain areas of the body; this may include the hands and the face. With the Brisbane fat transfer, a cosmetic surgeon can introduce fat in the face or hands and make the area appear younger.

Fat Transfer Brisbane

Where Does The Fat Used During A Fat Transfer Come From?

The fat used during a fat transfer is obtained through Brisbane liposuction, a procedure where fat is harvested with a small cannula from a certain part of the body. Before the fat can be reintroduced during a fat transfer, the fat needs to be cleaned and prepared for reintroduction.

Some patients may consider a Brisbane liposuction, but also a fat transfer in the future. These patients can count on The Dr Lanzer Clinic cosmetic fat bank, where fat cells obtained during a Brisbane liposuction is stored. So, instead of disposing the fat after a Brisbane liposuction, our surgeon will store it for later use during the fat transfer procedure.

When Should I Consider A Fat Transfer As A Treatment Option?

To determine if you are eligible for the procedure, you must book a consult with The Dr Lanzer Clinic. During a consultation, Dr Lanzer can evaluate if the treatment is right for your goals.

Naturally, there are some general guidelines for people who want to know about the fat transfer. Patients who could benefit from this procedure include patients with sunken and creased facial areas and patients who want to improve their body contours.

Discover Fat Transfer Brisbane Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Fat Transfer Brisbane procedures. During this procedure, the surgeon removes subcutaneous tissue or fat in order to contour the body.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the body, get a free consultation at Fat Transfer Brisbane clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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What Medical Criteria Must I Meet Before I Can Get A Fat Transfer?

Even though there is no age limit connected to the fat transfer, there are some medical criteria patients must meet before they can benefit from the procedure. Firstly, patients must have cause for augmenting a certain part of the body or must have volume-deficient areas that could benefit from the fat transfer procedure.

For the fat transfer to be possible, the patient must have certain areas of the body where fat can be harvested. The patient must also be in good health and not suffer from any medical condition that could hinder blood circulation or recovery.

How Is Fat Reintroduced Into The Treatment Area?

To introduce the fat into the treatment area, the surgeon will use a special needle. The injection will not only contain fat either, because a local anaesthetic will also be injected in the treatment area to ensure the patient is comfortable.

During this type of cosmetic surgery, fat is injected in the area where the fat is required. The transferred fat can be used for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction, which means some patients can avoid the breast implant. Of course, fat can also be used to reverse visible signs of the ageing process; this on the hands, face, neck, and other areas.

Fat Transfer Brisbane

How Should I Select A Surgeon For A Fat Grafting And Fat Transfer Treatment?

Since a cosmetic fat transfer is a specialised procedure, it is important to choose a cosmetic surgeon with enough experience. It is also vital to choose a surgeon you feel comfortable with, so you can relay your concerns if you have any.

What Questions Do I Need To Answer During The Initial Consultation?

Your surgeon will ask you some questions during your initial consultation; this to make sure that the treatment is suitable for you and to make sure that the surgery can be performed safely.

One question your surgeon might ask you is if you have any allergies to medications or if you suffer from any medical conditions. Naturally, these things could affect your surgery, so it is important to provide your surgeon with all the required information before the surgery takes place.

Patients must also report any previous surgeries they had to their surgeon. Previous surgeries could alter the technique used during the procedure, or they could impact the effectiveness of your treatment on a certain part of the body.

During your consultation, you must also discuss your expectations with the surgeon. Every patient should have realistic expectations about the treatment they are obtaining, so always speak to your surgeon so you know what to expect.

Where Can I Get An Appointment For A Fat Transfer At The Dr Lanzer Clinic In Brisbane?

You can book a consult for a fat transfer by using one of the contact methods on the website; this includes telephone or the online enquiry form. Patients can contact us by telephone during business hours, and by the online enquiry form outside business hours.

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