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Our Fat Bank

Our Fat Bank

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We are excited to announce that our clinic is the proud owner of Australia’s first commercial cosmetic fat cell storage bank. This is a breakthrough in cosmetic surgery! If you are planning lipo treatment, you can save your fat for future cosmetic treatments. Use your own fat as a soft anti-ageing filler for the face and other areas or increase the size of the breasts and buttocks with this revolutionary treatment.

How Does A Fat Bank Work?

A fat bank was developed for the storage of fat for treatments in the future. The banking is a highly sophisticated process that involves cleaning, preparing, and slowly freezing the fat to -190 degrees Celsius. This installation has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and we believe it will change the entire approach to the treatment of ageing.

Who Should Consider Using A Cosmetic Fat Bank?

Many patients can consider the cosmetic fat bank, since there are a lot of treatments that may involve the reintroduction of fat. For example, patients who want to benefit from an anti-ageing treatment in the future could benefit from storing fat obtained during a liposuction procedure.

Cosmetic Fat Bank With Dr Lanzer

What Can Fat From A Cosmetic Fat Bank Be Used for?

Stored body fat is often used for fat transfer treatments. The concept of removing fat from one part of the body and injecting it into another part of the body is one of the most exciting techniques and developments in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive Surgery. By using liposuction techniques, fat can be harvested from one part of the body and then reinjected into the part of the body where more fat is required.

The obvious advantage of fat is that it’s your own and therefore the body cannot react against it. More recently it has been shown that fat naturally contains fat stem cells that have beneficial effects. They can also be used for joint therapy.

Fat transfer candidates considering liposuction in Melbourne are now able to get a direct benefit for years to come; this from their own fat! In the past, the problem with using fat has always been that best results are obtained with multiple injections, as with any filler. This previously meant multiple sessions of taking fat, since storing fat in a regular freezer is inaccurate and only a small percentage of the fat survives. Now, multiple further treatments are possible with only one liposuction in Melbourne.

Where Can Fat Be Transferred To?

  • Face: Full-face rejuvenation with fat stromal/stem cells for general youthfulness of the skin or localised areas such as cheeks, lip folds, the lips or the eyebrows.
  • Hands: Rejuvenation by thickening the skin on the hands, which otherwise show bone and veins.
  • Buttocks: for fuller volume and shaping.
  • Any other areas: such as the neck, areas of cellulite, scars, and depressions or defects for elevation.

Discover Cosmetic Fat Bank Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Cosmetic Fat Bank. Fat can be defrosted any time and re-injected in just a few minutes with no further invasive surgery.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic fat bank, get a free consultation at Melbourne Cosmetic Fat Bank with Dr Lanzer.

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How Is The Fat Transfer To The Face Performed?

To carry out this procedure, Dr Daniel Lanzer uses two new devices: “The Adivive and the Cellbrush”. The Adivive is a fat preparation machine. It concentrates and purifies the fat so that it is rich in Adipose (fat) Derived Stromal/Stem Cells (ADSC). Using the Cellbrush, Dr Lanzer can insert micro-droplets of fat under the entire face/skin to cause smoothing, firming and tightening, as well as returning a more youthful shape back to your face.

What Happens When The Fat Is Harvested?

Fat is taken by liposuction by a cosmetic surgeon, concentrated with the Adivive, and then prepared for freezing in a special highly sterile biological cabinet. To ensure safety and precision, the fat is bar-coded so that one can be sure that later their own fat is being reused.

The fat is cryopreserved and frozen using a special slow freezing device that takes about 90 minutes. The fat is then placed in the ultra-cold freezer for long-term storage. The freezer is much more powerful than a regular freezer, as it can reach minus 190 degrees Celsius.

Fat is harvested from patients via liposuction in our Melbourne clinic; this before the fat is drained and cleaned. Protectants will then be added to the lipids before being put into a slow freeze.

Cosmetic Bank Diagram

Can I See Some Examples Of A Fat Transfer Treatment?

On our website, patients can find case studies with many before and after photographs. These photographs are obtained from patients who have obtained a cosmetic surgery procedure at our clinic; this may include the fat transfer.

The photographs that are included in our case study represent the experience of one person, so the experience you have during this treatment can vary. However, all photographs included in our case studies are patients of Dr Lanzer, who have obtained the fat transfer at our clinic.

Patients should remember that the best results are obtained when treatment is combined with a good diet and exercise. For some healthy lifestyle advice, you can also count on our clinic.

Please note that there is no time limit on fat removed via liposuction and tucked in our fat bank. Patients can store their fat for years if needed.

How Long Can Fat Be Stored In A Cosmetic Fat Bank?

Since the stored fat is frozen through a special process, it is possible to store the patient’s fat for the entire patient’s lifetime. Of course, patients always have the option to remove their stored fat from the cosmetic fat bank if they decide they no longer require it.

How Much Does The Use Of The Fat Bank Cost?

Naturally, the overall cost of using our cosmetic fat bank is subject to the amount of fat stored in the facility. For more information regarding the cost of storing fat in our cosmetic fat bank, please call or send an email to our clinic.

Patients interested in a procedure can acquire more information about procedure cost at The Dr Lanzer Clinic. We will be happy to brief you regarding the costs involved in this procedure. New patients of our clinic can also obtain a free no-obligation consultation with Dr Lanzer. 

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