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We consult & operate Australia-wide

Our Fat Bank
How Do I Know If I Am A Fat Transfer Candidate That Should Use The Fat Bank?

How Do I Know If I Am A Fat Transfer Candidate That Should Use The Fat Bank?

How Do I Know If I Am A Fat Transfer Candidate That Should Use The Fat Bank?

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The cosmetic fat bank – often used after a liposuction procedure – is becoming quite popular. Even though it is relatively new, an increasingly large number of patients are using the cosmetic fat bank. If you are not familiar with the cosmetic fat bank and why it is used after liposuction – or if you would like to know if you are a cosmetic fat transfer candidate – please read the information provided by The Dr Lanzer Clinic below.

How Does The Cosmetic Fat Bank Work For Fat Transfer Candidates?

After a liposuction procedure, the patient gets the opportunity to store some of the fat obtained through liposuction in our fat bank. Storing fat after liposuction can be beneficial for a fat transfer candidate, especially if that fat transfer candidate is considering a cosmetic fat transfer in the future.

Having some fat stored in our fat bank means that you do not need another liposuction to get your cosmetic fat transfer. Instead, the surgeon can utilise the fat that has been cleaned and prepared already, which makes the overall cosmetic fat transfer a little shorter, since it does not require liposuction on another area of the body.

Should I Use A Cosmetic Fat Bank?

Using a cosmetic fat bank is often a personal choice, because it depends if the patient wants to use the fat obtained through lipo in the future. Of course, it is always best to get more information about a fat bank beforehand; this includes any fees that may be involved for storage. If you believe this might benefit you in the future, then using a fat bank might prove beneficial for you.

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Where Will My Fat Be Stored?

Not every cosmetic surgery clinic has their own fat bank, but the Dr Lanzer Clinic does! We were the first cosmetic surgery clinic to bring the fat bank to our patients, so our team has years of experience with the storage and preparation of fat.

Before the autologous fat is stored in our fat bank facility, it is first concentrated with a special solution and stored in a sterile biological cabinet. Before the fat is transported to our fat bank, it will receive a barcode; this to ensure that the fat of the patient can be identified and to avoid mix-ups.

The fat must go through many processes before it can be stored in the freezer. Firstly, the fat is cleaned and prepared for freezing. Then, the team uses a special cryopreservation process. The fat is placed in a slow-freezing device, which will freeze the fat to a temperature of -190 degrees Celsius. The process takes a total of 90 minutes.

What Can Stored Fat Be Used For?

Fat that has been stored in the cosmetic fat bank is commonly used for cosmetic fat transfer procedures; for example, the breast augmentation via fat transfer or the facial fat transfer. Cosmetic fat transfer procedures are used to increase the size of certain treatment areas, but also to rejuvenate them. Therefore, there are countless applications for which stored fat could be used.

What Is The Cosmetic Fat Transfer?

The cosmetic fat transfer is a procedure that is often referred to as fat grafting. The procedure involves the removal of fat from a certain treatment area and reintroduction of that fat in another area. The goal of the procedure is usually to increase the size of a treatment area, but the cosmetic fat transfer is also commonly used for rejuvenation treatments.

When Should I Consider A Cosmetic Fat Transfer?

The cosmetic fat transfer is a good procedure for people who suffer from creased and sunken areas on the face. It is also a good procedure for patients who want to correct the contours of their body.

Discover Cosmetic Fat Transfer Candidate Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Cosmetic Fat Bank. Fat can be defrosted any time and re-injected in just a few minutes with no further invasive surgery.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic fat bank, get a free consultation at Melbourne Cosmetic Fat Bank with Dr Lanzer.

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How Is The Fat Transfer Procedure Executed?

A cosmetic fat transfer happens in three stages, although two of the stages are eliminated when the patient has some fat stored in a fat bank. Therefore, the first two steps of the fat transfer are the harvesting of fat and the preparation of the fat.

Once the fat is prepared, the surgeon can reintroduce the fat with a needle or a cannula. The use of a needle or cannula depends on the size of the treatment area.

Am I A Good Candidate For Fat Transfer To The Breasts?

This procedure can be used to increase the cup size of a patient. Of course, the reverse applies too. Some patients may find that their breasts is an area of the body that contains too much fat or may find that they want a smaller cup size. In those cases, fat can be removed from the breasts and stored in the cosmetic fat bank.

By using fat to increase the size of the breasts, patients can often those breast augmentations with implants. A breast implant is not for everyone, so the fat transfer provides an alternative. Evidently, the same applies to buttock augmentation, as fat can also be used in this area.

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Am I A Suitable Candidate For Facial Fat Transfer?

Patients who are good facial fat transfer candidates usually have facial creases such as laugh lines, crow’s feet, and smile lines. The fat obtained from the fat bank will be injected in to the treatment area and basically fill-in the creases that have developed due to the natural ageing process.

Am I A Good Candidate For Hand Rejuvenation With Fat?

The hands often show clear signs of ageing, which can be difficult to conceal. Therefore, many cosmetic fat transfer candidates consider procedures for the hands. The cosmetic fat transfer will add more volume to the hands again, subsequently hiding underlying vessels and tendons.

Patients who are good candidates for hand rejuvenation are in good health and have realistic expectations about the procedure. The skin of the patient should also be in a good condition.

Do I Need To Report Any Medical Conditions Before I Get Fat Grafting?

Before any cosmetic procedure, you should always report any medical condition you have. Pre-existing conditions may cause complications if the surgeon is not aware, or they could hinder your recovery process. Notifying your surgeon about a pre-existing condition enables him to change the procedure to match your requirements.

Can I Make An Appointment To Use The Cosmetic Fat Bank Or To Acquire A Cosmetic Fat Transfer?

Are you considering using our cosmetic fat bank? Or are you considering a cosmetic fat transfer? You can make an appointment for either of these services by contacting The Dr Lanzer Clinic via telephone or the website contact form.

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