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What Are the Costs Involved in the Cosmetic Fat Transfer?

What Are the Costs Involved in the Cosmetic Fat Transfer?

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Determining the cost of a cosmetic procedure can vary on numerous denominators. The same applies to the cosmetic fat transfer, which is subject to the size of the treatment area, the experience of the surgeon and the cosmetic surgery facility you are having your procedure at. To learn more about these denominators that can have an influence on your cosmetic fat transfer cost.

How Can the Surgeon I Choose Influence My Cosmetic Fat Transfer Cost?

The experience of a cosmetic surgeon can affect the cost of a cosmetic fat transfer. Surgeons who have executed more cosmetic fat transfers, and specialise in it, tend to charge more for their services; this because they have the experience and the equipment to provide good results.

Even though a more experience cosmetic surgeon can increase the cost of your cosmetic fat transfer, it is usually better to choose a surgeon with a little more experience. If you choose an inexperienced surgeon, chances that something goes wrong increase. Therefore, an experience surgeon could be the safer choice, even though it is no guarantee that nothing will go wrong.

Cosmetic Fat Transfer Cost

How Can the Size of the Treatment Area Influence the Cost of My Cosmetic Fat Transfer?

The size of the treatment area can influence the price of most cosmetic surgery procedures, so this does not only apply to the cosmetic fat transfer cost. For example, if you need a cosmetic fat transfer to increase the size of the buttocks and rejuvenate the face, it will cost you more than if you only obtain a cosmetic fat transfer for the face.

Naturally, the complexity of a procedure can affect the price of a cosmetic fat transfer as well. If you choose the procedure to reduce the signs of ageing, and if there are many things to address, then the price of your procedure will increase depending on the complexity. Most surgeons determine the cost of the procedure by the amount of effort needed and the complexity of the procedure. Therefore, the factors could have an influence on the price.

If you have received an estimate from your cosmetic surgery facility, but do not understand the surgery fees, it is always recommended to ask your clinic for clarification. There could be additional fees charged to you, so if the estimate seems to cheap, it is also advised to contact your cosmetic surgery facility.

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An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Cosmetic Fat Bank. Fat can be defrosted any time and re-injected in just a few minutes with no further invasive surgery.

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How Can the Cosmetic Surgery Facility I Choose Influence the Price of a Cosmetic Fat Transfer? 

Most clinics that have the best equipment and facilities at their disposal tend to charge more for their services, since the investment they made in the equipment and facilities must pay dividend. Of course, the total increase in cost does depend on the capacity of the clinic and the number of clients they have monthly. Therefore, more popular clinic could give you a better price than a clinic that is not that popular. 

The number of experienced surgeons and nurses can also affect the cost of a treatment. However, this usually balances out if a surgeon has a larger capacity. Therefore, it could be a good idea to compare prices of a similar clinic to determine how sharp their price truly is. 

How Does Using a Cosmetic Fat Bank Affect the Cost of My Cosmetic Fat Transfer? 

The Dr Lanzer Clinic has its own cosmetic fat bank; this is a place where patient can store their fat after a liposuction. Using a cosmetic fat bank can provide many benefits, especially if patients who might not have enough excess fat in the future for a cosmetic fat transfer. It also enables patients to get a fat transfer without having to need another liposuction procedure. 

Naturally, storing your fat at a cosmetic fat bank after liposuction does come at an expense. Therefore, the use of a cosmetic fat bank may make patients believe that their procedure will cost more. However, the opposite is true, because using the cosmetic fat bank could eliminate the need for another liposuction procedure in the future. 

Of course, patients are not obligated to use the fat bank. So, fat used during a cosmetic fat transfer can also be obtained through a separate liposuction procedure. Naturally, the fat obtained through this liposuction must be cleaned and prepared before it can be reintroduced. 

Cosmetic Fat Transfer Cost

How Can I Get an Accurate Estimate for My Cosmetic Fat Transfer Cost? 

Clinics must send patients an accurate cosmetic fat transfer cost estimate for their procedure, so that patients can evaluate every aspect of their treatment. Of course, not every clinic provides an accurate estimate to their patients, which often leads to surprise costs after the patient has their treatment done. Therefore, it is essential to check your cost estimate thoroughly before agreeing to treatment. 

To get an accurate cost estimate at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, you can contact us via email or telephone. However, to get the most detailed cost estimate, it is recommended to make an appointment with Dr Lanzer. During an appointment, Dr Lanzer can evaluate the treatment area(s) and give you a more accurate cost estimate. 

If you have received your cost estimate from the Dr Lanzer Clinic, but have some questions, feel free to contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic for more information. Our team is always happy to provide you with clarification or answer any questions you may have. 

Where Can I Find More Information About the Cosmetic Fat Transfer? 

Do you want more information about the cosmetic fat transfer before you make an appointment? Please visit one of the many information pages on the Dr Lanzer Clinic website, which will tell you everything you need to know about the treatment. Of course, you could have additional questions after you’ve read the information pages. If this is the case, we urge you to contact our team to acquire more information. 

Patients can request more information about the cosmetic fat transfer by contacting the Dr Lanzer Clinic by telephone, email or website form. Simply choose your favourite method and we will provide the information you need. 

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