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We consult & operate Australia-wide

Our Fat Bank
My Cell – Joint Therapy

My Cell – Joint Therapy

My Cell – Joint Therapy

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My Cell was the first Cytori fat bank cell in Australia. The process involves treating fat cells with appropriate substances called cryo preservatives that allow fat cells to remain alive in deep freeze for an indefinite period. This means that patients can have fat cell removed, stored, and re-injected later on. There are 2 types of uses of stored fat:

  1. Fat itself: Fat is an excellent filler substance and is used to treat defects, depressed cheeks, or flat buttocks to produce the so-called buttock lift or Brazilian buttock. Fat is also used in different places to treat breasts, to make them enlarged. The fat can be stored in small vials or bags and the process takes about 20 minutes for the fat to be treated, cleaned, and then is available for re-injection.
  2. Stem cells: Over the last few years, scientists and cosmetic surgeons as well as many other specialists have become aware that fat contains high levels of stem cells. These are the cells that are active and can stimulate growth. Stem cells can be extracted from fat so that the doctor has a syringe of pure stem cells.

Dr. Lanzer performs the latest technique of stem cell extraction from fat. The process works in the following way. Firstly, the patient attends for a mini liposuction where the fat is removed from one localised the area. The fat is treated with particular substances that highlight and extract stem cells. This is followed by a series of cleansing, cleaning, and using a heated incubator. Dr. Lanzer performs this all in his highly sterile accredited day surgery theatre and also makes use of a sterile biological cabinet. The whole process keeps the fat extremely clean so that no bacteria can get into it.

My Cell

Discover Cosmetic Fat Bank Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Cosmetic Fat Bank. Fat can be defrosted any time and re-injected in just a few minutes with no further invasive surgery.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic fat bank, get a free consultation at Melbourne Cosmetic Fat Bank with Dr Lanzer.

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More About The Procedure

The actual stem cells can be counted and Dr. Lanzer has a highly specialised stem cell counter that counts the number of stem cells that are in the syringe. The stem cells are then available to be reused. They can be reused in a number of ways. Firstly, stem cells can be re-injected into fat that is about to be injected into the body to make the fat cells possibly last and survive longer. The other use of stem cells is in joint therapy. Dr. Lanzer supplies concentrated purified stem cells to joint specialists who have a long-standing interest in injecting joints with PRP (plasma products). The patient would attend Dr. Lanzer’s day surgery for the extraction and concentration and the joint specialists will be supplied with the concentrated stem cells.

The advantage of having the fat bank is that the stem cells can be frozen and stored for later use. Joints are injected on multiple occasions and by having the fat bank, the patients often need just the one mini liposuction melbourne and by then they may have stored away some 20 vials of fat and stem cells that can be used later with a mere injection and no further extraction.

knee joint

There are many advantages for Liposuction melbourne, like breast reduction via liposuction Melbourne. Advantages of breast reduction by tumescent liposuction include  the following: 1) Rapid recovery. The typical patient can return to work and normal social activity within two to three days post surgery, 2) Virtually no scarring after breast reduction, 3) Breast Reduction of 20 to 50 percent of the breasts volume , 4) Minimal risks of postoperative complications after operation when have breast reduction liposuction performed.

Some ‘fatty tissue areas’ of the body can’t be worked off no matter how much exercise or dieting you do. If you have tried healthy eating and exercise and still can’t budge some troublesome areas of your body, then liposuction Melbourne can help reshape your body to a more pleasing figure.  At Dr Lanzer’s Liposuction Melbourne Clinic, Dr Lanzer uses the ‘tumescent’ liposuction technique. Dr. Lanzer is a Dermatological surgeon of this  liposuction procedure and is a great believer of the benefits it offers. Tumescent liposuction (or liposculpture for more minor procedures) was developed in 1985 by Dr. Jeffery Klein is regarded as the safest form of liposuction that currently exists. This procedure allows the liposuction procedure to be performed using local anaesthesia, minimising blood loss and any associated risks that usually occur with general anaesthesia.

Liposuction treatment varies from patient to patient and the number of liposuction treatments required will depend on your individual circumstances and your requirements. In some cases, Dr.Lanzer has performed only a single session of liposuction on a client to achieve their desired results. In other instances, more comprehensive treatment may be required to remove larger amounts of fat across varies areas of the body. All of these considerations will be extensively discussed in your consultation when you meet Dr Lanzer.

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