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What Recovery Times Should I Expect After a Cosmetic Fat Transfer?

What Recovery Times Should I Expect After a Cosmetic Fat Transfer?

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There is no accurate estimate for recovery when it comes to cosmetic fat transfer, or any cosmetic surgery procedure for that matter. Every patient heals in their own time, so it is not a good idea to provide patients with an exact estimate. Of course, there are some things that could promote your recovery – and things you should know about your cosmetic fat transfer recovery – which we will cover today.

What Affects the Recovery Time After a Cosmetic Fat Transfer? 

The cosmetic fat transfer can have a variable recovery time; this also depends if the patient needs a liposuction to acquire the fat to transfer to the desired treatment area. To potentially reduce the recovery time after a cosmetic fat transfer, patients can use a cosmetic fat bank

A cosmetic fat bank allows patients to store fat that has been obtained during a liposuction and save it for future use. So, patients who had a liposuction procedure in the past can use the stored fat from the cosmetic fat bank, instead of needing a liposuction procedure at the time of the cosmetic fat transfer. 

We do need to mention that the use of a cosmetic fat bank after liposuction is a personal choice. Therefore, patients are not obligated to use the cosmetic fat bank and they can get the required liposuction before the cosmetic fat grafting procedure instead.

In addition to the scope of the procedure, the individual healing rate of the patient can also affect the cosmetic fat transfer recovery process. However, patients who follow the guidelines obtained by their clinic can make their recovery a little easier.

Cosmetic Fat Transfer Recovery

Should I Limit Physical Activities During My Cosmetic Fat Transfer Recovery? 

The Dr Lanzer Clinic recommends limiting your physical activities after a cosmetic fat transfer procedure, since the body needs time to recover and repair itself. To promote the cosmetic fat transfer recovery, it is advised that patients avoid strenuous physical activities for some time after the procedure. Once you have been given the okay by your surgeon, you can resume your normal activities.

We do need to mention that it is important not to remain in your bed continuously after the cosmetic fat transfer, because this increases the chances of complications too. Instead, the Dr Lanzer Clinic recommends a regular light walk to promote blood flow.

Shortly after your procedure, it is essential to know your own limit and only stick with activities that feel comfortable to you. So, if you are doing an activity that worsens some of the side-effects you experience after treatment, it is best to avoid that activity until you have been given the okay.

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An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Cosmetic Fat Bank. Ensure that you feel relaxed and that you have a wireless phone on hand for extra convenience, or to enable you to call someone in case you encounter a complication.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic fat bank, get a free consultation at Melbourne Cosmetic Fat Bank with Dr Lanzer.

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Should I Prepare My Home for Recovery? 

It is always a good idea to prepare your home for your cosmetic fat transfer recovery. Of course, the preparations you make will depend on the treatment area where you had the cosmetic fat transfer. For example, if you had the cosmetic fat transfer on the face, it is best to have some extra pillows to sleep at night. If you had a fat transfer on the buttocks, then you must ensure you have a comfortable mattress that enables you to sleep on your stomach, etc.

To ensure you are comfortable and relaxed during your recovery, it is also important to ensure a relaxing environment in your home.

In addition to these preparations, patients should also avoid second-hand smoke and smoking in general. If someone in your household smokes, make sure that they do not smoke in the home. Smoking and second-hand smoke can have a devastating effect on your recovery, since it can slow it down and even cause complications. Therefore, avoid complications at any cost by avoiding smoking and second-hand smoke.

Will I Get Scars After a Cosmetic Fat Transfer? 

It is possible for a patient to experience some scarring after a cosmetic fat transfer, more specifically when incisions are made during the procedure. Any incisions made during a cosmetic fat transfer should be small and made in hidden areas. Of course, some patients do not require incisions; this if the patient has some fat stored in the cosmetic fat bank, which means the patient does not have to obtain another liposuction.

Cosmetic Fat Transfer Recovery

What Should I Ask My Cosmetic Surgery Clinic About My Recovery? 

Before you have your procedure, there are always some questions you should be asking your surgeon. Firstly, make sure you ask about any drains; this if drains will be placed after a liposuction procedure. If you get drains, you must know how to look after them, so be sure to ask for this aftercare information before your procedure.

You should also ask your surgeon about the normal side-effects you can experience, but also about the signs of complications. Even though surgeons will attempt to avoid complications, they are still a possibility. Once you are familiar with common signs of complications, you will be able to make an emergency appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic or seek medical assistance immediately; this ensures the complication does not get out of hand.

Is My Recovery and Follow-Up Appointment Included in the Price of the Cosmetic Fat Transfer? 

Not all clinics will include your recovery supplies and follow-up appointment in the price of your cosmetic fat transfer, so be sure to check with your clinic if these are indeed included. If you have received your estimate and do not see a price for your recovery, make sure you contact your clinic to ensure it is included.

Where Can I Get More Information About My Recovery? 

It is advised to get information about your recovery before your procedure. Patients at the Dr Lanzer Clinic will receive this information during their initial appointment with the cosmetic surgeon, but patients can also request information about recovery from cosmetic fat transfer beforehand. So, for more information about your recovery, please contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic via telephone or email. Patients can also request more information about their recovery through the website form. 

You can also view some before and after photographs of procedures on the Dr Lanzer Clinic website. Before and after photographs can give patients a better idea about the problems that could be tackled with procedures such as the cosmetic fat transfer. Of course, these photographs should be examples and not function as a prediction of the result you could obtain.

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During your visit at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, you can also get more familiar with our team. We do recommend making an appointment if you would like to speak to Dr Lanzer in person, since he is one of the busiest and most sought-after surgeons in Australia.

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