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What Results Can I Expect from Cosmetic Fat Transfer?

What Results Can I Expect from Cosmetic Fat Transfer?

What Results Can I Expect from Cosmetic Fat Transfer?

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Are you considering a cosmetic fat transfer, but wondering what kind of results you can expect? It is important to understand that every patient gets different results from a cosmetic fat transfer, since every patient is unique. Therefore, it is advised to speak to an experienced cosmetic surgery to determine what kind of results you could obtain. 

Still, before you have a cosmetic fat transfer, it is advised to gain a lot of information about it. For patients who want to learn more about the cosmetic fat transfer will find some of the essential information about it below. 

Where Does the Fat Used During a Cosmetic Fat Transfer Come from? 

The fat used during a cosmetic fat transfer is obtained from the patient; this usually from another area of the body that contains more fat.  

The fat is removed through liposuction. After it has been removed by liposuction, the fat is cleaned and prepared for reinjection.  

Fat obtained through liposuction can also be stored in a cosmetic fat bank, where it is stored for further use. Storing the fat after a liposuction procedure can be a good idea, because patients may not always have an excess amount of fat in the future. So, if you are having a liposuction and might consider cosmetic fat transfer in the future, it is best to store the fat in a cosmetic fat bank. 

The fat obtained from our patients does not go to any random cosmetic fat bank though, because the Dr Lanzer Clinic has its own cosmetic fat bank. Therefore, the fat stored in our cosmetic fat bank is being treated with the utmost care. 

Cosmetic Fat Transfer

How Is a Cosmetic Fat Transfer Executed? 

Before a cosmetic fat transfer can be executed, the cosmetic surgery needs to obtain a certain amount of fat from the body of the patient, or the patient has some fat stored in our cosmetic fat bank that can be used.  

Fat that is taken from a patient during liposuction needs to be prepared for reintroduction; this means that the fat must be separated from blood and other body fluids. Therefore, any fat obtained from the patient’s body must go through special processing. 

Once the fat is suitable for reintroduction, small amounts of fat will be injected into the treatment area. 

Discover Cosmetic Fat Bank Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Cosmetic Fat Bank. No incisions are needed for this process, as an injection needle is used to introduce the fat into the treatment area. 

If you’re looking for a cosmetic fat bank, get a free consultation at Melbourne Cosmetic Fat Bank with Dr Lanzer.

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Is the Cosmetic Fat Transfer the Right Procedure for Me? 

The cosmetic fat transfer is a procedure most suitable for patients who have lost volume in certain areas of the body, but also patients who want to increase the size of a certain treatment area. Of course, the patient must meet certain medical criteria to be eligible for the procedure. 

It is most commonly performed on the face especially on the cheeks.  Another common area is the buttock for the Brazilian buttock lift. This procedure originated in Brazil and has found popularity all over the world. It is best combined with hi def liposculpture of the back and shelf to enhance the buttock appearance. 

To determine if you are eligible for the cosmetic fat transfer, you will need to make an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. During the appointment, you can discuss the results you wish to obtain and uncover your eligibility for the procedure.  

Do I Have to Stay Overnight After a Cosmetic Fat Transfer? 

A cosmetic fat transfer is an outpatient procedure; this means that the patient does not have to remain at the clinic after the procedure. However, patients will be monitored continuously after the procedure, and will only be able to leave the clinic until the medical team gives the all clear. 

Even though complications and allergic reactions are rare with a cosmetic fat transfer, there is always a small chance that a complication occurs. Because of the chance of complications, it is advised to have someone with you for at least the first 48 hours after your procedure. If you believe a complication is occurring, make an emergency appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic or visit your nearest emergency room. 

Is the Cosmetic Fat Transfer Painful? 

Patients will not experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure if one is asleep. Having the procedure awake can be associated with pain or discomfort and local anesthetic is used. 

Cosmetic Fat Transfer

What Should I Know About Recovering from a Cosmetic Fat Transfer? 

Even though many people consider the cosmetic fat transfer as a minor procedure, it is still a procedure that demands recovery. Therefore, it is essential to take good care of yourself once you leave the clinic. 

The time you need to recover from a cosmetic fat transfer depends on your individual healing speed and the size of the treatment area. Therefore, it is essential to listen to your body when you are recovering. 

Shortly after your procedure, it is recommended to have someone drive you home. It is also advised to avoid driving until you no longer experience any discomfort from your cosmetic fat transfer.  

Patients can also experience some side-effects from the cosmetic fat transfer for a couple of weeks. Most patients experience some bruising and swelling shortly after the procedure; this tends to dissipate over time.  

In addition to bruising and swelling, some patients can experience some temporary numbness. Patients can also lose a small amount of fat in the treatment area for a first couple of months. Therefore, the results from the cosmetic fat transfer cannot be evaluated fully until several months after the procedure. 

Where Can I Go with Questions About the Cosmetic Fat Transfer? 

Do you have any questions about the cosmetic fat transfer after reading this article? Or do you want to gain more information before making an appointment for a cosmetic fat transfer at the Dr Lanzer Clinic? Contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic today for more information. 

Patients can request more information about the Cosmetic Fat Transfer via telephone, email or webform. Alternatively, you can also make an appointment with Dr Lanzer to speak face-to-face about the procedure.  

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