Liposuction Costs - Dr Lanzer 2020 Australian Price Guide

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2020 Liposuction Cost Guide

2020 Liposuction Cost Guide

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Liposuction cost varies on the amount of fat cells being removed and the type of liposuction surgery. Discover low cost surgery by Dr Lanzer now.

Dr Lanzer provides low price surgery in Melbourne and Australia-wide including tummy tuck, liposculpture, and Vaser liposuction.

One of the most common questions that Dr Lanzer gets asked as a cosmetic surgeon relates to liposuction cost. Individuals often request the liposuction cost with stomach or hip work. Patients also enquire about liposuction costs at his other locations such as Sydney and the Gold Coast. The key issue is that respected dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons do not like to have a set of pre-determined fixed prices, since procedure costs differ based on:

  1. The patient’s size
  2. Areas that require liposuction
  3. Complexity of the procedure
  4. If the procedure requires an Anaesthetist
  5. Operating theatre requirements

Other costs for liposuction in Australia are based on the amount of areas being done (each area becomes cheaper when done in one procedure; this compared to separately), GST and if it is being done for a cosmetic reason. As discussed above, an anaesthetist will be required if the procedure needs to be performed under general anaesthetic.

The best way to get an accurate 2020 liposuction cost associated with your requirements is to book a free consultation with Dr Lanzer. These consultations are obligation-free and give you an opportunity to see the practices located across Australia.

What Influences The Fee Charged For Liposuction?

There is an initial cost just to set up the liposuction procedure, assess the patient, take photographs, and start the operation. Adding extra areas tends to be easier and therefore the costs are not necessarily doubled, if double the number of areas is performed. For instance, Dr Lanzer commonly performs a full body liposculpture, which will include areas such as: arms, neck, stomach, back, hips, outer and inner thighs, knees and ankles. For this, there will be one set price which we would call the full body liposculpture cost. In such a situation the patient would have to also allocate money for a general anaesthetic, as the treatment would not be possible under a local anaesthetic.

Occasionally, liposuction costs can become much higher if the patient has mega liposuction; this is when we remove many litres of fat from patients who are overweight and subsequently, we kick-start their weight loss. Naturally, this requires more than one procedure. It may require two or three totally separate procedures or one procedure during which a large volume of fat is removed.

Interestingly, liposuction costs have not actually changed enormously in the twenty years that Dr Lanzer has been performing liposculpture. He thinks what has happened, is that it has become more common, therefore people are having liposuction more frequently, and subsequently the costs have tended to remain pretty much the same.

Many years ago, when Dr Lanzer was the first to learn the Vaser Liposculpture procedure through a group of Americans and South Americans, they recommended the price for Vaser high definition liposuction to be $24,000. Dr Lanzer believes that is what they are still charging in their home countries. This price was too high for us in Australia and he found that performing the Vaser high definition, which is the six pack look liposculpture, was not harder for him than a basic standard liposculpture. Therefore, Dr Lanzer does not charge any extra for that procedure.

Liposuction Costs

How Much Does Abdominal Liposuction Cost?

The cost for abdominal liposuction is subject to many variables, since the surgeon can use various techniques to execute this procedure. Various techniques for abdominal liposuction can also be used at the at the Day Surgery Centre. Naturally, these techniques influence the overall cost of your treatment.

To ensure you have the most accurate estimate for an abdominal liposuction, we recommend using the no-obligation appointment available at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. During this appointment, you can determine your eligibility for abdominal liposuction, but also get an estimate for the treatment.

How Much Does Leg Liposuction Cost?

The cost of leg liposuction usually depends on the amount of fat that must be removed. The cost of treatment can also vary on the location of the liposuction, more specifically if the liposuction is executed on the outer or inner thighs. During such a treatment, the surgeon may also include the buttocks and knees for the removal of unwanted fat. In some cases, this may affect the overall price of treatment.

How Much Does Tumescent Liposuction Cost?

Like most liposuction procedures, tumescent liposuction is subject to the amount of fat to be removed from the treatment area. Therefore, the cost could also be influenced by the location where the treatment is executed and where the small incision is made before the procedure.

How Much Does Ultrasonic Liposuction Cost?

Since ultrasonic liposuction is quite a specific type of liposuction, patients can often find estimates online. However, patients should consider that these estimates could still be influenced by other factors; this includes the amount of fat to be removed, surgeon experience, the part of the body treated, if there is any loose skin, and more. Therefore, it is advised always to consult your cosmetic surgeon for a more exact estimate.

How Much Does Tummy Liposuction Cost?

Like liposuction performed on the thighs, tummy liposuction or abdominoplasty could be combined with additional procedures; for example, the removal of excess skin as well as excess fat. If this is the case for you, it is advised to get your estimate at your clinic. An appointment at the clinic could also determine which treatments are needed to obtain the results you require.

As we mentioned earlier, the area of the body where you have treatment and the persistent fat deposits that must be removed can influence the price considerably. An area such as the abdomen can be treated below the belly button and above the belly button, which in turn influences price.

Even though most procedures do not require an overnight stay, Dr Lanzer does have a recovery centre where a patient can stay if required. Please note that an overnight stay may increase the cost of your overall procedure, but that Dr Lanzer still provides a more attractive price than most other facilities.

Discover Liposuction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Liposuction Surgery. This procedure is perfect for those that do not require a large quantity of fat to be removed, but rather small amounts for natural looking curves. The treatment can be executed with a small cannula.

If you’re looking to lose isolated areas of fat, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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What Can You Tell Me About 2020 Liposuction Costs At Cosmetic Surgery Clinics?

In our clinic, liposculpture, and all cosmetic procedures, are charged as one fee. The fee is paid before the procedure and there are no further or hidden costs. There are many other nice interesting products that patients have the option to buy which include: arnica for swelling, super vitamin boost, and skin healing creams. All aftercare treatments are included in the initial liposuction cost and your total cost estimate.

Dr Lanzer is very hands on, and he will often see his patients ten to twenty times after a procedure. Still, there are no extra costs for these follow-up appointments.

When discussing costs, it is important to note that there are many patients who are having cosmetic surgery today; this includes working, suburban Australians. They may have saved for their procedure, or value it as an important lifestyle choice. Rich and famous patients of course have cosmetic surgery, but they do not make up most patients who are having surgery. Some patients do take out loans for cosmetic surgery. Dr Lanzer is not super keen on this, as it is always nicer for the patient to save beforehand. Having to pay off a loan, can sometimes be distressing to a patient.

People often ask Dr Lanzer, “is it worth me doing this procedure?” The cost of the procedure and if the procedure is worth the money is up to the patient as an individual. The patient needs to decide how important having the areas of fat removed truly is, balanced against the actual cost of having it performed. This is not something that Dr Lanzer can decide for the patient.

What he can do is give the patient an estimate of the possible outcomes and of course an upfront quote. It is important to always get a quote of the 2020 liposuction costs in writing. Dr Lanzer is very particular in giving exact prices and this is all documented; this includes a breakdown of the treatment areas in costs.

Liposuction Costs

Which Locations Can Legally Execute Liposuction Procedures In Australia?

The health services law in Australia clearly states that liposuction should be performed in a Day Surgery Accredited Centre. Dr Lanzer’s Day Surgery Hospital has full accreditation with the health services and therefore offers the highest level of safety and quality that exists in Australia for surgical procedures.

Some doctors will perform procedures in their rooms on an occasional basis and this may save some liposuction costs, but it is generally not recommended. Another way of varying liposuction cost is when patients come in with a group of people, for which they will sometimes negotiate a reduction in costs. Dr Lanzer is very fair and is open to helping patients.

Dr Lanzer also does a lot of charity work! Of course, he also applies his good nature when offering patients with affordable prices for liposuction procedures.

The best way to get an exact and precise liposuction cost estimate anywhere in Australia, or throughout the world, is to come in and to have a free, no obligation consultation. Dr Lanzer will also give a cost estimation of liposuction over the phone, once he has seen the patient photos that have been emailed to him. Today, with email, it is quite easy to do consultations interstate.

Dr Lanzer does have centres throughout Australia which makes things easier for patients as well. The costs of liposuction can be subject to many things, so it is recommended to speak to your cosmetic surgery facility to receive an accurate estimate of your liposuction procedure. Since costs may vary, it is important to speak to your clinic about possible fluctuations in price, or about any hidden costs that could accompany the procedure.

Why Should I Choose The Dr Lanzer Clinic Where Liposuction Cost Is Involved?

The Dr Lanzer Clinic focuses on providing patients with an accurate estimate for their treatment, which is often a vital part of the treatment plan. However, if you should have any questions regarding the cost of your liposuction procedure, feel free to contact us for additional information. As you may already know, it is never a good idea to pick the cheapest you can find, since cheap does not necessarily mean quality treatment.

Instead, try to view the average cost of liposuction for each area and evaluate the clinic independently from cost. Only by evaluating the clinic without looking at the liposuction costs at the same time, can you get a good overview of the clinic’s quality and services. Once you have created a list of the best clinics, you can make your decision. Of course, we hope you choose our Dr Lanzer Clinic!

What Is The Best Way To Get An Accurate Overview Of The Costs?

There are several ways to get an accurate estimate for your procedure at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. One way is to attend an appointment with Dr Daniel Lanzer at one of the clinics. The second way is to obtain a cost estimate via email.

To request an accurate cost estimate via email, Dr Lanzer will require some photographs of the treatment area, more specifically the areas of the body where the treatment will be executed, to determine the scope of the treatment. Even though the patient must come in for an appointment before the surgery, an email estimate can provide the patient with a little more insight into procedure cost.

Do you want to learn more about procedure cost before you contact our clinic for an appointment? Feel free to contact our team via email or telephone. Our friendly receptionists will be happy to answer any questions regarding procedure costs.

Want to view some before and after photographs of our liposuction procedures before you make an appointment at the Dr. Lanzer Clinic. View more Liposuction Before & After Photos here.

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