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Liposuction Procedures

Liposuction Procedures

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Patients who are considering liposuction procedures often require more information before they make an appointment at a cosmetic surgery clinic. To provide this information to patients, we have created an overview of important liposuction information below. Please read this information to get a comprehensive and honest overview of this procedure.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure aimed at the removal of fat from targeted areas. The surgeon targets a specific area of the body and removes excess fat through a small cannula and a gentle suction process. The procedure can be executed in specific areas where fat tends to collect; this includes the abdomen, buttocks, hips, and thighs.

Which Patients Are Good Candidates for Liposuction Procedures?

Most patients who are considering this procedure are living a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. Still, despite their healthy lifestyle they have failed to get rid of some persistent fat deposits.

Some patients looking for liposuction procedures have a considerable amount of weight to lose, but decide to get a liposuction (mega liposuction) procedure to get a head start in their diet. Still, liposuction is not considered as a weight loss treatment. For overweight patients, the procedure can remove some fats that could get in the way during exercise. For patients who are already at their target weight, the procedure is meant to reshape the body and remove persistent fat deposits that could not be removed through diet and exercise.

Liposuction Procedures

How Is Liposuction Executed?

Please note that the following description is a general look at liposuction. There are many variants on this general technique. If you wish to learn more about the specific technique that will be used during your liposuction procedures, please speak to your cosmetic surgeon during your initial consultation.

Before the procedure starts, the cosmetic surgeon will inject the area with a tumescent solution; this tumescent solution is usually a combination of epinephrine and lidocaine. The combination of these compounds sedates the treatment area, but also reduce some of the bleeding during the procedure. In addition to that, the tumescent solution can break up the fat cells. To break the fat up further, the surgeon can use high-frequency vibrations; this includes laser pulses or high-pressured water jets.

When the area is fully sedated, the surgeon can make an incision on a strategic location. Once the incision is made, the surgeon feeds a small cannula through the incision and into the fat. The suction tube is then attached to the vacuum machine. To ensure the fat loosens up further, the surgeon will move the suction tube backwards and forwards during the suction process.

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An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Liposuction Procedures. Once all the fat is removed, the surgeon will drain out any excess fluid and blood to avoid the appearance of seromas during the recovery.

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What Happens When the Surgery Is Completed?

When the surgery has been completed, the surgeon will provide you with a compression garment or an elasticated support corset. The type of garment used after your treatment will depend on your treatment area, so be sure to speak about the options with your surgeon.

Compression garments and elasticated support corsets are worn for a specific reason, because they help to reduce some of the swelling and bruising that is caused by liposuction. It also helps the treatment area to conform to its new shape.

Before you leave the clinic, your surgeon may provide you with antibiotics and pain medication; this to prevent infection and to manage pain symptoms a patient could experience after their procedure. Patients could also be advised to take over-the-counter pain medication, which is also sufficient to manage discomfort experienced after liposuction.

What Should I Know About Recovery from Liposuction?

Patients will need to take some time off work to recover from their procedure. The time off work required to recover can vary from patient to patient. It is also subject to the size of the treatment area and the amount of fat that was removed during the procedure.

During the recovery, the patient will be required to wear the compression garment or elasticated support corset; this until the cosmetic surgeon gives the patient the all clear. During this time, the patient must also avoid all forms of strenuous activities; this includes sports and heavy lifting. However, the patient can do some light walking.

Most patients experience some side-effects from their liposuction procedure; this may include bruising, swelling, numbness and general discomfort. In some cases, the patient will experience some fluid coming from the cuts. These symptoms dissipate over the time, but the patient should contact their surgery if there is an increase in post-surgery symptoms.

Liposuction Procedures

Can Liposuction Cause Any Complications?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure, so the surgery could lead to complications. Even though rare, these complications must be known by the patient before the procedure takes place.

In some cases, liposuction could lead to lumpy and uneven results, haematoma, more long term numbness of the treatment area, skin discolouration, pulmonary oedema pulmonary embolism and internal organ damage. Additional risks accompanied by surgery usually includes excessive bleeding, infection, and allergic reactions. If you have serious concerns about complications or the risks accompanying a surgical procedure such as liposuction, please contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic or your local doctor for more information.

How Do I Make an Appointment for Liposuction at the Dr Lanzer Clinic?

To make an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, patients can use one of the many contact options available on the website. The easiest and fastest way to make an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic is undoubtedly by telephone, since patients can speak to a receptionist immediately and make an appointment. Do not have time to make your appointment during business hours? Send us an email or fill in the website form with your contact information. Based on your request, our receptionists can make an appointment for you.

Do you have any additional questions about liposuction procedures? Feel free to look at our additional information pages or contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

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