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Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent Liposuction

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Tumescent liposuction is a surgical procedure that could remove excess fat from a certain body part. Patients considering this treatment often wish to learn more before they visit our clinic for this procedure. To give patients a reliable source of information for tumescent liposuction, we have given some answers to frequently asked questions below!

What Is Tumescent Liposuction?

The tumescent liposuction procedure entails injecting copious amounts of dilute lidocaine and epinephrine into the subcutaneous fat of a patient. The dilute lidocaine is used as a local anaesthetic, while the epinephrine can shrink the capillaries and reduce some of the bleeding during the procedure.

By injecting the tumescent solution (lidocaine + epinephrine) into the subcutaneous fat, the surgeon can change the physical properties of that fat, which makes it easier to remove from the body. Once the fat becomes tumescent – which means swollen and firm – the fat can be removed through a gentle suction process.

What Are the Benefits of Tumescent Liposuction?

Tumescent liposuction could provide benefits for patients who do not want to be subjected to intravenous sedatives, narcotic analgesics or general anaesthetics during the procedure; this because this procedure is executed with the tumescent solution.

A tumescent liposuction can remove persistent fat deposits from a patient’s body. Therefore, this procedure is a good option for patients who are already around their target weight but struggle losing the last persistent fats through diet and exercise alone.


What Should I Consider During My Recovery from Tumescent Liposuction?

As is the case with all liposuction procedures, the patient must take time to recover. Even though most patients can return to work quickly, the recovery process is different for everyone.

Do I Have to Return for a Follow-Up?

Every patient is required to return to the Dr Lanzer Clinic for a follow-up. The time between your surgery and your follow-up appointment will be determined by your surgeon. Therefore, follow-up appointments may vary from surgeon to surgeon.

Do I Have to Stay Overnight?

A tumescent liposuction is a procedure that enables the patient to leave on the same day of the surgery; this means that the patients can leave our clinic shortly after the tumescent liposuction. However, the patient cannot drive home himself or herself. Therefore, we recommend that someone drives you home from the clinic after your treatment.

We also recommend having someone with you for the first 48 hours after your treatment. Even though serious complications are rare, it is always best to have someone with you in case an emergency arises. If you do experience any complications during your recovery, it is essential to contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic immediately for an emergency appointment.

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An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Liposuction Surgery. Dr Lanzer can also recommend over-the-counter pain medication to manage any remaining pain symptoms.

If you’re looking to lose isolated areas of fat, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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What Are Common Side-Effects After Tumescent Liposuction?

Common side-effects after a tumescent liposuction include swelling, bruising and overall discomfort. Before you leave the clinic after your procedure, Dr Lanzer may prescribe some medication to manage any pain you might experience upon leaving the clinic.

The side-effects of tumescent liposuction will disappear over time. However, if you notice an increase in your post-surgery symptoms after your procedure, please contact your clinic for advice.

Can I See Results from the Tumescent Liposuction Immediately?

Results obtained from tumescent liposuction are only visible when the bruising and swelling experienced after the procedure have gone down. The duration is different for everyone, so most patients are advised to not evaluate results obtained from tumescent liposuction until their follow-up appointment with their surgeon.

Can Seroma Occur After Tumescent Liposuction?

Patients who are already familiar with liposuction as a treatment may have heard of seroma before. A seroma is a term used to describe a collection of serum or lymph fluid; this fluid may collect in a body cavity after a surgical procedure.

Seroma can occur after tumescent liposuction, where some of the serum comes from the treatment area. For most patients, this seroma resolves itself during the recovery process. However, if the patient finds the seroma uncomfortable or hard to deal with, the cosmetics surgeon can manually remove seroma by draining the area with a syringe.

Tumescent Liposuction

What Causes a Seroma?

Most seromas are the result of surgical trauma, which has destroyed lymphatic vessels within the fat tissue. Since these lymphatic vessels drain fluids from leaking capillary blood vessels, their destruction could lead to seromas after tumescent liposuction.

Can Seromas Be Avoided?

Cosmetic surgeons always do their best to avoid seromas after tumescent liposuction. Surgery equipment they use to avoid seromas include microcannulas, which have a diameter of less than 3 millimetres. Therefore, they are less likely to cause damage to the lymphatic vessels. Of course, every type of liposuction causes some trauma in the treatment area, which is why seromas cannot be avoided all together.

Another way to prevent seromas after tumescent liposuction is the use of a compression garment. Compression garments are usually provided by the clinic after your liposuction procedure. These compression garments can reduce the size of seromas, but they can also reduce their numbers.

Can I Resume My Normal Activities After Liposuction?

Most patients can resume their activities quickly, providing they have taken a couple of days’ rest after their procedure. However, patients with a physically demanding job may have to take additional time off work, because strenuous activity is advised against for several weeks after the procedure.

Patients are allowed (and encouraged) to do some light walking after their procedure. Light walking can prevent some complications that accompany surgery; this includes blood clot formation. Therefore, most surgeons will recommend light walking on the evening of the surgery, but still advise against strenuous exercise and heavy lifting.

Can I Make an Appointment for Tumescent Liposuction at the Dr Lanzer Clinic?

Yes. Dr Lanzer is one of Australia’s Dermatological surgeon who performs liposuction, so you can make an appointment with our clinic if you are considering getting this treatment done. Patients can make an appointment for a liposuction consultation by contacting our receptionists by telephone. In addition to that, patients can also contact us via email and our website.

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