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Liposuction FAQs By Dr Lanzer

Liposuction FAQs By Dr Lanzer

How did you get into Liposculpture? Liposuction FAQs by Dr Lanzer

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In 1992 I convened the first workshop in Australia on the new Liposculpture procedure called Tumescent Liposculpture. I found the Liposculpture procedure to be very exciting and dramatic.

How did you come to be interviewed on television presenting on Liposculpture so many times?

The media heard about the Liposculpture conference and asked me to present it on National Television. A patient who had undergone the Liposculpture also came on television to explain this new procedure. What followed was a tremendous interest in the Liposculpture procedure. So many other programs asked me to present about this new and exciting breakthrough in Cosmetic Surgery. Later I wrote a weekly column for the New Idea magazine on Liposculpture and Laser Surgery.

Where is the surgery performed?

All of our cosmetic surgery procedures are performed in Dr Lanzer’s state-of-the-art Day Surgery Centre in Malvern. His facility is ISO accredited in safety and quality in healthcare, this is an international standard of excellence which follows strict coherence to policies and procedures, operating theatres and ensure that the patients gets the safest surgical environment. Dr Lanzer has spent years to ensure that his Day Surgery Hospital meets the highest standard possible. This facility is equipped with the most modern and advanced technology on the market today.

What to look for when choosing the right Liposuction Surgeon?

When choosing a Liposculpture surgeon ensure they are appropriately trained. Dr Daniel Lanzer MB BS (Hons) FACD is a specialist qualified Dermatologist who has participated in many of the advances in Cosmetic Surgery in Australia and the world particularly in the advances in Liposculpture . He has organised many conferences helping to advance the surgical skills of other surgeons. Dr Lanzer has performed over 10,000 Liposculpture procedures alone. He’s a recognised National profile as a leading Lipo specialist, writing columns in women’s magazines and appearing over 100 times on Television and in various media publications.

Can people have Liposculpture from interstate?

Yes, we specialise in patients who travel from interstate for liposculpture. We offer a private taxi service and after the Liposculpture procedure we can transport patients to an aftercare centre. Since the introduction of cheaper flight tickets and the internet mode of communication. Dr Lanzer Liposuction FAQs can initially consult you over email, phone, skype. He can access a pre or post photograph and access what could be achieved.

Liposuction FAQs

Can Liposculpture be combined with other procedures?

Often patients have other procedures at the same time as the Liposculpture. This may include Face Laser resurfacing, laser for wrinkles, lifting of facial skin or Laser eye lid surgery.


Liposculpture is a surgical technique to reduce unwanted fat. Some people have concerns of localised areas of fat that are not representative to diet and exercise these areas can be treated with Liposculpture . This is why Liposculpture has become the most common surgical procedure performed by Dr Lanzer. Please check our Liposuction FAQs below.

Dr Lanzer used his extensive experience to assess safety issues. He then applied the Liposculpture method on overweight patients that were labelled Mega Liposculpture. Later Dr Lanzer used Liposculpture for breast reduction which he helped pioneer this technique to the World.

Has Dr Lanzer spoken at conferences on Liposculpture?

Yes Dr Lanzer has presented his experience widely. Besides the Australian College meetings Dr Lanzer has presented for the American Academy of Dermatologists and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons. There has been particular interest in his Liposculpture safety work, his Mega Liposculpture results and breast reduction by the Liposculpture procedure (Liposuction FAQs By Dr Lanzer).

Can you tell me some basic facts about Liposculpture?

To understand Liposculpture (Liposuction FAQs By Dr Lanzer) you need to know some basic facts about fat and its body distribution. Fat cells are located beneath the skin in virtually all areas of the body. These fat cells function as a storage facility for the excess calories we consume and which are converted to body fat as insulation, to allow free movement between the muscles and skin. In the adult, there appears to be a fixed number of fat cells. It ‘s believed that once puberty has been reached, no new fat cells develop. These fat cells either swell or shrink in size paralleling weight gain and loss. When the fat cells are removed from a treated area, they do not regenerate. For most adults, these fat cells create bulges in various body parts that will never completely disappear with any amount of dieting or exercise. Heredity, instead, plays the most significant role. Fatty deposits tend to be passed down from generation to generation. Once fat cells accumulate in the body, unless they are surgically removed, they are there for life swelling or growing in size with weight increase or shrinking with weight loss. For men, the bulges most commonly form around the waistline and chest, for women, it’s the tummy, hips and thighs. However if a person puts on weight after liposculpture it usually returns to other areas first and then the area treated.

Is there weight loss?

Patients may not necessarily lose weight but just change shape. When used as a kick-start sometimes dramatic weight loss may occur. Dr Daniel Lanzer offers a face-to-face consult with his clinical dietitian Mark Surdut. By combining a healthy lifestyle with Lipo one can enhance the results.

Can Liposuction/Liposculpture be used instead of going on a diet?

Liposculpture is not a procedure for losing weight, but is used for re-modelling the body and eliminating accumulations of fat. The fat does not weigh very much even after removing a considerable amount you may only lose a few kilograms.

Who is a candidate for Liposculpture?

Most men and women who have areas of concern and cannot eliminate on their own, are potential candidates for liposculpture. This even applies to people that are exercising three to four times a week.

What areas of the body are treated by Liposculpture Surgery?

Body contouring through Liposculpture Surgery (fat removal) can be performed in areas such as the chin, neck, abdomen, waistline, hips, buttocks, thighs and knees. Before the Liposculpture Dr Lanzer will draw on the skin showing exactly the areas where the fat will be removed.

What is superficial liposculpture

Dr Daniel Lanzer uses a technique to remove all the fat under the skin thereby causing a tremendous skin retraction. This method is often used to produce an athletic appearance.

How is facial Liposculpture done?

In facial Liposculpture, a specially sized fat extractor is passed underneath the skin to remove the fat in the chin, neck, jowls areas. Following the fat removal, compression is applied to assist in contouring. Because of particularly rapid healing in this area. Generally one is able to appear in public within a few days following the procedure . Dr Lanzer has shown that the Liposculpture method also induces skin retraction so that drooping necks can be retracted and lifted with Liposculpture alone and no face lift surgery. Dr Lanzer often combines face Liposculpture with the face skin Suture lift.

Lipomas, Sweaty Armpits

Liposculpture  can be used to reduce sweating from under the arms. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and usually returns sweating levels to the normal range. The results may be long lasting. It also can assist to remove fat lumps called lipomas.

Discover Liposuction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for liposuction procedures. Some patients have already had lap banding or tummy tucks and the Liposculpture gives another kick start.

If your looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Liposuction clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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When can I resume work?

You can generally resume work within one week. Occasionally patients get back to work generally within two days. You should not resume heavy exercise for two weeks.

Do I need to take any medication?

You will need to take a course of antibiotics to guard against infection, they commence the day before the procedure

Where are the incisions placed?

Small incisions for Liposculpture are made in order to insert the cannula to extract the fat. These incisions are around the areas where the fat is to be removed. As the incisions are small. Dr Lanzer does not suture them and they heal on their own. Our liposuction FAQS explain this idea further.

What will happen to the excess skin from Liposculpture?

Skin is a dynamic organ which has elasticity and generally is able to shrink and re- adapt to the new body contour. Dr Lanzer’s advanced sculpturing technique enhances the ability of even poor quality skin to shrink surprisingly well after Liposculpture.

Is there an age limit on whom Liposculpture can be performed?

No. Dr Lanzer has performed Liposculpture on patients of all ages from early twenties to late eighties.

Is there a weight limit for Liposculpture?

Dr Lanzer is very careful in assessing whom Liposculpture is suitable for. Liposculpture should be used as a kick start to manage a healthy lifestyle. It’s a body shaping or sculpturing procedure used to shape and sculpt their bodies. This procedure often serves to motivate the frustrated individual to make important changes in their lifestyle. Mega Liposculpture is performed on patients between 80-130 kilograms in weight.

Liposculpture Pricing Information

Liposculpture  is a personal and individual procedure for every person, dependent on your body and your situation. Dr Lanzer offers a free no obligation cosmetic consultation and relevant surgery costs will be advised during this process.

Do I need to be asleep during surgery?

The procedure can be performed whilst lightly asleep (general anaesthetic) or awake under local anaesthesia.
Dr Lanzer will discuss both options. If you are asleep then you will meet Dr Lanzer’s anaesthetist who has worked with him for over 15 years and performed many thousands of procedures together.

How long does the procedure take?

Dr Lanzer has refined his technique with his experience of thousands of cases and often the Liposculpture will be complete in one hour. When performed under local anaesthetic the procedure generally takes longer as we need to allow time for the fat to become numb. Please check our Liposuction FAQs below.

Is it painful?

If a patient has a general anaesthetic there is no pain during surgery, however there is normally some tenderness or pain after the surgery. Dr Lanzer prescribes panadeine forte following surgery. This normally subsides within the first few days post surgery. Panadol may be taken – (no aspirin allowed). If you elect for local anaesthesia by itself it’s possible some areas particularly on the edges may be sore. If a patient has many areas treated whilst awake under local anaesthetic there is more risk of feeling some pain as the local will need to be diluted to cover all areas.

What happens after the operation and will I have any dressings?

Ice should be applied for the first 24 hours after surgery, over the top of your compression garment whilst awake (20 min on 20 min off). You will have dressings on the treated areas and there will be expected oozing of liquid for about 24 hours directly following the procedure. Our staff will remove these dressings for you the following day. A firm garment eg: girdle, liposuction Melbourne garment or gym shorts are worn after liposuction. Ideally they should be worn continuously for two weeks after the procedure and then for half the time for a further two weeks. Dr Lanzer’s staff will arrange the appropriate garments for you. Check out our liposuction FAQs.

What happens after Liposculpture surgery?

You may be sore initially and Dr Lanzer usually prescribes panadeine forte tablets. During the first 24 hours there is some leaking of the fluid that was used during the procedure so it may be wet. A compression garment is worn for the specified time. The antibiotics that you started the night before the procedure should be continued for a few days. Exercise can generally commence two weeks post Liposculpture. Dr Lanzer will arrange an after care appointment the next day to check on you and also another after care appointment 1 week later, then 1 month later. Sometimes Dr Lanzer suggests other treatments like the Velashape or the freeze to help tighten the skin as this can assist to remove any deep bruising.

What problems could I experience after surgery?

Complications with the early methods included excessive bruising, swelling and pain. With the newer techniques, bruising and swelling is reduced, but can range from none to marked, and generally subside within the first couple of weeks. Occasionally, patients develop a temporary deep bruise under the skin, especially on the stomach or neck which can be removed by massage. Weeping of fluid from the incision sites should be expected to last two days – this is normal. Numbness is usually temporary. Please read the full consent form in our liposuction FAQs.

How long is the recovery period?

Recovery can vary between patients. It is common for people to take a week off from work . Some bruising occurs and some soreness may be present. Patients wear special compression that are arranged via Dr lanzer’s dietician Mark Sudut. You need to wear the pressure garment full time for two weeks then reduce it to half for the next two weeks These control swelling and help the skin to shrink and can be worn under normal clothing. With the Dr Lanzer’s Liposculpture technique, results can be apparent immediately, however, shrinkage and improvement continues for months. Exercise may begin two weeks after surgery. Patients are encouraged to stay as active as possible during the recovery period and work with Dr Lanzer’s medical Nutritionist to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fluid will come out of the small nicks during the first 24 hours, absorbent dressings will be applied to these areas underneath your compression garment. Our staff will remove the dressings for you after 24 hours. It is helpful to apply ice over the top of the garment and padding for the first 24 hours (20 minutes on and 20 min off when possible as this will assist to reduce swelling.

How long do the effects of the liposuction Melbourne last?

The effects are generally long lasting however if you put weight on later, the fat cells can return in that area, although the fat tends to accumulate in other areas first. Many patients find that Liposculpture  is a psychological boost that gives them more incentive to lose weight and in some patients, weight loss seems easier, post Liposculpture .

Are there any risks?

As with any surgery, there are risks. Infection is the most serious risk but is rare due to the antiseptic tumescent fluid, pre-op antibiotics and sterile techniques. Loose skin, temporary numbness and irregularities may occur. Please read Dr Lanzer’s consent forms in our Liposuction FAQs which lists all possible risks.

Can the fat be reused?

Yes, fat can be injected into body depressions, facial wrinkles & facial prominence (eg: cheeks and lips, backs of hands and also to the breast, allowing a natural implant).

Isn’t there the risk that, where the fat has been removed, the excess skin will sag?

For this reason, Dr Daniel Lanzer prefers Liposculpture, that is, superficial Liposculpture which, apart from reducing the cushion of fat, increases the skin tone. The skin contracts because many holes are made in the fat by the procedure which then contract and stick together.

Is it really necessary to wear a compression bandage after the surgery?

We recommend that you wear a compression garment as this is useful for reducing bruising and swelling therefore decreasing the risk of post -operative complications. The garment also helps retract the skin back.

All photographs represent one person’s experience, and results may vary for each patient. All photographs are of actual patients of Dr Lanzer. The visible change in these photographs has occurred as a result of the procedure/s undertaken. Best results are obtained when the procedure is combined with a balanced diet and exercise. Please check our Liposuction FAQs below.

Overall, idea candidates for liposuction (including breast reduction) will possess a healthy weight, stable psychological state, have skin with firmness and elasticity and desire to reshape localised areas of the body. Breast reduction via liposuction can be a very effective procedure.

View some more Liposuction FAQs about breast reduction Melbourne by Dr Lanzer and see procedures here. Some before and after photos shown are not exact, in that they vary in light, contrast, clothing, background, distance from camera, hairstyle and make-up.

Patients can have many questions about their surgical procedure, so we have created an overview of frequently asked questions. These frequently asked questions can be a great point of reference for patients, especially if they have any additional questions regarding a procedure they will have in the future. Of course, you can also ask your questions during a consultation, but the frequently asked questions are here if you want a quick overview of common questions and their answers.

Cannot find the answer to a question you have about your procedure? Make sure to ask your question during a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon or other health professional at our cosmetic surgery facility. If you are a due for surgery soon, but have an urgent question, you can also contact our team via web chat, email, web form or telephone. Of course, it is important to us that you understand the procedure fully and feel comfortable with it at the time of your procedure, so if you have concerns, be sure to book an extra consultation at the Dr Lanzer Clinic before your surgical procedure takes place. Alternatively, there are also additional information pages and liposuction FAQs available on our website, which you can use as a source of information.

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