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Adivive Fat Transfer

Adivive Fat Transfer

Adivive Fat Transfer

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Adivive fat transfer has gained significant interest in the last few years. Fat is taken from the body of a patient via liposuction; this fat is later injected into areas such as the face, under scars or depressions, or in the buttocks for the so- called Brazilian butt lift.

One interesting feature of Adivive fat transfer is that it lifts tissue. As a result, implications on the face can have a lifted effect, much like a facelift. Likewise, placing the Adivive fat transfer in the buttocks lifts the buttock as well.

What Is a Fat Transfer?

The fat transfer, also known under the name fat grafting, is a procedure where fat is injected into a certain area of the body. The injection of the fat can have various goals; this includes altering the size of the treatment area, but also rejuvenating the treatment area. Naturally, the benefits of the procedure are dependent on the area the fat is transferred to.

Where Is Fat Transferred to the Face?

Adivive fat transfer is when fat is taken from any area in the body, processed, and then injected into the face. It is particularly useful around the cheeks, where aging occurs due to loss of volume in the midface. It can also be injected into the lips, eyebrows, or anywhere under the skin.

Where Does the Fat Come from?

Liposuction is initially performed from the hips or stomach, but really the liposuction can be done anywhere that there is fat. Using the tumescent liposuction method, Dr. Lanzer can reduce the chance of bleeding during the procedure.

Once obtained through liposuction, the fat is treated with a cleaning process and spinning process. Dr Lanzer will extract the stem cells from the Adivive fat transfer, and then reinject those cells into fat that is about to be transferred back into the body. The stem cells may enhance the survival of the fat. The process of treating the Adivive fat transfer cells after the liposuction occurs in an ultra-sterile environment, more specifically Dr Lanzer’s Day theatres. The fat used for the treatment is also stored in a biological sterile cabinet.

Dr Lanzer will assess your body to decide from which area to take the fat during liposuction. Then, he can also evaluate which areas could benefit from the fat transfer. The fat is thinned and concentrated, and then put in fine syringes.

Dr Lanzer will often use a device for the Adivive fat transfer; this device allows him to roll out fine micro injections of the fat. This may encourage the blood supply to the fat and give the fat transfer a better chance of taking.

Can You Transfer Fat from Your Stomach to Your Breast?

Fat used during a fat transfer is usually obtained from an area of the body where fat tends to accumulate; this may include the abdomen and the thighs. Therefore, it is possible to transfer fat from the stomach to the breasts. Naturally, the fat must be cleaned and treated before it can be reintroduced in the body.

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Is Liposuction Required Every Time Fat Transfer Is Performed?

No, Dr Lanzer has the latest and most advanced fat bank, which allows him to scientifically freeze fat cells in the same way that banks store bone marrow and plasma blood. Particularly, chemicals are applied to the fat, so that they can go into a deep freeze of 190 degrees Celsius below 0. Fat can be thawed at any time and re-injected.

Can Fat Be Transferred to the Buttocks?

Fat is often used in the buttocks to give the so-called Brazilian butt lift. It can also be injected into dents and depressions on the buttocks or the thighs. Therefore, the fat transfer is often used to reshape the buttocks; this to meet the requirements of the patient.

Is a Fat Transfer Safe?

The fat transfer at the Dr Lanzer Clinic is relatively safe. However, we must state that cosmetic procedures are always accompanied by some risk. Therefore, patients should always read the information provided by the Dr Lanzer Clinic before their procedure; this to ensure they understand all the risks that are involved with having a certain treatment.

Still, cosmetic surgery has come a long way in recent years. New techniques and methods have reduced the risks of complications patients may encounter after their procedure. However, this risk is not eliminated completely. So, patients must always consider having a certain procedure carefully.

Discover Liposuction For Women Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Liposuction For Women. This procedure is ideal for those that don’t want a large quantity of fat to be removed, rather small areas for toning or contouring.

If you’re looking to lose isolated areas of fat, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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Is the Fat Transfer Always Performed at the Same Time as Liposuction?

With the Adivive fat transfer, patients have a choice of having the injection immediately with the liposuction or having the fat frozen and repeated at a different time.

To determine which of these two would be most beneficial, we always recommend speaking to Dr Lanzer about your fat transfer procedure. While there might be no clear difference in results by having the procedure at different times, there could be benefits to having the procedure at the time of your liposuction; this includes reduced cost and less strain on the body.

What Instrument Is Used to Inject the Fat?

Dr Lanzer uses a very fine cannula attached to a device called a cell brush. This allows him to place micro-droplets of fat in the areas that he requires during the liposuction procedure.

What Is the Difference Between Adivive Fat Transfer and a Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers are manmade fillers that are finer than fat and are ideal for around the lips and eyes. Fillers last often around eighteen months. Of course, fat is a compound naturally found in the body, which means patients can use their own body fat to acquire the results they want.

How Long Does a Fat Transfer Last?

Adivive Fat transfer could last forever or only a few months. Sometimes fat does fail as it is a graft and once can never guarantee its full survival. As is the case with any type of graft, the body must accept the fat and not reject it. Of course, since the fat is obtained from the patient’s own body, the chances of the body rejecting this added fat is reduced.

Do I Need to Be on Antibiotics for a Fat Transfer?

Dr Lanzer usually puts patients on antibiotics for a few days for the liposuction treatment, which is used to acquire the fat for the transfer. The antibiotics are provided to protect the patient, since they reduce the chance of infection.

Can a Fat Transfer Be Performed with a Face Lift?

Yes, often Dr Lanzer will combine these methods as this way he corrects the loose skin with the lift, the volume loss with the fat transfer and the neck shape with the liposuction.

The suitability of a patient to combine a facelift with a fat transfer will be determined by Dr Lanzer beforehand. Depending on your requirements, Dr Lanzer can advise you if a combination of a facelift and fat transfer could be more beneficial.

Can Fat Transfer Be Performed in the Sydney Clinic?

Dr Lanzer will perform fat transfer in his Sydney clinic. Again, a small micro liposuction is performed to obtain the fat for the transfer. Fat stored in our special fat transfer bank can be injected at any time in the Sydney clinic. The cells are transported under ice control and then transferred into the desired area.

When Does Dr. Lanzer Choose Dermal Filler and When Does He Choose Fat Transfer?

Dermal fillers have the advantage of being an out-patient procedure that has no real down time and does not require surgery. The fat transfer first involves liposuction and then the fat transfer. The advantage is that fat transfer can be more long term as is the effects of the liposuction. It is ideal if a person is seeking a liposuction at the same time. Also, much more volume can be used with fat transfer. Often, Dr Lanzer will inject 20 ml of the liposuction-derived fat. A dermal filler is usually 1-2 ml.

During a fat transfer, the fat within the body is no longer considered the enemy, since it can be used to make certain areas of the body appear younger. Of course, a fat transfer is a relatively new procedure, so many patients may not be familiar with its inner workings. If you are interested in obtaining a fat transfer procedure but want to gain more information before making an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, be sure to read our information and view the before and after photographs to get more insight into a fat transfer treatment.

The results of a fat transfer procedure can be discovered by looking at the before and after photographs on our website. These photographs were obtained from patients who had a fat transfer treatment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic and consented to have their picture used to provide other potential patients with more information about a fat transfer. Please note that these photographs are only an example of the results possible with a fat transfer treatment, and that your results may vary. However, if you wish to get an idea of the changes that could be made with a fat transfer, please speak to your cosmetic surgeon.

Dr Lanzer can email all patients a detailed consent form which provides information related to the surgery. This information is made available to all patients before liposuction surgery, allowing enough time for the patient to ask any liposuction questions they may have.

Do you want to make an appointment with the Dr Lanzer Clinic for a fat transfer? Or simply want to get a feel for our surgery before you consider having your treatment at our clinic? Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of receptionists to make an appointment.

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