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Case Study

Fat Transfer Before & After Photos


This patient presented with volume loss in her cheeks. This is a common problem as we age, we lose the fat on our cheeks and have a more sunken appearance.


This is the patient post fat transfer to the cheeks. Her fat has been harvested from one area of her body, cleaned and re-injected in to her cheeks to create volume and fullness. The patient no longer has such a sunken appearance.

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Discover How Liposuction Can Serve As An Anti-Ageing Treatment!

Liposuction can serve multiple purposes nowadays. The procedure cannot only be used to get rid of excess fat, it can also provide a great anti-ageing treatment. As you may know, some areas of our body can lose a substantial amount of fat when we age, this can be quite clear in the face and in the hands. Instead of using a filler, you can also opt for fat transfer. Curious what benefits this procedure has? Be sure to read on!

Can You Tell Me More About The Fat Transfer In This Case Study?

The woman in this case study was suffering from a significant amount of volume loss in the cheeks, this type of problem is not that uncommon and comes up quite frequently due to the ageing process. When we start to age, we start to lose volume in our face, especially in the cheeks. Due to that fact, the cheeks will seem saggy.

To solve the sunken appearance of the cheeks, the patient opted for a simple fat transfer. When you take a look at the after picture, you will notice that the cheeks are a lot fuller and have significantly more volume. The cheeks no longer have a saggy appearance, making the patient look a lot younger.

What Is Fat Transfer By Liposuction?

Many people tend to go for a fat transfer instead of an anti-ageing treatment with a synthetic filler. First of all, fat is taken from one area of the body of the patient. The fat then gets treated so it can be reinjected in the area that requires the anti-ageing treatment. However, fat transfers can also be used to add more volume in general, so there are other areas of the body that could potentially benefit from a fat transfer by liposuction.

In general, there are four areas that can benefit from fat transfer by liposuction. Dr Lanzer can use the fat transfer technique for the face, hands, breasts and buttocks. If you struggle with volume loss in one of these areas, feel free to contact the clinic for a consultation.

How Is The Fat Removed?

The fat used in fat transfer is removed by a minimal liposuction procedure, for example Vaser or Micro liposuction. However, the fat cannot be reinjected into the body immediately. In order to guarantee the safety of the fat, the removed fat will first be centrifuged or purified. During this procedure, the healthy fat cells are separated from the damaged fat cells. Once the treatment of the fat cells is completed, they can be reinjected into the body.

Is Fat Transfer Better Than Synthetic Fillers?

Fat transfer offers more economic advantages long-term, so fat transfers have become the more popular choice where anti-ageing treatments are concerned. In addition to the cost, fat transfers also have more benefits for the skin than the traditional, synthetic fillers. A fat transfer will give the patient more volume, but will also improve skin texture. The reason for that is the presence of stem cells in the fat solution.

Patients who get treated with a fat transfer can expect an average age reduction of 5 to 10 years. Even though the results depend on the patient and their features, fat transfers by liposuction usually provide some amazing results.

A fat transfer also provides the patient with a very natural result. When dealing with synthetic fillers, the surgeon can never guarantee a natural result. However, thanks to the presence of the stem cells in the fat, patients generally obtain a more natural anti-ageing result with fat transfers.

The downtime after a fat transfer is usually a lot less as well. Patients only need to rest for a few days after the treatment, so they can resume their normal activities quite quickly. If you want to opt for an anti-ageing treatment, but cannot afford to take too much time off, then the fat transfer may be the perfect alternative to synthetic fillers.

Another advantage of this anti-ageing treatment is the fact that only local anaesthetic is required. As you may know, general anaesthetic is usually a lot riskier for the patient, so with local anaesthetic for this treatment, the potential risk is reduced greatly.

Could I Be A Candidate For Fat Transfer Treatment?

Patients who suffer from a volume loss in the face, hands, breast or buttocks could be a good candidate for fat transfer treatment. Please note that fat transfers are not just used as anti-ageing treatment, because it can also be implemented to simply create more volume in an area of your body.

To determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the fat transfer procedure, we recommend coming over to our clinic. First of all, Dr Lanzer will be able to tell you more about the procedure itself and answer all question you may have about fat transfers. In addition to that, Dr Lanzer will also be able to evaluate if you are a good candidate and if you would obtain the results you want by opting for this procedure.

We also recommend having a look at our other case studies for fat transfers. When you scroll down, you will notice other fat transfers executed by Dr Lanzer and see some of the results that could be achieved. However, each patient is different so your experience may vary. It is important to discuss your expectations with Dr Lanzer before choosing any type of procedure.

How Do I Book An Appointment For Fat Transfer?

To book a consultation relating to a fat transfer, please give us a call at 1800-444-333. There is also another way to contact us, more specifically the free online assessment form or the online advice form. By adding photos to the online assessment, you can receive a quote for the procedure in your mailbox. By choosing our online advice form, you can obtain some additional information about the procedure.

Even though we have a good number of information pages on the website, we still recommend coming to our clinic for a consultation. Take advantage of your free consultation to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure and to see what possible benefits you could obtain.

Losing volume in the face is a common part of the ageing process, so it is no surprise that many people seek to find a solution to counter that problem and appear younger. The fat transfer is a treatment that could reverse this problem temporarily, as displayed in the case study above. In this case study, you can clearly see a saggier appearance of the face on the before photograph, while the after photograph displays fuller facial features that appear more youthful.

Since there are many rejuvenating treatments available nowadays, it is always advised to speak to your cosmetic surgeon about the best treatment option for your cosmetic problem. Some patients may present a different problem that makes their face appear older, in which case a different treatment may be more appropriate. During a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, you can discuss the type of problem you are facing and the results you wish to obtain. After evaluating the cosmetic problem, the surgeon can suggest the appropriate treatment. Naturally, it is the patient’s choice whether to continue with the suggested treatment or not.

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